What does a Valencia Virtual Visit look like?

We have spent a lot of this week putting together virtual visits for our clients, both owners and potential purchasers. We thought it was time to bring some of them together on this page so you could take a look. Our first set of Virtual Tours comprise a couple of very different houses in Naquera and by Valencia beach, a couple of apartments in trendy Ruzafa and Monteolivete, a full walkaround of the City of Arts and Sciences' Opera House, a rental villa in la Eliana, and an office visit of our friends at Globexs. Take a look at what Valencia Virtual Visits look like and if you want to use our services to order a Virtual Tour yourself then contact us.

We expect Virtual Visits to become a much greater force in the Valencia Property Market over the next few months and years. Figures from the UK say that first time buyers are expecting to be able to visit places virtually and that up to half of them would be happy to make offers based on those visits. At Valencia Property we have always strived to make the purchase of a property as stress free and efficient as possible. Our Valencia Property Virtual Visits fit into that workflow perfectly.

What Does A Valencia Property Virtual Visit Look Like?
What Does A Valencia Property Virtual Visit Look Like?

Valencia City of Arts and Sciences Opera House

The City of Arts and Sciences is Valencia's homage to the Millennium. A huge project comprising the Opera House, the Science Museum, the Oceanographic and more. It is the number one visited tourist attraction in Spain by some measures. Visually it is stunning. Take a look round Valencia's iconic Opera House here.

Globexs Offices

Globexs are a fully featured medium and long term rental company focussed on the expat rental sector in Valencia. Lodewijk and Tiscar will guide you through the process of getting a rental in Valencia city and their new offices in Ruzafa have space for meetings, events and more.

Wonderful Ruzafa Apartment For Sale

We were blown away by this Ruzafa apartment when we visited it this week. Brilliantly presented, lots of open spaces, excellent decorative touches and priced at 230k with garage space (Gold dust in Ruzafa) Take a look at the virtual tour and be one of the first to see it before we list it on the main VP site.

Superb Views in This Naquera Villa

It may be that by the time you read this that the property is no longer available, so many visits this week to it we are told. However we put together this virtual visit when lockdown was still on and on Monday we have a second physical visit with our client. Take a look at our full listing for this Naquera villa here.

Amazing Value Monteolivete Valencia Apartment

We have so many interested parties in this apartment in Monteolivete that it wouldn't surprise me if we sold it directly through the Virtual Visit. Lots of follow up questions to us from people on our mailing list and plenty of people liking some of the excellent images. It's not often you get a great property in Valencia city so well situated for under 100k. If you like it take a look at the rest of the listing here.

Valencia Beach House Virtual Visit

There are few properties within a short stroll of the beach in Valencia and even fewer with sea views, their own terraces and gardens and even access to a community pool. We have one of those few properties on site currently and you can take a look at it below. The full listing with description is here for this Valencia beach villa.

La Eliana Long Term Rental Villa

The owner has just refused a summer rental for this property so you have a chance of getting a long term rental on this property which would include the summer months which would usually cost at least double. You can get this six bedroom villa with pool, garage, barbecue area, covered terraces and more for just 1500 Euros per month plus costs.

If you want to read more about our Virtual Visits and all of the other services that Valencia Property provides for our clients including consultation calls, relocation packages, rental services and more click on the image below and then contact us to talk about what we can do for you.

And for more information about our website and other services we offer then click through on the image below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
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