Valencia Is Number One - Officially The Best

We always bang on about how great Valencia is to live, we know we do. We do it because it is. We say Valencia has a great mix of everything you want in a place to live and it's true. You don't have to believe us of course. But if you aren't going to believe us who should you believe?

How about the people who live and work here?

InterNations do an annual study of their members where they ask questions about the places their members live and the lifestyle they have in those places. Based on the responses they put together a ranking of the best and worst places to live in the World. This year Valencia has come out number one, número uno, the head honcho, the big cheese. ("Airplane" reference there for you) despite the pandemic, despite lockdowns despite 2020!

Surely you can't be serious!


You can read the full report here.

Valencia scores highly for the things that people value such as climate, healthcare, ease of integration, friendliness, ease of setting up, finances, cost of living and more. Where it doesn't score as well are on job opportunities and setting up a business, remember to bring your business with you.

And yes we are going to scream this from the rooftops.


In more good news for the Valencia community Alicante took second place this year and in even better news for the Iberian Peninsula Lisbon was third and Malaga sixth. The only non Iberian places to break the top six were Panama City and Singapore.

Valencia according to InterNations

When Are You Joining Us?

The question we always ask if you are thinking of coming to Valencia is what's stopping you? Yeah, Brexit we know! Pandemic we know! But when the excuses are over when are you coming to join us?


Valencia gets more and more liveable each and every year and more and more people are realising that and joining us here. we have at least 112 reasons for loving living here. Why don't you come and join us and find out even more reasons to love living in Valencia? Find out more about the city by clicking on the images below.

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