Your Own Piece of Valencia and Our Social Media

We are starting a social media campaign with “Your Own…” as the theme. When you are looking to buy or rent in Valencia you are generally looking for something especially for you. So whether it is your own barbecue area, your own bodega or your own … (Fill in the gap) we are sure to have something for you over on our Valencia Property homepage.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels but here are what we look at on them for those of you who don’t know about us on social media.

Your Own Sunny Terrace in Valencia

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is populated with properties we are promoting on our site, articles we find about Valencia and things to do in and around the city, photos, videos and links to our blog articles. Make sure to like the page and choose for it to show first in your feed so you get to see more of it. Also each time something interests you feel free to share it and invite others to like the page. We are generally quick to answer enquiries there too but sometimes we miss notifications as we get so many so also make sure to mail us if you have a question.

The Valencia Property Facebook page
The Valencia Property Facebook page


If your favourite scrolling activity is Instagram then we have the feed for you. It includes properties that are uploaded as soon as we take photos of them, photos from visits to places around the city, the latest blog posts (Which you can get to through the link in our profile) and sometimes the odd video showing you what Valencia is like. You can follow our instagram feed here. Oh, and you also get the odd decent sunset!

Our Instagram Feed has a lot of sunsets and facades
Our Instagram Feed has a lot of sunsets and facades


It has been said many times but Twitter is a cesspit. However it depends how you use it. Join 5000 others and Follow me on Twitter and the cesspit is reduced in size. Yes, I still call out racists, bigots and gits (But enough about Trump and Johnson) but it’s here where you will find out more about things happening in Valencia, more images around the city and beyond, videos from Levante football club, and articles about Valencia and Spain from Europe and beyond. Entertainment and disagreement guaranteed, after all that’s what Twitter is for right.

Our Twitter Header.
Our Twitter Header.


We make videos of properties and also videos about the property market in Spain. We have made videos in the past about 100 things to think about when coming to live in Spain and we started the 100 reasons to live in Spain series which didn’t get finished because… life. We have previously placed videos about living and working in Spain such as the one below and also how I came to live here. Take a look at one of the best things about living in Spain in the video below.


We use Whatsapp a lot. You can see the whatsapp link on the homepage of this site and also on the new website for the properties (coming soon I promise we are just polishing off the last details). When you visit Whatsapp is one of the most important channels of communication for us to make sure we can contact you and in many cases leave a location to meet up in. Make sure you have it on your phone before you visit us.


No, just no.

Currently we don’t do TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest we have but … meh …

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Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
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