What Makes L'Eliana So Popular

When I first moved to Valencia in 1998 we lived in a small rented house in L'Eliana. My wife had visited Valencia to look for a place while I prepared the van for the move and she was advised by everyone at the school she was going to be working at that L'Eliana was the place to be. She rented a small house with a patio at the back and essentially a fishpond for a pool and we moved in that August.

Six months later we bought our own house in la Pobla de Vallbona, the next town out from L'Eliana, because we couldn't afford the prices of L'Eliana and La Pobla was around 30% cheaper despite the fact you can walk from one to the other in 20 minutes. Over twenty years later L'Eliana continues to be the place that people from Valencia aspire to live in, along with a few others that we will mention later and La Pobla continues to be around 30% cheaper because the basics don't change.

There must be a reason or reasons that L'Eliana is so popular though because it continues to attract people to live there and continues to thrive. Today therefore we are looking at the factors that help explain why we are currently looking for houses just in L'Eliana for various clients who have decided that L'Eliana is the place for them.


L'Eliana is just fifteen minutes from everywhere; Valencia City, the airport, a number of international schools, the mountains, the Turia River valley park and a whole lot more. It is served by the CV35 motorway in and out of the city and is in that commuter belt mentioned in the linked article. It is set in the river valley and the size of the town is around 18300 people rising by about 0.75% annually since 2011.


This 18000 plus population is enough to give L'Eliana a thriving commercial area and plenty of amenties ranging from large supermarket chains such as Mercadona, Aldi and Carrefour all the way down to independent shops and coworking spaces. Also, because of the relatively large disposable income of the people who live in the town there are a huge number of restaurants, bars and cafes catering to all types of age groups, depths of pockets and tastes. And it seems that there are more opening on a weekly and monthly basis with all different types of cuisine in the restaurant sector starting up.

And of course L'Eliana is well served in communications both physical and virtual. There is a metro line virtually in the centre of town, buses serve the town into Valencia and also connecting up with other local towns and the internet is through cable in all areas allowing people to work from home easily too.

Leisure Facilities

The leisure facilities in L'Eliana are excellent, from the most perfect park to the hugely popular and well appointed sports centre and including tennis clubs, the municipal swimming pool and gym by the metro station and even the youth club and local library by the park there is something for everybody.

L'Eliana Park

Property Types

Property in L'Eliana is very different to many other towns in the area as the vast majority of it is composed of houses with their own gardens and pools which are walkable distance to the town centre. There are a number of apartments and semi-detached or terraced houses in the centre of the town but nothing high rise, I think the highest apartment building in the centre is five floors.


L'Eliana is a very walkable town with the majority of the property being within a few minutes walk to the centre. The furthest you can get out from the town and still be in L'Eliana would mean a half hour walk into the centre but that would come down to ten minutes by bike and a few minutes by car. This is one of the main reasons that it is preferred by many people wanting to relocate to Valencia as they do not need a car regularly even when living outside the city centre of Valencia.

The Town Hall and Church Square in L'Eliana


L'Eliana lies in the Turia valley and as a result benefits from the breeze that every afternoon comes up from the Mediterranean, through the city of Valencia and all the way to Lliria and beyond. This takes the edge off the summer hgh temperatures. The average hottest temperature is around 31º in July and August and there are around 30 days of rain on average each year.

Even in the winter the average daily temperature is around 16-17ºc but you do need some heating at nights remember as temperatures drop to 5-6ºc at times.


The vegetation of L'Eliana is Mediterranean with a greener tinge. The parks are full of trees giving shade to take the edge of those summer temperatures even more with palms and other large trees dominating. As there are plenty of houses with gardens all around the town there are a lot of places that have grassed lawns but most houses have large pine trees around too to provice shade and as the area is an estabished town lots of the trees are huge. The roads are lined with orange trees, again providing shade in the summer and cooling down the pavement cafes and the fields surrounding the town are lush and full of locally grown produce.

Alternatives to L'Eliana

What happens though if, like us, your budget doesn't allow you to opt to live in L'Eliana? We have written before about inland towns that allow you an excellent lifestyle, comparing accessability, facilities, distance to Valencia city and more. Check out the linked article to know more. However the most similar places to L'Eliana you can find would be Betera, Rocafort (More expensive) La Cañada (A bit soulless) and Godella (Although they don't give the same range of facilities). Equally, living in La Pobla de Vallbona like I do for example, or even Ribarroja allows you cheaper property with all of the facilities of L'Eliana to hand.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

The video above is for a property that we filmed for a couple of clients last week. We don't have it listed on our site but as usual we do have access to it and so we took a few videos of the outside, the one you can see above, and three videos inside, one from each floor. If you are interested to see more then contact us via mail and we will tell you whether it has sold yet.

Valencia City Property of the Week

Massive potential by the central market living in the heart of things in Valencia for under 300k. What's not to like?

Some of you, our cherished clients, get in touch saying you´re looking for a place in the country with peace and quiet. Others say they want a place by the beach, others again ask for a place in a neighbourhood where there is potential for the property values to shoot up. But the majority of you want city centre living and boy do we have one for you guys today:

Metres from the central market
Metres from the main square
Right on the edge of the old town with its towers and walls and interesting historical what-nots
Pedestrianised streets as far as the eye can see

With 150-odd square meters to play with in a building that only has one apartment per floor, this place at this price is, simply put, a steal. It needs work of course, but who wouldn't want the chance to create their dream apartment in such a privileged location.

Like we always say, when choosing somewhere to buy, it should always be area first, property second. Well, here you have an unbeatable area with an unbeatable property to boot. Places like this don´t come up very often and when they do, they tend not to stay on the market for very long, so if your fancy has been well and truly tickled then drop us a line. Take a look at more photos here.

Take The First Step

If you are looking to move to L'Eliana or any other place in or around Valencia then take the first step by filling in the form on the following post and letting us know exactly what you are looking for. It won't take you long and it could be the way to define exactly what you are looking for so we can help you to find your perfect property in Valencia.

Random Image of the Week

Sunset Over Benaguasil Taken From La Pobla de Vallbona

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