The Most Expensive Properties in Valencia

Here at Valencia Property we look for good value properties for our clients. Of course, this doesn't mean cheap properties, we often work with clients looking to get their Spanish Golden Visa through buying property in Valencia so we often see property right at the top of the range in the best areas of Valencia. However, there are also properties that we just don't have clients for usually so we don't list them (Maybe if we did we would get clients for them, chicken and egg and all that). Most of these properties are those at the top, top end of the market and the reason we don't list them usually is that we can find better in better locations or for better prices. As an example, we would never advise anyone to spend 6 million Euros on a property in Monasterios but properties there cost up to that amount and sometimes more.

Today, therefore, we are going to look at some of the most expensive properties in and around Valencia and give them a mark out of ten for whether we woud list them. We would also love to hear your feedback on some of these properties. Would you buy them if money was no object?

The Most Expensive Property in Valencia

Now the truth is that the most expensive property or even properties in Valencia are never actually advertised. They are off market properties sold through Family Offices to Hedge Funds, other Family Offices and more. Such was the case of a building that housed Finnegan's Pub in the Plaza de la Reina some years ago. And the reason that Finnegan's pub no longer exists is because the hedge fund that bought the building want 25000 Euros per month rent for the pub. That's a hell of a lot of pints of Guinness that need selling each month just to pay the rent. On the portals therefore we are limited in what we see as the most expensive properties in Valencia.

Currently though the most expensive property in Valencia is.... drum roll...

a mistake.

Priced at just north of 2.1 Billion Euros this apartment in Poble Nou must have had the most ripped off owners ever when they did their modernisation if they need to sell it at this price to get their money back. On our scale of 0-10 for whether we would list it this get around minus 1 billion and a bit.

However, I have found an even worse deal. This apartment in Sueca is priced at 160 million Euros, again it's a mistake, but in the description the owner states he is selling it for the same price he bought it (he also says the price is 1 Euro in the description which is a wide variation) What do you get for your 160,000,000 Euros? A third floor without lift and no furniture. In Sueca...

6 Million Euros in Torrente

This 10 bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion in Torrente is deceptive because it is not worth even close to the 6 Million Euros asking price even when you add in the 48 Hanegadas of Orange Grove that come with the property (Around 40,000m2 of oranges, clementines and more.) And remember that this is the joint most expensive property currently listed in the Valencia region.

What are the chances of us listing this property? Zero. What are the chances of anyone buying it from us even if we did list it? Less than zero. We have never had a client asking us to spend multi-millions so they could become an orange farmer. People like an orange tree and even a lemon tree in their garden but they don't really want those trees to become a full time job, it's more likely to be for breakfast juice and G+Ts from the lemon tree.

Castle in Serra for 6 Million Euros

Now this is more like it! An actual castle in Serra (A sort of castle anyway). If you are going to spend 6 Million Euros on a property then it may as well be a castle with 11 bedrooms and some excellent outbuildings.

Looks good doesn't it? Well, if you are intersted I'm pretty sure we can get in to see it without having boiling oil thrown at us though you may be put off by the dead animal heads adorning the walls and even the elephant's tusk in the living room.

Did I mention the chapel? It has a chapel too.

But at least that's offset by the Bodega. With lots of barrels of lovely, lovely wine probably. I reckon a full priced offer might get you the wine too.

Chances of us listing it. 8. Chances of us selling it. Maybe a 2 unless you know differently and are interested. If so, get in touch.

5 Million Euro Duplex in Valencia

if you are going to try and market your offices for over 5 million and you as an owner actually produce TV and radio programmes for a living it's probably not too big an ask to get photos that are better than those on this listing in Valencia. It looks as if they were taken on an Android phone from around 10 years ago with a 3MP maximum size. And what's the worst thing about this listing? The suggestion that you get a huge roof terrace with swimming pool included in the price. You don't.

What you do get is a glorified recording studio with a couple of car parking places which they have tried to pad out the listing with in order to give the price some credibility. They have failed.

Now yes, Calle Colón is the most expensive street in Valencia and this is essentially two large apartments of over 600m2 each joined together to form a whole. However unless you want to live in a recording studio and put together your own radio station it needs a total reform and at a price of 4000 Euros per m2 I think I'll pass on this one.

Chances of us listing it. Zero. Chances of us selling it. An equally bad zero.

5 Million Euros For This Mansion in Rocafort

A huge mansion in Rocafort for sale here. Of course we know a better mansion than this for 3.5 million less in the same area, the Elton John mansion (Which may be back on the market) but this one has some extremely good points too.

Firstly, it's big, over 1000m2 giving you a square metre price of around 4000 Euros. Secondly it's well located and with lovely gardens. Thirdly, it's a gated estate near to Valencia and international schools. However the price is a tad on the optimistic side. Given the option, I'd live there no problem but I'd want some movement on price of course.

Chances of us listing it, probably a 5. Chances of us selling it, around the same.

5 Million Euros in Benimamet

My reaction? Really? You jest! In Benimamet? Seriously?

Apparently, this property is worth 5 million euros according to the private seller who wants to get rid of it. I think I'd want to get rid of it too if I could fool someone into paying 5 million euros for it.

