One Step Spanish Golden Visa Properties

We are getting plenty of people looking to buy property in Valencia in order to get their Spanish Golden Visa. For those that don’t know what the Spanish Golden Visa involves it requires an investment of 500k in property in Spain without a mortgage in order to be granted a visa that allows you to move freely through Spain and the other Schengen countries without the requirement to actually live in Spain for more than six months of the year, a requirement of the usual Spanish residency visa. You investment can be on one property or a portfolio of properties to make up the 500k minimum.

We expect to see the numbers searching for the Golden Visa increase next year when UK nationals wanting to stay in the EU will have the opportunity to opt for the Golden Visa

One Step Spanish Golden Visa properties in Valencia

In the past we have advised people to buy a portfolio of properties to obtain their Spanish Golden Visa as you can live in one property and make an income from the others. However many of our prospective Golden Visa clients do not need to make an income from property so simply look for the best possible place to live. In this post we are going to look at some simply magnificent properties to satisfy the minimum requirements of the Spanish Golden Visa which at the same time give you a great place to live and an excellent lifestyle. Lots of different types of properties here for you to salivate at.

Take a look at a selection of our One Step Spanish Golden Visa Properties below and if you are someone looking for a property over 500k for the Spanish Golden Visa but you can’t see one that suits you here then feel free to contact us and let us know about your requirements. Just click on the images to take a look at more images and contact us.

A Secluded Palace in a Small Village

If you are looking for peace and quiet, seclusion and locking yourself away from the World then this Palace in a small village near to Gandia may suit. This stunning and totally unique Palacio for sale near Gandia dates back to the 14th Century (although the original building was erected in the 9th Century!). It has a fabulous courtyard, huge rooms and wonderful original details – but has been reformed, so that it is not just beautiful but also habitable! Read more about the Palace and take a look at the pictures here.

Colonial Style and Countryside Charm

A wonderful property with endless potential, a huge flat plot of land in the centre of Naquera and it has just been dropped in price by a massive 230k to 570K, let’s just say the owners are motivated to sell and if I had the money I would jump at the chance to restore the property to its former glories. We are waiting for later this month to go up and take a virtual tour and more photos because the family are using it at the moment as it’s a perfect summer retreat just 25 minutes from Valencia.

Huge House For A Rock Bottom Price

Right on the cut off point for the Golden Visa this 500k property on the El Bosque gated estate packs a lot of punch.

Valencia Property found this house where the family has now flown the nest and the space once needed is now just too much for this Spanish owner, recently reduced and looking for a quick sale, and whilst not exactly rock bottom it is when you see what other things are being sold for around here. See past the chintz and its traditional decor and here you have an extremely attractive property on a peaceful urbanisation with a first class golf course.

Stylish Masia in Betera

It is not easy to find such a special place to live like this wonderful majestic house in Betera. It is a construction of the end of the XIX century, with an exquisite reform of 2002, leaving the perfect combination of the details of the past and the modernity and comfort of current times for 590k.

In its 400m2 you can find beautiful decorative mosaic floors, ceilings with wooden beams, 3 double rooms (6 rooms) on the top floor plus another 2 on the first floor, whirlpool bath and terraces overlooking orange trees and the Sierra Calderona

In the Orchards near The Patacona Beach

This amazing house in Alboraya offers you the rare possibility of living close to both the beach and the city while at the same time enabling you to enjoy the tranquillity between the fields and orchards for 530k, perfect for the Golden Visa.

The house occupies 350 m2 over 2 levels and has three modern and spacious bathrooms and five rooms. The standalone house has been recently renovated but with respect for traditional elements such as its wooden beams. The big windows allow lots of light. You can enjoy the sun in the garden and on the terrace.

The location is unbeatable. While the Patacona beach is only a two minute drive away, driving to the city centre only takes fifteen minutes

What If You Prefer City Living?

Many of our clients prefer city living and apartments to houses. The good thing is you still get a lot of apartment for your money in Valencia city for these prices. No London style cubby holes or mini Paris apartments. 500k buys you not only an excellent apartment but also your Golden Visa ticket to all of Europe.

Stately Apartment Overlooking the Riverbed

A question I am often asked is, Where would you buy in Valencia? The answer is always the same, if I had this kind of budget I wouldn’t even consider anywhere else, set on the edge of the Gran Via area of Ensanche is Calle Jacinto Benavente a privileged neighbourhood with views and access to the Turia Gardens. I have lived here for 20 years and will never tire of this 9km Oasis of Calm, the greatest thing ever developed in Valencia and its pride and joy.

Huge Penthouse Also Overlooking the Riverbed

Again right on the cusp of the Golden Visa limit, a really fantastic location right by the Turia River park and opposite the Nuevo Centro shopping centre. Just a ten minute walk from the Carmen and Old Town this penthouse apartment with two terraces of some 25m2 each offers you three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living area with large windows bathing it in light and it looks over the botanical gardens and the old town itself.

Lovely House With Terrace in Campanar

If you are looking for a house but within the city limits then you often need to be closer to the edges of the city.

Valencia Property presents this ready to move in, totally furnished house near to the Casino and all of the restaurants near to the potential new Valencia football stadium.

This house has been really well modernised and the space used superbly to give a comfortable three bedroom home with office space, large living dining room, kitchen, three bathrooms and a huge terrace.

The outside space is key of course and there you can find a great outside dining area and barbecue in a sun trap shaded from any wind or anybody overlooking you.

I would love to have included the Palace we had in the centre but unfortunately it sold. Good property sells as demand inside and outside the city post lockdown is high. We continue to work throughout the summer within limitations and look forward to seeing you soon.

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