Welcome to 2020 In Valencia Property Land and Ten Reasons to Be Here

We get it! You’re jealous already. 2020 has started and where you are either it’s cold, it’s on fire, you have fascists in government, it’s depressing, it’s wet, it’s expensive, there’s a war going on, you don’t feel safe, you can’t go out at night or… OK it might not be one of those but you would love to be in Spain and you would love to be in Valencia. We know that. That’s why you are reading this blog. The question is therefore how can we help you to make the leap to Valencia in 2020?

Welcome to 2020 in Valencia Property Land
Welcome to 2020 in Valencia Property Land


We are five days into the year and Valencia is still on holiday just like the rest of Spain. Tomorrow is Epiphany, when the kids get their presents delivered by the Kings and they have another excuse not to go into school. (they actually go back on Tuesday) And that leads us to the first of the reasons to be in Valencia in 2020, fiestas.

We have mentioned before here that we don’t live to work in Spain, we work in order to be able to live. Fiestas are an essential part of that. When you come to use to look at properties you need to be really careful that there isn’t a holiday because people here take their fiestas really seriously and getting in to see houses can be really difficult at those times. Take a look at the fiesta dates in Valencia for 2020 below and remember, most people are off for the whole of the week from the 15th to the 19th of March for Fallas and even if you aren’t then getting things done is nigh on impossible that week so we will be closed. Also August is a dead month, each town and village will have their own local fiestas throughout the year, forget weekends in general, (they are for enjoying and going out exploring), there’s a good long weekend in October, the December bridge is decent this year and Easter has a few holidays around it.

The Climate

Secondly, the weather in Valencia can be glorious at all times of year. Sunny winter days at the moment tend to be around 20 degrees and the days are longer than in northern Europe. That beautiful light, that sunlight, that brightness, that lack of seasonal affective disorder, the colours, the lack of shades of grey… it’s great.

Enjoy Life While You Are Here

Things To Do

The culture, the inclusivity, the life and soul of the party that is Valencia. There are always things to do. There are always things to see. There are always things to look forward to.

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and it shows. Why would you want to move to the Costas where your only decision in the day might be when to have your first G&T? Your choice in Valencia might be in which of the 100 different bars in Ruzafa you might want a G&T later because you have got so much to do during the day that will be for winding down later.

So let’s go through some of the worries you can lose by moving to Valencia.

The B Word.

I spent a wonderful five days away over the New Year, no Brexit, no news, no Johnson, no xenophobia… Then I realised, this is the last year that our UK clients will be free to come and live and work here without jumping through hoops. However if you are one of our potential UK clients then you might want to speed up your relocation to Valencia. Sort out your NIE number, or get us to help you do it, get your orientation day sorted and start looking to move here and get established. We can even help you out with getting health insurance if required. Because remember it doesn’t take as long as you might think to buy your Valencia Property.

The Orange One

OK, it’s a rad move trying to ruin our lives by attempting to start a third World War just three days into the year, but I think we are better off ignoring the impeached one. In Valencia we only see Trump as street art and never in a flattering light.

The World’s On Fire

Or at least Australia is. To be fair we have forest fires in Spain on a regular basis. They don’t tend to be as big and scary as those happening currently in Australia but we have them. In Valencia we have a lot of ecological warriors and plenty of associations and clubs dedicated to helping out the World and having an attitude of helping others. It’s an attitude that suits us and it’s an attitude you will enjoy.

10 Reasons to Be in Valencia in 2020

A Progressive Society

Ultra right wing governments in the States, the UK, Hungary, Australia, and the rise of the Far Right in Austria, Holland, Italy and even Germany… what do we get in Spain? A progressive coalition, increases in minimum wage, talks about further moves towards more self rule for Catalunya and the Basque Country… and we will see what else. Refugees welcome, everybody welcome.

The Food

Valencia has some new Michelin Star restaurants including ex winner of Masterchef BegoƱa Rodrigo for her Salita Restaurant, she also has two other restaurants in the city. However you don’t need to go to a Michelin starred restaurant to eat well in Valencia, everywhere you go you can find excellent Menus, innovative food, fusion foods and more. It’s not all paella and neither should it be. In fact I could suggest fantastic restaurants throughout the year in Valencia without touching paella once. You wouldn’t want to do that as there are some excellent rice dishes you should try, but even so, experiment and find out your own favourite places. There are so many to enjoy.

And you don’t need to go out. Buy your own fresh ingredients in one of the best markets in the World, the Central Market in Valencia, and create your own experiments.

The Atmosphere

You amble down the streets, you walk through the parks, you stroll along the beaches, you watch people go by. The atmosphere is friendly, social and quite wonderful. People talk to each other, they enjoy their friends and family, they like an active lifestyle and they go out. No sitting at home, why stay there when there is so much to do, to savour and to see. One thing you must always remember is how lucky you are to be here once you get here. So why not get here now, or at least at some stage in 2020.

The Package

You could live somewhere else, there are other excellent places in the World but the package in Valencia is superb. The people, the place, the look, the atmosphere, the attitude, the communications, the light, the climate, the sunshine… and possibly you. When are coming to join us in Valencia?

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