The Trickle Becomes a Flood

As I sit writing this article, in Valencia it is tipping down (Take a look at the quick video from my balcony). We have a code red storm meaning you are better staying at home, I know I will be. The dry riverbeds will get water in them and maybe a trickle will become a flood but no, that is not that we are talking about in this article. No, no, no indeed. We are going to look at the floods of people trying to make the move into Valencia this year and why.

The Trickle Becomes a Flood

Enquiries into our website are up by over 60% so far this month compared with the same period last year, and last year was good! (And that’s before the new website goes live too) Why the change? Well, in this article we are going to look at why and there are some very pertinent reasons given in email from clients.

In life you have to support what you believe in of course. If you think something is great then you should get wholeheartedly behind it. There’s no point in being lukewarm about something if it’s good.

For many years on this blog we have been writing about how great Valencia is as a place to live. We believe in it fully and now it seems like so many others do too. For a long time we have had a constant flow of clients coming to Valencia deciding it is for them too and setting up their home, life and family in or around the city.

We have talked about the best and perhaps unknown areas of the city, the best towns to be in around the city, the most interesting things to do, the multitude of reasons to be here and the people who come here to live because Valencia is different to so many other places.

We freely admit that Valencia might not be the best at any one particular thing you may understand to be quintessentially Spanish such as Flamenco, Tapas or Bulls (Apart maybe from Paella) but the combination of factors and the high standards of living in everything at a decent price make the mix that Valencia presents you with a very potent and attractive thing.

Now, of course we understand that Valencia is not for everyone but we believe in it as a place, as a product and maybe as a major stop off point in your journey of life. It seems that many other people now understand this too.

The Trickle Becomes a Flood?

The Trickle Becomes a Flood

Many years ago if you mentioned Valencia to somebody from outside of Spain there might be a little bit of recognition for the football team, that oranges were grown here and maybe, just maybe, someone might have known it for being the home of paella from their package holidays on the Costas in other parts of Spain but it wasn’t very well known outside of Spain for much more. Even within Spain it was best known for being the home of the Fallas fiestas, the home and last stand of the Republican government during the Civil War before being forced into exile, oranges and paella.

In our ultra connected world now you are never much further than a click or swipe away from learning everything there is to know about Valencia, you can watch, listen to and read about the sights, sounds and stories from the city and city break tourism has placed Valencia on the map for getaways from both inside and outside Spain.

The big projects such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Bioparc, the restoration of the city’s historic centre, the riverbed park and more have placed Valencia firmly on the map and it’s so easy to get here.

Large sporting events attract thousands of people into the city on a regular basis. These include the designation of Valencia as the City of Running with a large popular marathon and regular other running events, the Equestrian World Tour, the ATP Tennis and smaller sports tours companies starting up here meaningValencia has become a leisure and sports destination for both watching and taking part in sports.

Cheap flights, fast trains, great motorways into and out of the city, an extensive local transport system and more make Valencia easy to get into and get around and for those living here it means there is a great variety in day to day life without having to take the car.

The climate means that even on days where we have a Code Red like today we always know that within a few days the sunshine will return, after all we have roughly double the number of sunshine hours per year than certain countries in Northern Europe and only Greece and Southern France and Italy can compete.

Source Reddit

Valencia is now a recognisable place and with every year that goes by it becomes even more well known.

The Problems Elsewhere

As stated we live in a hyper connected World. We see within minutes a volcano exploding on the other side of the World, we see Tsunamis, we see revolutions, we see facepalms galore when the Orange One talks, we don’t, and in fact we can’t, miss much however much we might like to do so. Again we have talked in these pages about how problems elsewhere benefit Valencia but there seems to have been a tipping point recently, in fact a few tipping points.

The B Word

I’m sorry but I have to mention it again. The B word. Now that Brexit is going to happen and the struggle has been lost to the mendacious liars and charlatans who have managed to convince half of the UK that cutting off their own limbs might be a good idea those who have been waiting and hoping that it might never happen have made the decision. And they are sending us lots of mails wanting help to make their escape be successful.

So we tell them. They have until the end of the year to exercise their right of free movement to come and live in Spain and more pertinently Valencia and set their life up here. Britain leaves the EU on the 31st January 2020 but the transition period lasts until the end of the year and UK citizens can still exercise their right to live, work, study and travel in any of the EU28 countries until that point. If you are established in Spain by the end of the year with residency in place then you have the right to stay here. No hostile environment, no desperate searching for papers proving you have been here for x number of years, no people in the street telling you to get back to your own country if you want to speak in another language…

The regular trickle of people wanting to start afresh in Valencia and citing Brexit as the reason has now become a gushing flood. From SEO companies, to online content creators, to writers, videographers, nurses, teachers (Lots of teachers), owners of food companies, financial services companies, importers of goods from Asia and more we are seeing increasing numbers of people deciding that Valencia is the place they want to call home, that Valencia is a place that seems more like home than the place they used to call home and that they no longer have many reasons to call the UK their home.

I did get one email telling me that I had no right to comment on Brexit and that I should stick to commenting on Valencia… Maybe I shouldn’t but instead I wrote this article…

And that’s before we get onto the Orange Impeached One in the States…

The T Word

Trump polarises opinions in the States and the World. Every time he doubles down on his lunatic rantings his base doubles down on their support and those who oppose him are given another reason to want to get out of that particular eternal soap opera from the reality TV star.

And with every facepalm moment that escapes from his lips we get more mails from American clients planning their own escape, planning to sell up in the States and move here, planning to get the Golden Visa and escape the small handed clutches of the Orange One.

The last straw hasn’t come yet though, the last straw for Americans would be the reelection of the nutter, the confirmation that they live in an idiocracy and they are better off out because Trump might not be the worst, the worst could be yet to come with the idiots following his model in future years. The flood out of the States could yet become a deluge and biblical.

You may not agree, you may see things in a very different way. However we see what is actually on the ground here. Call it anecdotal if you will but a whole lot of anecdotes becomes a trend and when we talk with other agents in Valencia and around Spain we are hearing similar stories. It might just be time for you to become a small stream feeding the flood.

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