Back to Work, Back To Reality

It has been a slow start to 2021 in Valencia. This always happens due to Kings Day on the 6th January (Epiphany) but this year it has seemed slower. We were due to have a signing today, 8th January, but it has been put off until next week as the bank sent the papers for the mortgage to the wrong notary (Spain happens) and then the regional government put in place new restrictions on movement including some towns completely shut down, see below, and then the weather decided to go really bad and maybe we will get some snow, Requena already has some!

Therefore today we thought we would bring you up to date with the latest restrictions, take a look at our Golden Visa property of the week and let you know about the latest steps to make it easier to prepare to buy your property in Valencia.

Covid Restrictions in Valencia

We posted an update on our Facebook page. Keep safe out there.

For those who don’t want to go to Facebook basically the following

  • Curfew brought forward to 10pm
  • Bars and Restaurants to close at 5pm
  • Maximum four people at a table at a terrace
  • Maximum meet up of 6 people in a group.
  • Borders to Valencia closed in and out until 31st of January.
  • Various towns closed in and out including Lliria, Cheste and Ontinyent. ie you cannot enter or leave these towns except for work reasons.
  • Increase in vaccinations with care home and hospital workers, and care home residents being moved to the front of the queue
  • However, schools remain open (Which is mad!)

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What This Means For Visits

As we have done previously this now means that where possible we will not be travelling in the same car when visiting places. You will need to have your own transport to move between properties. Obviously this is more important in properties outside of the city but in the city if short journeys are required from property to property, masks must be worn, clients in the back of the car and windows open despite the current weather.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Our second Golden Visa property of the week is on the Monasterios estate in Puzol. What we like most perhaps is the glazed interior courtyard which gives light to the whole property but also has a single wall with shapes cut out of it that projects sunlit crescent moons, stars and more onto the floor of the terrace

It just makes our mouths water. It built in 2007 and was designed to be a minimalist joy. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, large living room and huge kitchen all set around the luminous interior patio and terrace areas.

The plot is 1099m2 with a small football pitch, round pool, barbecue area and gardens. There is also a large garage and storage area.

The gated estate with 24 hour security has a social club and excellent sports facilities and lies just 25 minutes to the north of Valencia and five minutes away from the railway station into the city if required.

Puzol has its own beach and there is easy access to the beaches of Sagunto, Almarda and Canet. You also have the international schools of Caxton College and The American School of Valencia nearby.

But forget the town… you buy this for the property. It’s wonderful.

Easier Preparation For Your Purchase

As movement is difficult at the moment we have spent the last months making our service on the virtual side to those wanting to purchase in Valencia better and better, with Facetime Calls, Skype Consultations, Virtual Visits, 360ยบ Tours, Online Plans and more.

Now the banks are coming to the party and allowing you to open up your account remotely. CaixaBank are now allowing international clients to open their account online and using Currencies Direct (This is preferable for you as you will save a load of money compared with transferring straight from your account in the UK or the US) you can send your money for purchase to the bank before arriving in the country. You will still need to visit the bank to get the account operational (They have a Know Your Client requirement of course). If you are interested in knowing more about this option contact us and we will put you in touch with the bank’s English speaking client representative.

Remember that having a Spanish bank account is very important and one of your ducks in a row. Getting your ducks in a row means you are ready to jump on any great deal that comes up.

What are those ducks?

Power of Attorney, Bank Account, Appointed Lawyer, Currency Company and other potential things like visits to areas, consultation calls and more…

Remember just because you might be in lockdown in your country it doesn’t mean you cannot lay the groundwork for your move to Valencia. There is plenty you can do. Contact us and arrange your inicial consultation call or send us a whatsapp using the logo on the site.

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