2022 Starts and It’s Complicated…

Welcome to 2022 and Valencia Property. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible with long form blog posts and more but Spain remains on holiday at the moment and Epiphany arrives on the 6th January and nothing gets back to normal this year until the 10th when the kids go back to school and the majority of people go back to work.

Today’s post though is just to give out a bit of news, comment on the latest Covid situation and let you know about how this affects us going forward over the next few weeks.

Covid, Omicron, Delta and that new one in France

Yesterday we were trying to arrange visits for places today and five places were unavailable. Four because somebody was self isolating at home and therefore couldn’t receive visitors as a result and one because they didn’t want potential carriers of Covid to come around and visit the house as they had a susceptible person at home.

We expect this to happen with other places over the next few weeks until the Omicron wave calms down so be patient if you are visiting and there are fewer visits than you may like. This is what we are working with currently unfortunately.

Also, bear in mind that visits within the city will be done walking from place to place where possible or you will need to have your own transport outside of the city to follow our cars to and from houses. This is to lessen the possibilitiy of transmission of course and to prevent risks both to our staff and clients as well as owners of houses. Masks are obligatory at all times except while sitting at pavement cafes in the currently balmy temeratures drinking coffee between visits.

Answering Mails

When you contact us via email, whatsapp or on social media the first point of contact is usually me, Graham. Well, tomorrow, the 5th, my wife is going into hospital for an operation and this means that I will be a lot less available over the next few weeks with responsibilities of family, work and carer so if I take a little longer to answer requests for property details etc… please be patient.

Usually I will tell you to fill in the form on the following post so do that for me and we will work through the backlog as we can. Just click on the image to be taken to the post and to fill in the form. One of my colleagues will generally get back to you but expect slower responses at least for a few weeks.

2022 Market Outlook

Demand remains strong and I might even surmise from the numbers of contacts via mail, whatsapp and social media in the last two weeks even stronger than last year. We at Valencia Property will be here to attend to that demand and find you the best potential properties for your requirements.

Just take the first step as above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The first long form blog post might come out next week rather than this as we are just overloaded this week so no time to finish it off at the moment. Remember, from our homepage at Valencia Property you can see the latest listings as they are uploaded and search through previous posts and listings to keep you tempted until you are able to visit us and we have an essential reading page here for the most important parts.

See You Soon

We look forward to welcoming you as the year progresses and that we can help you to find your own perfect Valencia Property. Meanwhile click on the images below for some of our most recent posts and pages. We will return in the next post with the Golden Visa Property of the week and the deal of the week. Keep your eyes peeled.