The Valencia Property Summer is Coming to an End

As you may have noticed there has been no movement on the blog in the last month. That's because just like everyone else in Spain we essentially stopped for the summer. Our colleague Paul was around as his significant other likes working in August so he goes away at other times and he gave a great service to the few clients around while also listing some properties on our main site, you can see them on the Valencia Property homepage here.

Meanwhile, I was working my way around Europe on an interrail with the family visiting amazing places and planning what's going to happen in the last part of the year. Over the next few weeks we will be updating the blog every week and bringing out a new podcast episode which is already partially written and we may be updating the main site in a big way but one that you may not notice for a time.

Following then are the working titles for blog posts coming up in the next few weeks and remember to keep an eye on the main site for new listings which we also expect to see more of in the next few weeks.

  • Craft Beers in Valencia
  • The Valencia Property Autumn Market Report
  • How to Get a Good Tenant for your Valencia Property
  • The Most Requested Features in Valencia Property
  • Learn the Lingo of Property Sellers in Valencia
  • The Best English Language Websites to Keep Up to Date with Valencia
  • The Most Popular Valencia Property Podcasts
  • Autumn in Valencia
  • Your Valencia Property Questions Answered 2022 Version
  • The Places to Avoid in the Valencia Region
  • Working From Anywhere? Working From Valencia

That's a good start I think and I'll be working on writing them over the next few weeks and months along with a lot of other stuff that may interest you.

Meanwhile, the summer in Valencia has been a mixed bag, temperatures were too high for too long, just like in the rest of Europe, and unfortunately there were a lot of forest fires set off by these conditions. The tourist industry has had a great year with almost 100% occupation in hotels in Valencia and Alicante and so far we have been a bit sheltered from the food price rises seen elsewhere although we are now starting to see an uptick in those prices.

Valencia was also sheltered from the worst drought conditions because, despite the lack of rain over the summer, we did have two months of almost constant rain back in February and March which we are now very thankful for. Speeding back to Valencia on the fast train from Madrid yesterday I saw that the reservoirs are still really high at the moment and it looks as if a few thunderstorms are heading our way too to replenish them.

So it's back to work from the 1st of September for the majority of us but remember one thing, the summer is summer in name only. The warm temperatures remain around Valencia well into September and October meaning you can enjoy sitting on a terrace overlooking your favourite beach or plaza sipping on a cool beer and watching the World go by or recording it on social media for your friends to be jealous of.

And speaking of social media. My instagram will go back to more property-based stuff from this month. Follow me on there for more.

Valencia Property of the Week

Pastel blue and nautical themes, no prizes for guessing this property is near the beach and the port (Click on the link or the image to see all of the pictures) it's also right on the tramline so when you get bored of the sea breeze and sunshine you can go and fry in the city centre. After a very sticky summer our pale northern skin is looking forward to some cooler weather, Spain is hot, who knew?

A local designer has lovingly renovated this excellent apartment in Cabanyal, we sold another one of their properties earlier this year and can definitely vouch for the care, attention and keen eye for detail, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, a lovely open-plan living room and kitchen with balconies to the quiet street below. Set on a corner, it is unusually bright for a 1st-floor apartment and almost totally exterior, no mean feat when it comes to city apartments.

It's listed many times on all the portals, but, you know who to come to if you want an honest opinion on properties and all things Valencia, you lucky people, I bet you can’t wait to meet us.

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