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This may not seem very important at the moment when you are locked down and unable to travel but it looks like Spain will be opening up for the summer perhaps with a vaccine passport, perhaps through travel corridors. Most people are talking about being able to go on holiday safely but others are waiting to be able to come to Spain and buy their new home or holiday property.

For example, the UK announced that they expect to be totally opening up by mid June of this year (I think they said this year, we'll see) and suddenly there was an explosion of summer holiday bookings, up by over 600% in a day and we received messages saying we will be there in Valencia asap.

Thus we know that we will have a lot of clients on their way once they are allowed to travel and one thing we fear is not being able to keep up with demand once the borders open. We don't want to let people down by only being able to quickly show you a couple of properties before shaking your hand (We hope this is allowed) and leaving you. This is why we are suggesting you should book your dates before coming so we can do the best preparation possible. As we have said before we can give you a much better service if you satisfy the following criteria.

Your Criteria

Your criteria for purchasing a property will have many common features with others but you will be different to everyone else in at least one aspect. Everybody has their own special requirement.

Everyone has different criteria

The more we know about your criteria the more choice you will have when you come, at least that's the theory. Remember that the more specific the criteria the less choice you will have. It's better to have few must haves and lots of would likes but that the "would likes" are not deal breakers.


You normally think of summertime in Valencia and Spain as being a relaxed time and usually it is difficult to get things done. This is because people go on holiday and businesses close for at least a month. Because of this it's important to make sure you have as much preparation as possible done before coming.

This year it might be even more important as estate agencies are expecting a rush from both domestic and foreign clients once the market is fully open again, notaries are expecting to be very busy but there are a lot fewer open in the summer and bank employees also take time off. If you haven't done your preparation you might be rushing around in your limited time here trying to get everything done that you need to think about rather than enjoying your time here.

Essential Reading

We have created a page for you to read all of the essential posts that we have written in order to prepare for your visit. Just click on the image below to be taken there. Get yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy. And if you want to discuss your requirements request a consultation call with us and we will set it up.

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Golden Visa Property of The Day

As usual we are highlighting properties for people looking for the Spanish Golden Visa. Now that UK residents are eligible for applying for the Golden Visa, no longer being in the EU, we have even more demand for this method of being able to live here permanently.

Penthouse Overlooking the Riverbed and Botanical Gardens

A really fantastic location right by the Turia River park and opposite the Nuevo Centro shopping centre. Just a ten minute walk from the Carmen and Old Town this penthouse apartment with two terraces of some 25m2 each offers you three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living area with large windows bathing it in light and it looks over the botanical gardens and the old town itself.

The property is on the top floor of a classically presented building and has 190m2 in total plus the terraces. A great place for those looking for the Golden Visa

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