Remote Working In Valencia. Why Not?

And Suddenly, Everything Changed

We can’t deny it, the world has changed. Covid19 has changed everything for most everyone. Lots of the changes will be negative and maybe some positives which are difficult to see currently will come out of it. Whatever happens long term things will be different.

On these pages we have talked many times in the past about remote working, digital nomads and working remotely, see our posts here. We generally put it under the tag of Lifestyle Design where you choose where you want to live rather than living where you can get work. Now though we have yet another reason for recommending Valencia for those wanting to design their lives in a different way now the world has changed.

Remote Working in Valencia. Why Not?

Lockdown was a shock for many and an inflection point for some. Lots of people started working at home and discovered that it was something that not only could be done but could also be done better than battling with traffic and pollution while going into the office day in day out and that it was possibly was more enjoyable, no office politics and not having to put up with that idiot who you have to try to avoid every day but makes meetings seem interminable (We all know who I am talking about here). The commute became a few metres rather than a few hours every day and things were a bit more comfortable.

New terms for many such as Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, Skype Video calls, Whatsapp Video and more appeared for everyone.

Equally, our children became experts at going online to their classes rather than being kept in a school for eight hours per day, some have questioned whether online education is not an option for them now.

Now people are looking at what we do, the environment where we live and our lifestyles and some are asking why we did what we did previously and if that now suits us in the “New Normal” that is here for now and possibly to stay.

Does it make sense to pack ourselves like sardines into overcrowded trains, buses and polluted cars when the work can be done from home? Does it make sense to live in the commuter belt outside a major city and pay exorbitant prices when we don’t need to be physically close to what we do in order to do it?

If we only need a fast internet connection then doesn’t it make sense to have that fast connection in a place which has one of the best climates in the World, in a beautiful area, in a culturally significant location with plenty of options for things to do every day. Doesn’t it make sense to base yourself around your lifestyle and not your workplace?

It makes sense to move to Valencia!

Remote Working in Valencia. Why Not?

Value For Money and Lifestyle Design

In Tim Ferriss’ mid 2000s bestseller “The Four Hour Workweek“, Tim defined the terms and conditions for getting your remote work agreement with your employer and enjoying working remotely. It was a long way of doing it, start with one day a week, convince the employer to extend that to two and maybe take a working holiday and eventually go for broke and ask for permanent remote working.

The idea was that you earned in dollars and lived in pesos for example. If you are living in London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid Shanghai or Sydney, your life is going to be expensive even when just talking about the accommodation before you even start thinking about living your life.

However, if your money comes from those places but you live elsewhere your lifestyle improves without compromising on what you want to do and when you want to do it. Of course this doesn’t mean you go and live in a shanty town on the edge of San Salvador, sure it’s cheap but there are other considerations too, quality of life is not an absolute.

You want to live somewhere with a reasonable cost of living with an excellent quality of life while earning a higher than average salary and having a comfortable existence.

It’s something retirees have known for a long time; take your pension in one place but live in another where the pension allows you to live your life rather than wondering whether to turn on the second bar on your electric fire, wondering whether you can afford a coffee at your local cafe and to having to make compromises throughout the day to make your pension reach the end of the month. It’s why Americans go to Panama, Europeans to Spain and Asians to… (I’m not quite sure about that one)

That process has been sped up dramatically by Covid19. Governments are now encouraging us to work from home. If there is a choice between working from home and working at our workplace then currently governments are encouraging us to work from home. This might not change in the future, we have seen through the looking glass and what we have witnessed has made us question everything.

The glacial drift towards remote working has become a stampede and if you are remote working then it’s best to have a perfect environment to do your work. This is not only true of the area you live in but also of your home environment.

The Home Environment

In the last few weeks there has been another stampede in the Valencian Property market. (At this point everyone expects me to say prices are dropping and demand is low, come and get your Valencia Property bargain. Nothing could be further from the truth. SOME prices are dropping, SOME demand has dropped but equally SOME prices have risen and SOME demand has gone off the scale)

What Are People Looking For?

