Quirky, Practical or Potential?

Here at Valencia Property we are currently working with plenty of people who are around looking for their ideal home; We have Brits looking to establish residency before the end of the year as the ticking Brexit timebomb counts down to their government's cutting off of their own noses, Americans escaping Trump (Or Wildfires or Racists or Gun Nutters or Trump supporting racists setting fires with guns), people looking to start living in a place where they can live and work at home in the new situation in which we find ourselves and requiring fast broadband in order to do so and Northern Europeans looking to have a holiday home in Spain (That's the traditional one)

Of course, everyone has their own requirements for their property whether that be having grounds to place their motorhome when they aren't using it, being able to get their Grand Piano into the living room without knocking down walls, looking for a property big enough for all of the family to live in, or simply wanting enough personal and family space to be able to enjoy Valencia and what it offers

Today though we are going to concentrate on a more general question; What are you looking for in your Valencia Property search? Something that is quirky, practical or with potential? We'll also offer you some examples of each.

The Quirky Option

Whether it's a boat shaped house in the mountains, a potential hotel in a historic town half way between Valencia and Alicante, an apartment that looks like a French Palace in its decoration or simply a repossessed villa with a ripped out chimney you can always find something to get excited about so you can put your own ideas into a property and make it much more personal.

The Practical Option

When you want everything ready to go, everything in its right place, everything sorted for you and you can start your life in Valencia without having to think about modernising, changing the look, painting or knocking down walls, you go for the practical option.

In these cases it may well be a stylish apartment in Ruzafa, a villa with proven income opportunities in Catadau, the perfect home and garden in Naquera, or a practical and amazing opportunity in La Eliana, you can find properties ready to move into in different areas where you can find yourself enjoying all that Valencia has to offer in your perfect home without having to lift a finger.

The Potential It Offers

Some people are looking for a project, something they can make their own, something they can put their heart and soul into even if it's for resale or rental further down the line.

If this is your bag then there are also plenty of options, restoring an old house in Villamarchante with 17,000m2 of land for a project, creating a smallholding in Cheste while being off grid, modernising a large villa in Olocau or even buying a hotel and restaurant in La Cañada.

What's Your Story?

Whether you are looking for the quirkyness, the practicality or the potential of a property then we probably have something that will suit your tastes and your budget and even if we don't we'll find it for you. Try us out.

Contact us and we will work with you to find your ideal property in Valencia. We are property finders par excellence and constantly work with people like you looking to find their ideal property in and around Valencia.

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