Droning On About Valencia

The answer to the question “Why are you always droning on about Valencia?” is self evident. There’s a lot to write about, it’s a great place to write about and we actually enjoy it. Whether the droning on is on our instagram page with great images of houses and places in Valencia, making videos for our Youtube page, updating our Facebook page without fomenting a potential revolution and storming of the Capitol building, making walkthrough and flyaround videos of properties for our potential clients like the one below or just writing stuff like this post on the blog.

Our clients seem to enjoy it and we get a lot of new clients from doing it.

More Droning On

However, for those of you new here or who don’t follow us on social media channels above you may not have seen that we have a new toy/work device, the DjiMini2 drone. This will allow us to fill your timelines with even more lovely aerial photography and videography of houses and places in Valencia.

Nevertheless, despite our trying to satisfy all the requests from our clients for more complete tours of properties we are slightly limited in what we can do. So, just a few details:

We are not allowed to fly the drone in the city. There are two reasons for this, one, the proximity of Valencia airport making it a no-fly zone (But, let’s face it if a drone 20m up is going to crash into an Airbus 380, that plane is either in trouble or being hijacked) and two, new European rules require professional qualifications and flight plans to be approved before taking off in the city and getting anything signed off officially at the moment is somewhat difficult.

We would love to get you fantastic views of the highlights of the city but despite our drone being under the 250 gram mark meaning it doesn’t need to be licensed and registered for use, it means we cannot take a look around the neighbourhood of a city apartment that you like so you get a good bird’s eye view. You will still need to use Google Earth and Maps for that along with scouring YouTube for those that have taken videos without knowing that what they were doing was illegal and official Tourist board videos taken from above.

We cannot fly above groups of people for obvious reasons. You don’t want a drone running out of battery and falling out of the sky on somebody’s head.

And we cannot fly in the Albufera… it’s a bird reserve so you will have to stick with gorgeous sunset photos taken at ground level.

What We Can Do

We can take aerial videos and photos of properties with the consent of the owners outside any no-fly zones. This is a great way to show off the areas so you get to see what is around a property. Take a look at this video from Albaida so you get to see the whole village and not just the property.

We can help you get used to what lies in an area with virtual tourism too. This will help you to find places to explore when you finally get here and, let’s face it, it will also give you some entertainment if you find yourself in lockdown and it will probably lead you down a Youtube path of even more interesting videos from both Valencia City and the region of Valencia. For example there are plenty of videos about Chelva related to this one below taken at the weekend on the Ruta del Agua.

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The more you see of Valencia the more likely it is that you will fall for it as a city, region and place to live and work. Let us help you do that (And also maybe convince your partner)

Golden Visa Valencia Property of the Day

You don’t normally get many houses in Valencia so when one comes up especially at this price we tend to sit up and take notice.

On a leafy lane in a rather fancy suburb of Valencia we find this modern townhouse, set on a corner plot which gives you that extra little bit of backyard space to sunbathe, exercise or have a little intimate gathering, (Max 6 for now)

This roomy 270m2 on 4 floors consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living Room, Laundry, large Kitchen, numerous terraces, private garden, garage space, and manicured communal areas and fantastic swimming pool, all in all a nicely distributed property in a very comfortable environment, perfect to raise a family with a short commute to the city, shops and schools.

Ideal for a family lifestyle and a great purchase if you have a Golden Visa in mind.

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