What Is Our Criteria For Listing Valencia Property?

What Criteria Do We Use For Listing Valencia Property?

When you visit our main website, the listings page for Valencia Property, you will find a huge variety of properties. Those properties are very carefully selected. We don't list everything we are offered by sellers and we choose very carefully from the agencies we work with too. Many times we have been asked what criteria we use for listing properties and in today's post we give you the background of how we find and list properties and what that means for our clients, the buyers of Valencia Property.

What Criteria Do We Use For Listing Valencia Property?
What Criteria Do We Use For Listing Valencia Property?

The first thing we should state is that we do not list everything we are offered. In fact we make a point of eliminating anything that doesn't satisfy our requirements. The question therefore is what are our requirements?

  • The Price is within the market. If the seller wants to put it on sale just to test the waters then we are not interested. The property has to be competitive.
  • The Location. There are certain locations that our clients are always asking for. There are other locations that we do not get any requests for. There are others that we don't consider as great places to live because of various issues but usually related to price that is generally asked in those areas when we know we can get better deals elsewhere.
  • The Deal. Many sellers are still looking to declare a lower price than the asking or agreed price, the Spanish Black Money issue. We are not interested.
  • The Legality. Some properties have a legal problem. One of the issues we meet at times in the city is that the property is "Fuera de Linea" This means that it sticks out into the pavement for example compared with all of the other properties in the street. If it does then it runs a risk of eventual demolition depending on the plans for the area. We don't touch these even though the likelihood is they will never be demolished. With houses sometimes they don't even exist legally, the deeds only have a plot rather than a plot with a building on it.
  • The Building. Many times a flat might be great but it might be in a building that has problems. If we decide that the building would be too problematic; structural issues, squatters, aluminosis (Crumbling below standard concrete), blatantly ugly or some other issue then we probably won't list it.

How Does This Affect You As A Buyer?

The truth is we have access to most of the properties on the market through our contacts and the reputation we have within Valencia itself. Equally it is true that there are many more properties for sale than we have actually uploaded onto our site. Of course there are, many are from sellers absolutely winging it with over optimistic valuations and ridiculous notions of what a buyer wants or will pay for.

However, there are a lot of properties not up on our site that are good.

  • Off-market properties that we know of but the owner doesn't want advertised generally.
  • Properties where the photos are dreadful and it would do the property a disservice to put them on the site, they are much better seen in person.
  • Properties where the owner doesn't want the neighbours to know they are for sale. (Don't ask me why not!)
  • Properties we haven't yet uploaded because they have just come onto the market.
  • Properties where we haven't had the photos given to us yet but the owner swears that "in a couple of days..."

If you see a property that you think might suit you, send it to us and we will be able to help you out with more information about it probably. There may be a reason, such as those given above, why we are not listing it. It may be that it has slipped through our net. However you will not pay any more for it by making contact through us rather than getting in touch yourself as the agent will be charging you. Equally we can probably get a better deal for you by using our knowledge of the market and our trusted negotiation methods in conjunction with the agencies and individuals we work with. Once we know the backstory of a property then we work on getting the best deal for our clients.

Finally, remember that we are here to help you so contact us. If you are someone reading this who has a property for sale then also contact us as we have a lot of clients who might well be looking for your property. Just don't expect us to tell you the property is worth a lot more than it is. Other agents may do that and then spend a year trying to knock you down on price, we won't. We will be honest with you and give you a much greater chance of selling your property.

What Criteria Do We Use For Listing Valencia Property?
What Criteria Do We Use For Listing Valencia Property?

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