The New Valencia Property Podcast and More

Finally the kids are back at school, people are back at work and everything starts to get back to normal except… oh yeah Covid. Pesky thing isn’t it. The long holidays are over and just like every year we look to start the year strongly. This week we have a large number of clients in Valencia looking for properties both inside and outside the city and we have put our Covid protocols into place due to the large numbers of cases at the moment: Masks required at all times, own transport to follow the agent if using cars outside of the city and plenty of cafes at outdoor pavement cafes to explain things. We have also started a couple of new projects one of which we can reveal today below

The Valencia Property Podcast

For the longest time now people have been asking us about more content and the truth is that this is really difficult. Our long form blog posts come out most weeks on Monday, like today’s, and they go into immense detail about each aspect of buying a property in Valencia and when we are not writing content we are out with clients, signing for properties, getting listings and more. However, some people have been listening to those articles using AI and a robotised lobotomised voice. It’s not the best way to consume the content and some of the pronunciations are let’s say, iffy!

We decided therefore to jump on that overflowing bandwagon of the Podcast genre. We don’t expect this podcast to go viral, to have huge download numbers or to be sponsored by Hello Fresh, Squarespace, a random VPN service or any of the other podcast staples. Nevertheless, it will act as another way to inform and educate our audience as to the processes, norms and pitfalls of buying Valencia Property and by extension property in Spain as a whole. You can find the first episode embedded below to play it here or go to the link here where you can also read more about the podcast and click through to the links mentioned in this week’s show.

Future Episodes

We hope to be able to get an episode out each week which we will include in further articles too, and we have an idea of what we want to do in each episode. A rough outline is as follows for the first few weeks:

  • Week 2: God Bless America. Why more and more Americans are buying property in Valencia.
  • Week 3: Reforms, Modernisations and Builds. What’s the timeline for getting work done on your Valencia Property if you buy one in need of work?
  • Week 4: Brexit and Brits. How the British look in the property market in Valencia after Brexit. What is the current situation for Brits wanting to live, work or retire in Valencia.
  • Week 5: Visas. What type of visas are available for coming to live in Spain. Which is more suitable for you.
  • Week 6: The Story of Valencia Property. Why we work as we do, why we write “interesting” descriptions, the role of this blog, our history and more.
  • Week 7: The Current Situation in the Valencia Property market. Who is buying, who is selling and what’s happening with prices along with an outlook for prices.
  • Week 8: Lifestyle in Valencia. Whether to live inside or outside the city, the best places to live both in and out the city and more. Will include our first interview.

How Can You Become a Part of the Podcast?

We are looking for people who have questions about buying property in Valencia and who are thinking of moving here to send in their questions preferably in the form of voice notes. You can send those voice notes to us on our whatsapp 0034657994311, by email or in Facebook messanger and we will include them in the shows as we go along. In order to be useable send the voice note in the following format.

“Hi Graham, my name is ….. and I have a question for the podcast… I would like to know more about…”

If you have more than one question then do the same again on a second voice note and so on and we will put them into the podcast and try to answer them. As we always say even if we cannot answer them then we usually know someone who can and we will get them to answer for you. If we get too many we will introduce a Q+A feature into the podcast every week or do special episodes answering your questions.

Sharing is Caring

If you think the podcast could be useful to somebody you know then please consider sharing it with them. The main way a show grows intially is by people sharing it with others because there are so many podcasts around (There is a share button on the player above and on the podcast page). We hope to increase the quality of the shows over time in terms of sound quality, what is offered, length and content but we will only be doing that if it is useful to you, our clients. We look forward to your feedback. First question I have is what do you think of the first one? I thought the sound was ok as I used a few tricks taken from Kitro on the Spanish Football Podcast that involved a new microphone, a duvet and a quiet place.

Property Deal of the Week

The quinessential bolthole, that place to get a taxi from the airport, set your bags down and get into the city to enjoy it. A lock up and leave special. Not a place for a big family but in Valencia and this quality for under 100k is a deal.

Do love watching the telly in bed? Like waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon? Hate having to open and close doors every time you go from one room to the other? Well boy, do I have the apartment for you!

A 3rd floor (no lift) studio apartment on Avenida del Puerto, top quality fixtures and finishes, but only one bedroom. Which is also the living room. And the kitchen. Now I know I’m making it sound like a bedsit from the 80s, so I’ll let the agent’s blurb do the talking ;-


The open concept of its spaces allows everything to flow naturally without losing an iota of comfort. It has four different zones: dining room zone with an office-style kitchen, living room zone, the bedroom zone and a single closed room where the bathroom is located, with a large shower and window for proper ventilation and lighting.


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So (mercifully) there is a door on the toilet at least.

But a good part of town, great price tag, perfect investment property with good ROI potential. Contact us and we will give you an extensive tour of the apartment.

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