And what do you get to try and tempt you to buy it in this listing? One photo! Yep, just one photo and it's the one above which is an absolute shocker. Supposedly you can use it as a place for events because it fits a lot of people. Well, that's something I suppose.

What are the chances of us listing this? Minus a lot. Chances of us selling it? Below Zero.

Hunting Lodge in Ayora for 3.9 Million

There seems to be a jump down in prices after this and we go outside of Valencia to Ayora to find the next thing we will never ever sell to anyone. This hunting lodge in Ayora has herds of Wildebeast sweeping majestically through the plains for you to shoot and a large waterhole that attracts giraffes, lions and warthogs who skilfully manage to avoid the attacks on them from the crocodiles and dinosaurs ... What's that? Oh right! Sorry I got carried away by the concept of a hunting lodge. Wrong continent and I don't know where the dinosaurs came from either.

Seriously some agencies will list anything just to fill out the pages on their site. I'd put this in that category, the property is ok and if you want a load of land in Ayora then great but 3.9 million!!! C'mon! Take off a zero maybe.

Chances of us listing it? Zero. Chances of us selling it? The same

Luxury Villa in Monasterios for 3.6 Million

Infinity pool, luxury stone pillars, minimalism, modern lines, the whole shebang of what you would expect at the top of the Monasterios estate in Puzol. Yes it looks great, although I think that stone stairwell with the funky lighting might get a little grating after a while, and you could easily imagine yourself wanting to live there.

Chances of us listing this? Probably an 8. Chances of us seling it? 6 Maybe. Unless you know better and fancy visiting.

Gandia Potential Hotel for 3.5 Million

Now this is the life! If you are thinking of opening a hotel based around horse riding on a huge estate, 330,000m2, then here you have your prime candidate. Huge house with over 2000m2 constructed area with twenty bedrooms reformed relatively recently and space for 300 horses too in the 80,000m2 that belongs to the property and then there is another 250,000m2 of orange groves to look after. This isn't something you buy on a whim but if you fancy a "Bit of a project" and bought Bitcoin at $2 and Hodl'd then this might work for you.

Chances of us listing it. Around 9. Chances of us selling it. About a 5.

Santa Barbara Stone House 3.2 Million

You'll be happy to know that the owner is willing to listen to offers on this place. And that's good because I think I have been seeing this property for around ten years at various price points and it's still not the greatest deal in the World in my opinion. I cannot believe that this property is in the top ten of the most expensive properties for sale in Valencia but I defintely can believe it hasn't sold at this price.

You do get over 1000m2 on a gated estate right by an international school and just ten minutes into Valencia by car but it just doesn't do it for me. What about you? You do get verdant gardens, a big pool, a large bath, classical interior design and even the interior feeling of a castle so it could suit someone.

Chances of us listing it, probably a 2. Chances of us selling it? Possibly a 1. Even though there is better in the local area, it will certainly float the boat of someone for sure.

Other Candidates

Once we get into the "Lower price" listings then we are looking at dodgy hotels in the Pueblos surrounding Valencia that present a rather shaky business case and massively overpriced penthouses in central Valencia where the m2 price can reach up to 16,000 Euros, London prices anyone? But we'll stop here and then show you some more affordable places that we have listed in the last week.

We hope you liked this overview of Valencia Luxury properties. As you may surmise from our descriptions there are often better options but if you are a high roller with wads of money we will always find you the best deal just like we do for everyone else, it's what we do.

Currency Transfer

Obviously if you are going to buy a ridiculously high priced property you will need to make sure that you don't get ripped off by your bank. How do you do that? By using Currencies Direct of course. Get a quote from them on your transfer and you might be very pleasantly surprised.

Property of the Week

It's not really the property of the week but it is something that is more normal for the Valencia Property market and has a lot more people looking for it, not too many people want a hunting lodge in Ayora. This four bedroom apartment in Valencia is attracting a lot of interest and it may well be sold by the time this article appears on Monday (I'm writing this on Good Friday as I'm going away for the weekend)

"If you've been looking for a while, you'll be getting used to the quirks of Valencian apartments. Strange layouts, odd corners and bedrooms without windows. And then when you find a 'normal' one, its actually a relief. So if you came here to laugh at some poor misfortune's attempt at interior design or DIY renovation, then I'm sorry (but don't worry, normal service will be resumed shortly).

This apartment is 500 metres from the riverbed and 200m from the tramstop. A large sports centre 2 minutes walk away and the city centre is about 10 minutes.

First thing you notice when you enter - turn left for the bedroom area, and right for the living area! You mean you don't get to the master bedroom through the living room? And the bathroom isn't right beside the TV so every drop and splash can be heard during badly timed quiet moments of the show? Wow, amazing.

Let me list off some more normal elements here.
4 bedrooms, one of those en suite
Central heating and Air conditioning
A Garage space
A kitchen you could actually see yourself cooking in

This is just a very good, normal apartment. ready to move in to, in a great part of town. How long will this be around for?"

What We Saw This Week

Every now and again we have decided to put a few images out of properties we looked at this week and things we saw while out and about. You can see this week's selection in the gallery below

By the way, the groovy apartment? We've sold it.

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