We Are Your Buyer's Agent in Valencia

Valencia Property has worked for thousands of clients over the years, two decades of clients add up. However one thing that people don't get clearly at times is who we are working for. Let's use this article to get this clear.

As our buyer we work for you.

That's it!


We are not a traditional estate agent in the sense that agents are often perceived to be working for the seller to get the best offer for their property. However, this isn't great news for buyers as estate agents tend to want to maximise the price.

Nevertheless, you have to realise something else which is particular to the Valencia Property Market too. In Valencia both buyer and seller pay the agent and usually it is 3% from both sides (And sometimes more). This means that as a buyer, if you are taken out by a traditional estate agent they are generally taking you to see a property they have on their books (And nothing else) and they are getting paid by the owner (And you too if you buy).

Can you see any conflict of interest there in getting you the best deal?

We can and that is how Valencia Property was originally conceived, as a buyer's agent representing the interest of our clients.

Nowadays, we also have our own listings too, but if you, as a client of Valencia Property, buy one of those listings we won't be charging the owner for selling their property meaning you get a better deal as the owner will be more likely to accept decent offers.

Of course, we work with other estate agents who are the sellers' agents and we get offered hundreds of their properties every month. We list a small selection of them, those that will suit our buying clients not those that we know are overpriced, badly located, legally doubtful or simply bad deals. If you want to see some of those just take a quick tour around Idealista, Fotocasa or any of the myriad numbers of other property portals you can find in Spanish, English and many other languages.

Many agents are excellent at their jobs and know their hyperlocal market fantastically well. They get properties that others are not likely to see. They love working with us.

Those agents know that we represent our clients but they also know that we are in the privileged position of having clients who can buy properties without asking for impossible mortgages, don't play a game with owners and make ridiculously low offers that could lead the owner to feel insulted and to take the listing away from them and if an offer is made they know we have the system and the experience in place to make the process smooth and efficient.

In short they trust us because of our position in the market, the reputation that goes before us and most importantly the reputation that our clients have for being serious buyers ready to purchase.

We Don't List Everything Either

There's a weird thing in Spain at times, if anyone can explain it to me then feel free to try as for years I have been trying to work out why and have failed miserably.

Some owners don't want their property placed on a website! They don't want people to see the property. It's as if they were worried that advertising might actually sell their property.

The number of times we get told that owners don't want just anybody walking around their house tells you all you need to know about the reputation of certain estate agents in and around Valencia. Owners are aware that sometimes their properties will be used as a bad comparison for other properties that the selling agent wants to sell. We don't list those properties.

Now, because we keep a very high quality control on our listings we don't get that problem. if we list something it's good: in the sense of value for money, location, price point, special features or some other reason. So what you are looking at on Valencia Property is a hand picked selection of the best properties currently for sale in and around Valencia City and the Valencian Community. We concentrate on certain areas and not others because we know it's the area that sells before the property itself, the best property in the world in the wrong location won't be sold.

However, you must realise we often have bonus balls, properties that are either off market, newly on the market but not yet on the website, and notifications from other agents of cool things that have just arrived in their portfolio. These bonus balls are often those that suit you in the end but you will never have seen them on property portals, websites or anywhere else. It's all about timing.

Valencia Property is Your Buying Agent, Your Personal Property Shopper

We pride ourselves on knowing the market better than anyone else, knowing what is available, what's good, what's bad and everything in between.

As we have written before on this blog we have everything in place for you to organise your Valencia Property purchase and to help you beyond your purchase too with our renovation team, pre-visit services including free video consultation calls and post purchase help with settling down, key holding, renting out your property and more.

You deserve the best service so come and get it from your buyer's agent in Valencia. And if you want a consultation call read this and contact us.

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