Dual Family Homes in Valencia

We are getting a lot of enquiries recently from clients wanting homes that will allow their extended family to live there comfortably, dual family homes. The ideal in this scenario is a two level house with the two floors being independent of each other, but we are also being asked for two properties on one plot and two apartments next to each other or even larger apartments that have been merged into one. As Valencia Property finders this gets us looking as we think this is becoming a trend.

Why Do People Want Dual Family Homes in Valencia?

Obviously Covid19 is one of the reasons for these enquiries. We are getting told by people that they want a place where they can lock down if required and have people they love with them or look after more vulnerable members of the family. Also Covid has brought families closer together and Spanish families have always been close anyway. It is not uncommon for various generations of a family along with cousins and others to live on different floors of the same building or in very close proximity within the city.

Today therefore we are going to look at dual family homes in Valencia, how big they are, what you usually find and how much they cost.

Dual Family Homes in Valencia

A Dual Family Home in the City

Many individual developers are looking at multi purpose spaces and homes since lockdown. Because of the increase in working from home having an office within the property is an attractive option as it helps to save on office costs (One internet connection, one electric bill etc) and if that office option can also be a separate apartment for someone from your family then that helps enormously.

In Patraix in Valencia City a developer we know has taken that concept with a single flat and made it multi purpose. The apartment is on a single deed but it is essentially two apartments. You walk in through the first door and find two more doors, one to your left and another straight ahead.

The door to your left leads to the front apartment which is either a studio apartment, a one bedroom apartment or an office space. It is kitted out with a small kitchen, has a full shower room and a separate interior bedroom area. There is also a small balcony looking towards the main square of the neighbourhood.

The second part of the apartment has a double bedroom, open plan living area, large bathroom and a good sized terrace with open views to the rear of the property.

As a single apartment you could have three bedrooms and a square metreage just north of 100m2 on the first floor in an attractive area of the city. Being a first floor and the only apartment on that floor also means it is likely that you can get a tourist licence too if you wanted to short term rent the front apartment.

As a space it works on so many levels and has been modernised with care and a lot of thought. Take a look at the virtual tour below.

Attractive Twins Looking For new Owners

The owners of these two fantastic houses in Villamarchante did what we are talking about in this post years ago. Brother on one side, sister on the other. Both houses the same size but the layouts slightly different. Both huge and with plenty of space for even extended family visits. Both on the same plot but now divided by a wall down the middle and sharing a large welcoming barbecue area.

Huge Family Home in El Bosque Golf

We have written about this fantastic property in Chiva before but now the price has been slightly reduced to 485k so again it’s now worth looking at even more. Both parts of the house have at least four bedrooms, depending on how you use the space available and with space for an office, games room or cinema room. Perfect for hunkering down with the family while being out of each other’s hair.

Well Priced Calicanto Property

Under 200k and you can fit two families in? Well, yes. The secret here is the annexe. The main house is perfect for the larger part of the family and the annexe is great for teenagers, older parents or cousins who you want to have their own space but think that their space shouldn’t actually be in your house. With a little bit of conversion you could easily have a two bedroom apartment separate from the main house. Take a look at more information for this Calicanto Villa with pool here.

Large, Well Located Betera Property

Sometimes we get confused by what sells and what doesn’t sell quickly. This should have been sold in the immediate aftermath of it being listed but for some strange reason it wasn’t. For 230k this Betera property packs a lot of punch. Everything you could want really, a large 2000m2 plot, two independent floors which are also connected as there are interior doors for separation, and it has two of everything, two kitchens, two bathrooms, two living rooms… There are even two bedrooms downstairs but upstairs we spoil the symmetry with three bedrooms plus an attic room office. Good sized terraces, well located, an excellent price, what more could you ask for?

Chelva Development Property

Potentially there are three apartments in this 300m2 townhouse in Chelva. It’s a project for sure but a project for 75k is a good starting point. Located in the lovely inland village of Chelva some 45 minutes from Valencia you could get away from the cares of the World and still enjoy ultra quick internet access and a virtual window on the World. If I were into doing a project at the moment then this would be the one and if you are looking at the lower end of the market for your dual or even multi family home in Valencia then this could work fantastically.

Fantastic Portacoeli Property

New on the site and yet an old favourite, this enormous seven double bedroom house on the Portacoeli estate in Serra offers a whole lot for your money. You would have to work out a way to get an independent entrance to the upper part of the house, potentially from the garage, but once you have done that you would have two enormous parts of the house each with at least two bedrooms upstairs and still maintaining four bedrooms downstairs.

Cool House On Edge of Valencia City

On the southern edge of Valencia City you can find Horno de Alcedo and we can find the closest thing to a Mews House you get in Valencia. This two floor house has separate entrances and two bedrooms above and below with each independent part having its own living room and kitchen. For your family get togethers the two parts share a garden and you need to decide who gets to use the garage and who has only a car port but these are first world problems. Beautifully restored and with an upstairs terrace and barbecue area you might even decide that the garden belongs just to the bottom floor. Your choice.

Economical Villa in Olocau

A property for someone who likes lots of space, this Olocau house is 200m2, and to do something on a large plot of 1278m2 with excellent outside space in the paellero, fronton court, and outside rooms for storage or working in. It is near to La Lloma estate in Olocau.

The main house has 5 bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and hall. It is all on one floor and as a result can easily be divided into two separate dwellings on the same floor leaving you with two 2 bedroom houses. Outside there is the fronton court which has been converted into workshops and storerooms and theoretically this could be converted into extra rooms too. There is plenty of room for an allotment for those of you looking to grow your own food. There is a paellero, swimming pool and covered parking.

Family Retreat in Villamarchante

A huge countryside retreat which could be one, two, three or four separate dwellings if you planned it right. It needs work for sure but offers a lot in terms of space, attractiveness and location, being well off the beaten track in a hamlet of twelve buildings just ten minutes outside of Villamarchante.

Massive Plot Reduced By Half in Villamarchante

When somebody reduced their price by 50% to sell we sit up and take notice and that is what happened last week to this Finca in Villamarchante. The big thing here is the 17000m2 plot with tennis court, huge swimming pool and gardens. This is the ideal place for a retreat but could also work for an extended family. How? Well 17,000m2 gives you a lot of potential places to put a few wooden chalets or mobile homes for your family to stay in while you are modernizing the main house. It could be your hugely impressive family compound away from the cares of the World.

Tell Us What You Want For Your Extended Family

We are now actively searching for more dual family homes in and around Valencia and with your feedback we can offer you more of them that may suit you for living with your family or to offer them a good sized space when they visit rather than trying to fit them into your house on a fold out sofa bed.

Tell use what you are looking for and we will find more of that type of property, after all that is what we do. Take a look at more of our posts about our work by clicking on the images below and feel free to contact us with your questions.

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