When You Get Enquiries You Don’t Want

We have our own website which we keep up to date at all times of course. As soon as a deposit is left on a property we mark it as under offer or sold and then once the final signing comes we take it off the site.

Unfortunately, the property portals are not as quick as us. They use a system of feeds taken from individual websites which show properties and we pay for the privilege of putting our properties on their sites because in theory they have greater reach and we should get more enquiries.

The truth is that the majority of portals get us fewer enquiries than we get from our own site as we are in the privileged position of being number one in Google for the keywords we target (we are lucky in that sense). Effectively we pay the portals to compete with us, go figure.

When we mark a property as sold the portals continue to advertise it but you don’t see the sold notification on the portals. This is not usually a problem as we don’t normally get massive numbers of enquiries from the portals, whatever they say when they do their pitch deck to offer us advertising space.

There is one exception though, when they send out a newsletter to their signups, we get a lot of enquiries from that. And this happened this weekend. At 9am on Sunday morning we got the following message.

I wrote back as soon as I saw the message, two and a bit hours later, because, yes you guessed it, they had chosen a property that had been sold.

So, What Happened?

The first enquiry we received came in at 13.36, the second at 13.45 and so on. I reckon the mail was sent out by the portal at 13.30.

We now have to answer more than thirty enquiries saying to each one “sorry but the property is sold, as stated on our site!” And, no, we don’t have another twenty properties we can suggest at the price of the one they featured.

Why not?

Because properties of this type at this price are like Hen’s Teeth, extremely rare. They get put on the site occasionally but don’t last long and people responding to this type of mailshot are generally looking from abroad and cannot get here to view the next day especially at the moment with the travel restrictions in place.

This will look to them like “Bait and Switch” (Advertising something falsely). Honestly, it’s not. It’s just that some portals don’t check before mailing things out.

Why Am I Writing This?

The truth is I am writing this because the people who contacted deserve an explanation and I am going to link to this article to answer everyone who got in touch about the property. I am going to say sorry of course but they all deserve an explanation.

It makes us look bad advertising properties that are not available but we marked it as sold and were given little notice that it was going to be sent out to a huge mailing list. The least the portals could do is ask us whether a property is still available before advertising it to a supposed audience of tens of thousands.

Also, as a buyer of property you must realise that when you sign up to a mailing list of a property portal they are sending out what they consider to be the best properties they have but only in terms of one factor, cost. They send out stuff that looks “Cheap for what it is” so you contact.

However, without knowing your needs no agency can make recommendations for your particular case and your requirements. That is why we ask clients to contact us via mail or whatsapp to let us know what they are looking for. We can then try to find the perfect property that matches those requirements, as we have said before we are your buyer’s agent in Valencia!

A Suggestion

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So, to all of you who got in touch, sorry! However, if you are going to buy in Valencia there are certain things you should know. Read all about it below in our Essential Reading List.

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