Closed But Not Closed

Valencia Property will be closed for the whole of August this year. 1st August -31st August 2021

Now, before you go away, this is not exactly true. If you are already booked in and we have confirmed your dates then we will be taking you out as we have said. If not then we just have no more availability for more clients in August. We are full. Fully booked. Stacked to the rafters. And we have to take some holidays. Even if they might be staycations. And we will still be working, read on.

Just today we have taken bookings for September, October and November of people planning their move to Valencia. Make sure to book your visit with us. However we feel that an explanation is due for those of you who are following us and were thinking of coming over in August even if you haven’t let us know yet.

2021 has been hectic, very hectic. Take a look at our half year review here. And simply put July has been hard, very hard. Why? Well, it’s simple there is a lack of supply and difficulties in getting in to see properties that are still available. And it’s really hot at the moment.

This happens every summer in Valencia but this year things have been exacerbated by a huge demand for summer rentals from within Spain. Spanish people are flocking into Valencia and houses that are for sale are rented out at top dollar prices and the owners don’t want the tenants disturbed as they are spending some quality time with their extended families after perhaps not seeing their relatives for a long time. July is bad for this but August is much worse and availability tightens even more.

Equally, there have been so many sales in the Valencian property market that supply has dropped and this supply doesn’t get replenished in the summer. People wait until after they have had their summer holidays before listing their properties and that means things start coming onto the market in greater numbers from the start of September.

However, We Are Not Closed Entirely

As mentioned above we will still be taking people out who have already booked in for August although the selection we usually provide will be restricted by the lack of supply at the moment of course.

We will also be answering enquiries via Emails, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp but we will be including this article in the responses as we have no more availability for August without compromising the service for our clients who are already booked in.

We will be listing things that do come up to make sure we have some sort of supply for September and are not in panic when searching around properties for our clients in September and onwards.

We will be continuing to blog on here, although maybe at a slower rate, and we will be posting on our social pages regularly to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the market, in Valencia and in Spain as a whole.

We will be keeping all of those people who are signed up to our newsletters, whatsapp groups and mailing list updated too.

Oh, and we will be signing lots of sales at notaries of purchases that have already been reserved and we are just waiting for the signing date now. Our mortgage advisors and currency partners continue to work for our clients and the lawyers in Valencia are in and out of the city as required. We don’t just disappear.

Now the truth is that it would be easy to just go on holiday and not let anybody know, make excuses and give a shoddy skeleton service when people do come over. That’s not us. We give a comprehensive service to all of our clients, it’s what we are best known for and we are not going to change.

Surprising News

The website and the blog are undergoing a change of look at the moment. It’s not one that we wanted to do but we received a cease and desist letter so we have no choice. Apparently we are not allowed to use our own photos of the City of Arts and Sciences (CAC) to illustrate what there is in Valencia because the CAC own the rights to images of the buildings at the CAC apparently. (I think somebody best tell them about the existence of Instagram)

So rather than using an image of the CAC we decided to use the image above. You would think they would want to promote their images all over the web but apparently not. I’ll just wait to see the images disappearing all over every Valencia website from estate agents, to tourism businesses, to gastronomy businesses and even to lawyers. Good luck with that. At least we used our own images taken on public property of public buildings with our cameras and phones rather than just nicking them off photographers or the CAC’s own website. Dipsticks!

Golden Visa Property of The Week

Now, I’m pretty sure we are allowed to use this image at least

Soon to be Beachfront Villa

Ever thought you would like a fantastic high-quality beautiful villa on the first line of the beach, with the waves lapping at your garden fence? I know, all those properties are crazy expensive, 7-figure prices.

Well here’s an opportunity for you. A much more affordable place in Devesa Beach, which is a few kilometres to the north of Denia, about an hour from Valencia city.

5 bedrooms and even more bathrooms (when there are more bathrooms than bedrooms you know its next level). A winter kitchen (indoors) and a summer kitchen (outdoors on the shady terrace), a pool and jacuzzi, and large sliding class doors to allow plenty of air and light through the house.

At the moment it is about 150 metres from the beach, and I know, I know, I mentioned first line, but who buys a property without thinking of the future? The way things are going, by about 2040 this house will be right on the beach, which is just about when they will have worked out how to stop the seas rising, and you will be left with a prime beachfront. You see? Up here for thinking, down there for dancing as they say.

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