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Finally the hell that was 2020 is in the rear view mirror and the promise of vaccines is now battling with the new “British strain” of the Covid19 pandemic for supremacy. I have my money on the vaccines to win out in the end but we will see.

Today we are starting a new weekly series in the blog featuring Golden Visa Properties, both houses and apartments. Every week we will feature a new property that you can get for over 500k to get your Golden Visa for Spain. Some weeks we will put together a portfolio instead for those who want to live in one place and have income from other properties in and around Valencia as you can buy various properties to satisfy the Golden Visa criteria.

When you add this to our normal output of blog posts every week we hope that the increased frequency of the postings will help you to make your choice about what to buy and where in Valencia.

On a monthly basis we are also going to be featuring and updating previous posts about the process of purchase in the city and beyond to make sure you have as much information as possible about the buying process in Valencia and we will also be featuring a new series of videos, 360º Virtual Tours and more so that you can buy with confidence knowing everything there is to know about living, working and being in Valencia.

Sounds good?

Let’s start then.

Firstly, What Is The Golden Visa?

For a good few years now we have had a steady stream of buyers from outside the EU buying properties in order to get themselves the so called Golden Visa. The Golden Visa requires you to buy property to the value of over 500k Euros without mortgage in order to be allowed (But not obliged) to be in the Schengen area of Europe all year rather than being limited to 90 days in any 183. You can read more about it in the following posts.

Golden Visa in Valencia for non EU Residents

Spanish Golden Visa in Valencia

It is a favourite of American clients looking to be able to stay in Europe long term. They often use Valencia or Spain as a base and travel freely around the continent without restrictions all year. Many of them have mortgaged their high end properties in the States and brought the money into Spain as interest rates are so low.

This access to Europe is now available to clients from the UK and many people will have equity in their properties in the UK that they can invest in Spain and travel freely around. The good news is that the 500k investment allows not only the holder of the Golden Visa to travel freely but also their family members who are dependents ie children and any parents living at their home.

For a full list of the advantages of the Golden Visa just look

  • It can be for one or various properties
  • It can be anywhere in the country, it isn’t limited to one geographic area.
  • There is no time limit of getting it. You can buy one property now and add that into your 500k investment further down the line.
  • Previously bought properties can be included in the package. If you already have a property in Spain that can be used as a part of the investment.
  • It allows the whole family unit to have free movement in the Schengen area of Europe. This is a big deal. Free movement throughout Europe allows you to enjoy living and potentially working in Spain to its fullest extent.
  • You have no obligation to be in the country at all, never mind half a year. Even if you don’t spend half the year in Spain, a requirement of a normal residency visa, you will not lose your Spanish Golden Visa
  • You are allowed to live and more importantly, work in Spain.
  • You can apply for all dependents to join you in the country. This includes children of course but also parents if you can prove they are dependent.
  • You get to live in a place considered to have one of the best climates in the World and one of the most socially cohesive places.
  • Our communications both physically (Transport) and virtually (Internet) are excellent. Moving in, out and around the country is easy and fast and most places now have broadband cable internet for your external communications.
  • You live in a country with a language that is spoken Worldwide so learning it is useful in other places apart from just Spain. Most of Central and South America speaks Spanish and when you ally this to English most of the business world is yours to speak to.
  • Politically the country is pretty solid.
  • There is little or no chance of a Spanish Brexit. Support for membership of the EU has always been high in Spain, the disaster of the UK’s Brexit has solidified that support in Spain and throughout the rest of Europe.
  • You are fewer than three hours away from most of the rest of Europe. If you need to get anywhere you can get there fast.
  • You don’t even have to live there, it can be rented out to create an income. The investment is the important thing.

As a full service agency for clients looking to get the Golden Visa we have experienced English speaking lawyers here in Valencia who have taken many clients through the process. We also have contacts with all of the high end properties in Valencia and one thing that is excellent news is that high end Valencia Property is not expensive. You can get a Palace here for a fraction of the price of a standard home in London, New York, Shanghai or Moscow.

Just to emphasize that our first Golden Visa Property is actually part of an old Palace! Take a look.

Week 1: Golden Visa Property

545000 Euros Apartment in el Carmen Valencia

An exquisite Penthouse Apartment with large Terrace and garage space in the Heart of the Carmen in Valencia. This 3-5 bedroom property is open plan, well proportioned and has the wow factor that Golden Visa Properties demand.

Also take a look at the Virtual Tour you can see below.

For More Information on Golden Visas See Below

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