Timelines For Buying Valencia Property

Those of you who listen to the podcast will have heard about the timelines you need for buying Valencia Property back in episode one (You can get it here and while there listen to our other episodes and subscribe). However, we know that there are some people who prefer reading to listening and therefore today we are going into a deep dive about the timelines you should be thinking about when looking to buy property in Valencia. Now this is an overview and for some people the timeline will change but as a general rule of thumb these are the stages and actions you should be thinking about.

When to Start Looking

You should start looking now, or better yesterday, or last week, month, or year and if you could then get a time machine go back five or six years and just buy everything you can and you will now be getting a great return on that investment. We recognise that time machines are a bit rare and would be extremely costly so start now because there's no time like the present to start, so get looking.

The Consultation Call

Our website is a good starting point but we don't have everything for sale on the site of course. You should also be looking at portals where agents advertise, we do this every day, and favoriting stuff you like. Fortunately the easiest portal to do this on is also the biggest, Idealista. Favourite a load of properties on there, the search features are great on Idealista so be brutal in your requirements, and then do the following.

Share Your Idealista Login With Us

Now here I just want to say that if your email is your normal one and your password is "Password" or "123" we are going to assume you are not tech savvy but just to reassure you we will not hack into your FB or Crypto because you use the same passwords everywhere. Set up a different password on your idealista login and then share your login with us. There is a box for putting comments on your favourites in there and once we are logged in we can respond to your comments. If we know the particular property, and we probably will in many cases, we will tell you why it is great, ok, terrible or the real reason it has been on sale for around five years. This is a good start but the real first step you should do a couple of months before you come over

The Real First Step

We have an article about taking the first step on buying Valencia Property. Within the article there is a form and you should fill in that form once you have a clear idea of what you want. This will help us to suggest other properties that may be a good fit for what you want and start putting feelers out about properties that may suit you for your visit. We will also then be able to favourite properties for you and put them in your idealista account for you to look at and comment on. You might do this step twice, once when you first get in touch and then just before your visit to drill down on what you really want. 

Back and Forth

Between your first contact and your visit expect plenty of back and forth with us. Suggestions, questions, news etc... You might want to sign up for our whatsapp notification list during this time for new blog posts, price drops, interesting news and more. You can do this by sending me a whatsapp on 0034657994311 and saying "I want in" and your full name. Once you get here though we are ready to hit the ground running.

Booking Your Trip

Now, COVID permitting, once you have your trip booked with dates and where you are staying then let us know so we can pencil you in the agenda for your visit. Let us know if you want an Orientation Day, whether you want to start searching for a house straight away or whether location is the first thing to decide.

Meeting Up

Once here we can meet up and take you for visits to the city, to towns, to areas and to properties depending on how much information we have from you prior to your arrival. As a buyers' agent most of our clients work exclusively with us in order to see as many suitable properties as required. This cannot be done if you just give us two hours at lunchtime on a Sunday.

Our extensive knowledge and work requires your attention so if you are planning to visit every agent under the sun while here expect us to tell you that we are busy working with other clients because we will be. Try to be here for as long as possible to be able to do everything you need to do to buy your Valencia Property. We will give you as much help as needed but we require your collaboration to do that. Our record speaks for itself as you will hear when we interview people who have already made the move. 

Latest Podcast Episode

The latest entry in our podcast talks about the story of Valencia Property. It also has a conversation with David and Gavin about why we list in the way we do, the irreverent style that people love. There is a small part about the latest news and things happening in Valencia and part of a longer conversation about working in Valencia as an estate agent. Feel free to share the episode with anyone you know who may be interested in listening to more about Valencia.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Last week's property of the week is now sold, sometimes you have to be quick. Therefore we thought that we would put up something that requires a special deep set of pockets today and it may last a little longer. This special Masia in El Puig is a visual feast for the eyes and will probably take a little longer to sell.

"This is a Masia, a country house outside the town of Puig. 15 minutes from Valencia city and just a kilometre from the beach. Its a big property with a long description. I'll see if I can break it down a bit.

It dates from the end of the 18th century, in 1970 it was bought and restored by the architect Román Jiménez Iranzo. The garden is 2000m2 plot, the house 1,121 m2. The garden includes a fountain and an orchard, many terraces, an interior grassy patio and a fabulous swimming pool.

Right the description goes on for another 5 paragraphs, but just look at the photos really. If you do want a blow by blow account of the location of each toilet and bathroom (all 7 of them) please give us a call and we'll take you through it.

For now enough to say this is a luxury property near the beach, with great potential as a tourist property. It has history, location and looks great on Instagram, who wouldn't want to stay here?"

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