A Video Feast From Valencia

It has been a long time in lockdown here in Valencia, I'm not exactly sure but I think it's 27 days as I write this. 27 days without strolling around Valencia, without sharing images of our beautiful city and the areas around it and 27 days without visiting and photographing any Valencia property. Can you tell we are missing it?

As a result a couple of days ago I thought it might be a good idea to search out some Youtube videos showing the beauty of Valencia and share them with you, to keep you drooling of course about what awaits you when you get here. So here we have a curated selection of 20 videos about Valencia. And for you to be able to enjoy them without leaving the page we have embedded them here rather than clicking through to the individual videos.

Take a look at the videos before and let us know in the comments here and on social media which ones are your favourites.

Let's Start With Valencia in 4K

Then Let's Take A Walk Through Valencia's Old Town

Then Valencia's Riverbed Park By Drone

Maybe Take A Drive Around The City

Another 4K Look at The City

Down to the Albufera Lake

11 Years Old But Still Interesting

Fallas Fiestas In A Normal Year

Valencia On The Silk Road

A Message From The Bioparc During Lockdown

What Food Awaits You?

A Virtual Walk Along the Malvarrosa Promenade

The Cost Of Living in Valencia

Valencia's Beach and Marina By Drone

Timelapse at the City of Arts and Sciences

And Timelapse of the Valencia Region

Days Out From Valencia? Monteanejos For Example

Or Chelva

Or Maybe Skiing Is Your Thing

And We Have Two First Division Football Clubs. The Derby

There's plenty more of course but this is just to whet your appetite. The videos not included are things like bloggers with 50 views in three years who think we want to know the minutiae of their third day in Valencia and how "OMG!" everything was, clickbait headlines, so many "me me me" videos, our own videos which you can find on our Youtube channel and more.

This selection gives you a good idea of the city and what surrounds it. Take a look, enjoy it virtually then once this situation is over get yourself here and grab yourself a piece of it.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our recent blog posts, just click on the images below.

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