Why Don't You List Everything For Sale in Valencia?

We often get asked the question how many properties have you got for sale? The truth is we have many many more than you can see on the website. As mentioned in this post we act as a personal MLS in Valencia, Valencia Property work as Property Finders working for our clients, the buyers, to find their perfect property. However, we also decide not to list properties at times and there can be various reasons why not. Some of them will continue to be on our radar to show to clients and some, to put it bluntly, will not be. There are various reasons so let's take a look. Firstly, we take a look at reasons we don't list properties and then why we show you other properties that may suit you.

This Property in Naquera did get listed.
This Property in Naquera did get listed. It's in a great place, has plenty of potential, offers great value for money and has loads of space.

The Photos Are Terrible

Sometimes there is just no other way to put it, the photos are terrible and don't do any justice to the house. Over the years we have found that if the photos are terrible then people don't enquire about the property. And if you don't enquire because the photos are terrible why list it. We would prefer to make the property an option on your itinerary.

There may be various reasons for the photos being terrible; a rainy day when we visited (Not often), an agent providing terrible photos (Quite often), the property being a total mess when we first visited (Again quite often) or simply the owner insisting that their photos are the bee's knees when they quite evidently are not.

There Are No Photos

Sometimes we are promised photos from the owner or agent, "Yeah don't worry about taking photos, we have loads already". And then we wait... remind them... wait... remind them again... wait and sigh. The photos aren't coming and we are so busy with clients that we don't have time to go around and take photos. We still take clients but this might be described as the "Bonus ball".

It's Rubbish

Our clients often send us properties to ask our opinion about them and sometimes our answer is "It's rubbish!". There can be various reasons why it's rubbish but the most common are as follows:

  • The street it is on is not great.
  • The building itself isn't great.
  • The building is illegal.
  • The area wouldn't suit the client's requirements.
  • It's massively overpriced compared with other properties locally.
  • For whatever reason we just have a feeling it won't work for anyone.

If a place fits into any of these categories the likelihood is that we will not list it. If our client insists they want to see it then we will make the arrangements and take them to see it. However, I cannot remember one occasion in twenty years of doing this job that a client has chosen one of those properties after comparing them to other properties we have recommended and taken them to visit, we know our stuff.

It's Under a Flight Path Near the Airport

This comes under the extenuating circumstances banner. There can be loads of these such as "There is a pig shed next door which of course isn't shown on the photos", "Didn't the agent tell you about the motorbike rally circuit on the other side of the wall?" and the famous "The neighbours? They're lovely".

Years ago I went to value a property near to Manises. I looked around, thought it was nice if a little overpriced, and then I was looking at the flat roof and was almost scalped by the undercarriage of an Iberia flight! "You get used to it pretty soon" and "Well, that's unusual!" were quickly followed by a second flight and then my flight from the house after telling the owners "I just don't think it suits what our clients are looking for!" (*Word to the wise, Montemayor is the estate to avoid in this example)

It Is Just Too Good

A surprising one here. The property is just too good and we know it will sell this week as long as there are visits. These are often contained in our bonus balls, see below. If we list it even though we know it will sell this week then we get loads of enquiries about it and we have to disappoint everybody who enquires about it. Also we are wasting our time uploading it, writing a witty, wry or even an accurate description (We hope) and then immediately have to either put the sold sign on it or take it off the website. You may see it on our social media channels as that is immediate and requires less work to put it up. 

It Has Just Sold

If there is a property you loved when you enquired in December 2018 and you are due to visit in March 2019 and when you visit it is no longer listed, then the likelihood is that it has sold in the intervening period. If it has just sold then we cannot take you to visit it, it has sold! We have even had people say they will pay more for it but because of the process of buying in Spain that really doesn't matter. Once there is a deposit on a place then effectively it is usually going to completion even if the final signing hasn't yet taken place.

Therefore, when you contact us about property we don't just send you photos of that particular property we also ask you about your requirements, especially if your visit isn't for a long time. The possibility that a property you like still being for sale six months down the line, especially in Valencia city itself, is remote!

What About the Bonus Balls?

The more you tell us about your requirements the greater the possibility that we will be able to put together an itinerary that suits you. There will be many reasons that we show you other properties but they will all be related to how much information you have given us about what your requirements are. Some are as follows though:

  • It has just come onto the market. In these cases even if we have done photos we may not have had time to list it yet so we will take you to see it and get your opinion if we think it matches your requirements and is as good or better than the other properties you are going to see.
  • We think it suits your requirements perfectly.
  • It is better than the original property you wanted to see (That we will be showing you too) and it is better priced, better placed or has better views for example.
  • It gives you everything you asked for at a much lower price. Once we know your criteria for your Valencia Property purchase then we can find things that may surprise you for their affordability.
  • We know the area and we know this is a great property that will suit you. It may not be in an area you had previously thought of but both inside and outside the city we know our market and what our clients generally want.

Why Don't You List Everything For Sale in Valencia
We don't list this castle as it's a bit remote, it needs work and it's a historical relic.

Therefore when you come out with us to view properties expect to be surprised. If we take you to a property you haven't seen before it will be one of these reasons. We don't show properties just to fill up time, we show properties for sale. Enjoy.

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