An extra room for an office, a garden for future lockdowns, fast internet connection, nice garden or city views from windows, outside space in apartments (meaning a good sized terrace that can be used all year round), fast internet connection, open spaces that can be converted into various usages, family spaces, a blank wall so you can get a virtual background that works, fast internet connection, well stocked bookshelves for video calls, fast internet connection and…. you get the picture.

People are also looking for good value for money whether it be for renting or buying. They want amenities close by so you can walk there and not always have to rely on the car, good communications so if you need at any moment you can move round the country or the World easily and at a reasonable price, educational options that work for their children (and a great place to bring children up), and ongoing low maintenance costs.

Valencia gives you all of this and more.

Let’s Look At What Your Money Buys You in and Around Valencia

And let’s also look at what’s nearby to each.

In The City For The Young Professional

In London, Paris, Madrid, New York and Shanghai you won’t get anything even close to this for 160k. In a few of those places a garage place would cost you the same. Here in Valencia you get a third floor walkup with two bedrooms, bathroom, large open plan living area, fast internet of course and you are surrounded by independent shops, cute cafes, superb restaurants and more. Take a look at our virtual visit here.

In The City For A Small Family

The family selling this apartment are growing so they need an extra bedroom or two. Therefore they are selling this excellently reformed and presented two bedroom apartment with two bathroom, huge and bright open plan living area and kitchen and large rear terrace in the Finca Roja area of the city near to the city centre. 255k will get you this and you can see the virtual tour below.

On The Edge Of The City For The Larger Family With Extra Space

Essentially two houses in one, this four bedroom house in the small town of Horno de Alcedo on the very edge of Valencia has the terrace you might want but also the garden and more. Each floor is a totally self contained two bedroomed apartment meaning it’s perfect for those with older teenagers who you may want to get out from under your feet while keeping them tied to the apron strings.

Outside The City

We are now seeing a lot of people looking outside the city to get what they want and more at a cheaper price with outside space being the most prized asset that a house can have. Let’s look at what’s available.

For The Budget Conscious in Naquera

For those on a budget this three bedroom apartment in Naquera has two bathrooms, a large sunny terrace and is near to all amenities. Naquera is served by its own Optic Fibre internet company meaning you are never short of speed. That third bedroom gives you the studio for doing your work from and the location just 25 minutes from Valencia by car in the Sierra Calderona mountains is idyllic.

Superb End Terrace With Own Garden and Huge Shared Garden

La Eliana is one of those places people chose for lockdown. Excellent shops, cafes, restaurants and more and a location just fifteen minutes from the city. There are plenty of houses with lovely gardens in La Eliana and this is one of them. A huge family house with four bedrooms, office, fast internet, three bathrooms, a large inviting living area and its own outside space along with a shared outside area with large pool. 310k with a bit of room for negotiation.

By the way, we didn’t mention La Eliana’s excellent park in that description so we think you might like taking a look at it. Quality of life and quality of property in this one.

When You Really Want a Lot Of Space

This is a quite fantastic property in La Eliana on a good sized plot for a decent price. What you get is 486m2 of house in total with six bedrooms and a studio, three bathrooms, good sized living room and kitchen and even a second living room, covered terraces and plenty of space for parking in the garage. Set on two floors you could just move straight in with no modernisation necessary although the heaters and air conditioning probably need changing. If you really want more space then there is an attached tennis court you could also buy, it’s a separate plot and that would take the price to 600k. That’s a hefty price for a tennis court though.

Learn More

Two months ago I wrote this article on the blog about what the future looks like in the Valencian and Spanish property markets. Guess what? I stand by it 100% still.

Since then we have had a lot of consultation calls with clients asking us questions about where things are going, what is happening and how we can help them out. If you want a call just leave us a message and we will arrange it for you.

We are always open for discussion and to start helping you on your journey to join us here in Valencia. Hopefully we will see you here soon but if not why not ask us for one of our Virtual Visits to your favourite properties?

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Check out the virtual visit to this property on the listing page
Check out the virtual visit to this property on the listing page

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