The Valencia Property Website Tour

We have added a new section to the Valencia Property homepage, featured properties. This was a request of many people as we often get asked what are your favourite properties on the site. As the website is now even more of a comprehensive tour through what is available in Valencia Property and what you need to know we thought that today we would take you on a step by step tour of what you can find on the Valencia Property website. This is applicable to the homepage on a PC or Mac but is also true on the mobile and tablet versions of the site.

The Header

Right at the top you have many ways to contact us and view our online content. You can contact us by Mail, Phone, Whatsapp or Skype and you can go from here to our Facebook Page, our Twitter feed, our Videos on YouTube or get taken to our Contact us Page which includes a contact form too. In other words, there is no reason to not be able to find our how to get in touch with us.

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar takes you to various places you might want to get to quickly. It starts with the home button to bring you back to the homepage from wherever you may be in the site. Then you have a properties button which takes you to the homepage but just with properties, no blogs, favourite towns or anything. The “By Price” button allows you to search through the site at your preferred price point in the dropdown.

The blog takes you to the Valencia Property blog site, about tells you all about our company and its history in Valencia. Services gives you an insight into the services we can offer you including links to our renovations, mortgages etc… The dropdown box on more includes testimonials, if you want to sell your property and our newsletter.

Favourites is slightly different though. You have the ability to like a property on the site using the heart emoji underneath the main picture, see below. The first time you do this you will be asked to register and after that you can save the property as a favourite. All of your favourites will be kept in this tab as long as you are logged in on the site.

The Search Box

When we revamped the Valencia Property site last year the most requested feature was a better search box. We put this on the home page front and centre and it gets used well. What we didn’t want to do though was to give too many options because once the search criteria becomes too specific then the options become fewer and fewer.

Therefore the basics of price range, location, bedrooms, size and property type are included but you can just search by price or price + location for example. It’s not necessary to fill everything in. The features are also limited in the search in the dropdown box so that you can search by your must haves and these are the most common requests.

Latest Properties

As we list properties on a regular basis the latest property will be the first. This means in a week where we list a lot of properties that something may disappear off the front page pretty quickly. This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been listed recently. We have nine latest properties and then a tab to go to the next page and so on.

You can go to page 2, 3, 4 etc… but there are better ways of looking through the properties either using the search box, the towns feature or one of the dropdown menus in the main menu as explained above.

Featured Properties

Our newest section is called featured properties. This is where we put properties that we feel should be seen by more people because of exceptional value for money, the property’s distinctive nature, price drops or other reasons.

The featured properties section is on a carousel with arrows on the right to see all. However it automatically scrolls through the featured properties if you wait a while.

Latest Blogs

This is a blog post of course and once published it appeared on our Valencia Property homepage as the latest blog. Here you can find our latest six blog posts and when you click on them you will be taken to our blog where you can search for even more information once you have read that post.

When we redesigned the website last year we decided that the blogs should form an integral part of the website as people loved our in depth blog posts but couldn’t see the latest blogs on the listings page. Our numbers of reads of the blogs has more than doubled since we took this step.

Favourite Towns

A lot of people have already decided that they must be in a specific town and we have featured the towns here that a lot of people search for. Of course Valencia is first as the city is where a lot of people are looking rather than the suburbs. We do feature other towns here though.

If your favourite town is not featured though there is another option below.

Quick Links

Within the quick links section there are three columns. A link to each town, a contact form and more of our information pages such as FAQs etc… If there are no properties featured in the town you click on or you cannot find anything that suits your requirements just send us a message via the contact form to let us know what you are looking for and we will start the search, remember we act as a personal property finder for our clients.

The Listings Pages

Every time you click on an image of a property you are taken to the individual property listing page. Here you will find the description alongside the contact form for that property, the features, a location map and if available a 360ยบ Tour and video. Clicking on the individual images will bring up a carousel of images that are larger so you can explore more of the property. And don’t forget to read the listings as they may well give you a giggle or more information that you cannot see on the images.

That’s it for now but in a future post we will take you into a deep dive about this blog site too. There may be some hidden gems here too that you don’t know about.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

After the summer recess we are back with another great Golden Visa property. Remember that to get the Spanish Golden Visa you need to invest 500k or more in one or more properties. Today we are featuring a modern villa in Monasterios close to the International schools.

The villa is in the urbanisation of Alfinach, just outside Puzol. 15 minutes from the beach and only a little more to Valencia city.

And this place in particular, we have to highlight how close it is the the American School of Valencia. Literally around the corner, a couple of hundred yards – less once the kids find out about the short-cut across the fields. And Caxton college, which is a British school, is only a couple of miles down the road.

So this place really would be ideal for a family recently relocated to Valencia. A big property, with an infinity-style pool up behind the house, to take advantage of the view. Inside the house is large, bright and airy, the photos will give you an idea of how modern and well-finished it is.

All your kids classmates will love it, and will probably be here all the time as it’s the closest house. Even though your children might be the new kids, they’ll be the most popular, as long as you keep the fridge stocked and keep pretending to ignore the herbal aroma coming from behind the pergola

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