The Best Laid Plans, Covid 19 and a Summer Quiz

This week there wasn’t supposed to be a blog post. The writer of these posts (that’ll be me, Graham) was supposed to be away lapping up the cool, cloudy weather of Asturias in Northern Spain, eating too much, pouring cider from a great height and generally swithching off. However, despite what many people think Covid is still around and it’s back big time in Spain this week. It probably got brought back to my house last week from my wife’s school and Covid in its infinite wisdom decided to hit the whole family at once, meaning that we didn’t have to self isolate in a room at home at least.

However, this wasn’t before I had spent the day out in the car with David showing clients (They were in their own car) around Gandia and Oliva. Of course, David gave a positive on Friday too because the car windows were closed and we had the air conditioning on, so we are two down (Update: Three down, Gavin now positive too).

This week therefore we are introducing our Valencia Property 2022 Summer Quiz (It was going to be next week but has been brought forward to give you more time to find out the answers). The prize this time is a copy of “The Hedonist’s Guide” (A guide to Valencia’s best restaurants) But not only that, you choose which restaurant you want to go to from the listed places and we will make a booking for you and pay up to €200 for your meal and for you to take your partner or take your family or friends. (For anyone not in or around Valencia there will be a cash equivalent prize to go to a restaurant locally and we will still send you the book of course)

The Hedonist’s Guide

A more than decent prize I think you will agree.

Nevertheless, to win it you will have to do some background reading and investigation into our websites. The winner will be announced later this month and if there is more than one person with all of the answers correct then we will be creating more complementary prizes for those not picked out of the hat. However for the main prize there can only be one! Remember though even if you cannot answer all of the questions send your entry in as you might win with 13/15 for example (Don’t overestimate the opposition). So without further ado, let’s get onto the Valencia Property Summer 2022 Quiz.

The Valencia Property Summer 2022 Quiz

In order to participate you will have to be an assiduous reader of the website and the blog or be able to do a bit of investigation. You might find some really interesting reading by doing it and we hope that it will be entertaining for you too. All the questions refer to what we have written on the website and the blog or talked about in the podcasts so all answers are out there hidden in plain sight. Also some of the questions have a clue in them or words you can use to search the site and find the answers.

In which property description do we write about the British TV Sitcom "The Good Life" (URL Required)
How many problems has the Uk got at the moment post Brexit according to the Charge Sheet we presented in a blog post in June 2022? (URL and answer required) .
In the Podcast "God Bless America" who described their process of buying and renovating a property in Valencia. (Name only required)
Which blog post from 2022 introduced you to the concept of the Reference Value when paying Spanish Property Taxes? (URL Required)
Where do we talk about "Elton John" and "a Sad Sad Situation" in a blog post? (URL Required)
In which property description do we get all sarcastic about all things to do with golf? CLUE: Marina Hyde and the Guardian get mentions (URL Required)
Which of our podcasts has the most downloads on Podbean? (URL Required)
Which villa with more bathrooms than bedrooms will soon be frontline seafront perhaps? (URL Required)
What was the average sale price in 2021 for Valencia Property clients? (URL and Amount required)
Apart from photoshop how many other deadly sins did we list in our blog post late last year? (URL and Number required)
In which blog post did we talk about the Maxi Almuerzo? (URL Required)
We got creative with abbreviations in a townhouse once. Which house was it though or have you forgot? (URL Required)
In the Podcast "The Story of Valencia Property" we talk about how we describe properties and why we try to keep our descriptions entertaining. Which song did David use for his favourite description? (Song title required and the conversation starts about 13.30 minutes in)
Which Inland Town from Valencia got the highest marks on our post about the best places to live inland? (Name required)
How many articles are on our essential reading page? (Number required)
  1. To participate, complete an entry form with your name, mail and phone number, and submit it online.
  2. The contest will be conducted from July 4th to July 25th, 2022. Deadline for entries is July 25th, 2022. Grand prize drawing will be held before the end of July.
  3. You must be 21 years of age or older to win. No purchase necessary. One qualifier per household. You need not be present to win.
  4. Approximate value of the prize is €300.

What If You Cannot Answer Everything?

Don’t worry about it. Supply your answers anyway, not all fields are required. We will be drawing three further prizes between ALL ENTRANTS. We will be giving out three copies of the book mentioned above to three of the entrants in the competition who don’t win the main prize. If you want to know more about the best restaurants in the Valencia region so you can choose which ones you want to visit this book is probably your best starting point.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Literally, the elephant in the room.

A massive city centre apartment right beside the central market. This is an area of the city that is now very pleasant to live in, a lot of the area has been pedestrianised and despite being city centre, is actually relatively peaceful and quiet.

The building has 2 elevators and a concierge. The apartment is on the 8th floor, with exterior balconies onto the street, so lots of air and light, and remarkable views across the city skyline. And it really is huge, I wasn’t exaggerating. 258m2 to be exact. At the moment there are 3 living/dining rooms and 4 bedrooms, also a large entry foyer.

This property dates from 1958, and because of the very high quality of material, is still today in excellent condition. While some modernisation is required, I think the main problem for a future owner will be deciding what to preserve and what to modernise.

I would dump the elephant tusks out by the bins late one night when nobody’s about though

Property of the Week

This amazing Casa de Pueblo is in the small town of Quart de les Valls, near Sagunto. It is 10kms (10mins) from the beach, and 35kms (35mins) from Valencia city. It is on the edge of the Serra Calderona Natural Park, with almost unlimited miles of hiking and bike paths.

Although this house was built in 1970, some of the elements of its construction and decoration date from Arabic times, from previous houses that stood on this spot. If you look at the photos you can see it is absolutely full of characteristic Valencia decorative features. Tilework, wooden beams, stone floors and marble lintels.

It is over 400m2 in size, with 6 bedrooms and large open living spaces. It only borders another house on one side, so it receives a lot of light and catches the breeze from several directions.

An amazing looking property, it obviously has tremendous potential as a wonderful family home, or perhaps as rural tourism accommodation, with the beach and mountains so close, and both Valencia and Castellón international airports a short drive away.

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