Recommendations For Eating Out in Valencia

A few years ago we recommended a lot of places to eat out in Valencia, you can see that article here. We crowdsourced the information from our clients about what their favourite places were and many people found it extremely useful for finding new places to eat out. Then Covid came along and things changed. So it's time for an update to our current favourite places. We chatted about this in the last podcast which you can listen to here but today we will give you more information, links to the restaurants and a few other places that we also like.

Equally, once we finish we want you to send in your favourites and we will add them into our suggestions below the article. So let's go, what are our current favourite places to eat in Valencia.

Las Lunas Soul Kitchen

There is pretty much unanimity among our staff members that Las Lunas Soul Kitchen is probably the best place in Valencia for your menu of the day. Creative, constantly changing, surpringly good and inexpensive at 14.95 for the Menu Del Día. Las Lunas is definitely our current favourite and truthfully has been for a long time now. I don't think I've ever had a duff plate here. The cold soups are great, the fish is always well done, meats are creative and desserts are off the scale tasty.

La Diva

Recently opened La Diva restaurant in Calle Sorni might be accused of style over substance if the substance wasn't that great as the style is there in spades. We recently went there for a staff meet up and were hugely impressed by the food especially the Lubina with Coconut and Jus (A sort of Gravy for us unsophiticated Brits). After hours it becomes a nightclub too in the style of an old speakeasy where you can reserve a table and drinks near to the stage if you wish. We haven't seen that bit but as a restaurant it works really well.

Sitar Indian Restaurant

The location isn't great being on an industrial estate on the edge of Lliria but Sitar Indian restaurant (Review page linked) also has a pick up yourself take away so anyone with a car within ten km should seriously think of this on Friday or Saturday evenings. Run by a lovely family the curries from here are copious and excellent and they will definitely spice it up for you if you ask. Their chilli paneer is great and my son swears by the chicken tikka masala. Lots of decent lamb options and the balyis are good too. Plenty of breads, different rices and drinks too so well worth a visit just don't sit outside as it's a car park for the industrial estate. I hope they become successful enough to move locations to somewhere more visually pleasing but for a takewaway curry this is the best around.

Festinar Cabanyal

The Festinar in the Cabanyal (Link to Instagram page) is a bit different. It's more like a music venue and cultural centre that does small pizzas and a few other snacks. However those small pizzas are excellent and cost 2.50 Euros each. Great drinks, good coffees, an excellent terrace in the summer as it is mostly shaded by the building it's under and just a couple of minutes walk from the beach and the Marina, Festinar is unashamedly leftie and a great place to stop for a snack, drinks or entertainment.

Festinar's Burrata Take from their Instagram Page

Mil Grullas

Mil Grullas in the Ayora area of the city does Asian Tapas. That's fusion for you. It describes itself as a trip through seven countries through their Tapas. The Head Chef is Vanessa Lledó and she brings a creative streak to the dishes which all look great. Take a look at their gallery here and reserve your seat.


If Tuna is your thing then Tonyina might be your destination. They have more than just Tuna of course but that's one of its strong points but if you fancy a Pastrami Sandwich you're covered too. Menu of the day with three courses plus dessert for 17 euros? Yes please.

Casa Ricardo

Casa Ricardo in La Petxina is excellent but are you ok to queue. No reservations allowed, you just turn up and if they can fit you in they will... Actually no, that used to be the case but now when you go to their website you can book. Open from 8 in the morning all the way through to midnight they do a great Almuerzo with the large bocadillos you would expect and then move onto lunches and evening meals where you get to enjoy whatever is in season from the sea and the fields around Valencia. All fresh and all expertly made. The Zamburiñas at 2.50 Euros each are especially worth a mouthful.


Back to the Salamanca area to find Kathmandu Restuarant, a relatively recent addition to the Indian food selection in Valencia, but not only Indian as it's Nepalese food too, and it's good. It's part of a chain of Indian restaurants down the coast towards Alicante and they now have five in the chain. It's not the cheapest Indian but if it's quality you want then here you go.

Masusa Paella Bar

So, if it's paella you're hankering for then the Masusa paella bar might be the place to go to for either take away, delivery or eat in. They have a speciality of Ruzafa Roja Picante paella (pictured) which is nothing if not creative and they do all of the usual paellas too. However make sure to choose your day well, they open Thursday to Monday from 12-5 and 6.30 to 00.30, yes they do the elusive evening paella.

La Vigueta

Our second recommendation outside the city, La Vigueta (Facebook page linked) in my town of La Pobla de Vallbona has an excellent rear terrace and really interesting selections on the menu. Never fails to delight with the food you really need to try their revuelto de morcilla (Black pudding scrambled eggs which is a lot better than it sounds) Now in their winter timetable they have lunches from Wednesday to Sunday and evening meals just on Friday and Saturday.

El Rek

If you are looking for paella outside the city then it's typical to head down to El Palmar on the Albufera lake and go to one of the Arrocerias. El Rek is one of our favourites, along with El Raco, and its paellas and more at a decent price with a great location make it a strong yes in the recommendation stakes. Their website sucks and it's only open for lunches, the kitchen opens from 12.45 to 4.15 but the restaurant closes at 6.30pm allowing you plenty of time for the traditional Spanish sobremesa, which is where you chat, drink your coffees and liquers and put the World to rights.

Vuelve Carolina

As we mentioned on the podcast if you want to impress your friends with a bit of creative cookery then a tasting menu at Vuelve Carolina is essential. It's one of those that's a bit more expensive as this is a restaurant of the many run by Quique Dacosta one of the best known Valencian chefs, his Denia restaurant has a tasting menu at 250 Euros if you fancy that, but Vuelve Carolina has a midday tasting menu at 29 Euros and an evening menu taking you around the World from 37 Euros per person.

La Casa Viva

La Casa Viva is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Ruzafa offering breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Well presented, their first restaurant opened in Tavernes de Valldigna in 2014 and they later opened up in Ruzafa. With a history of the 3Rs, reduce, recycle and reuse, their ideas involve sustainability and bioconstruction.

San Tomasso

San Tomasso describes itself as Little Italy in the centre of Valencia and yes, it's the first real Italian we have recommended even though Festinar does Pizzas. They also love wine here with over 500 different choices in their cellar. Homemade Italian food is their schtick and they do it well.


Another in the Quique Dacosta stable, Mercatbar does a great menu of the day at lunch and has really good choices changing regularly. Described as a Gastrobar or Dacostas Tapas Bar it copies what comes from the Denia restaurant and gives you a good selection to choose from. Now twelve years since it opened the concept definitely works.

El Pastoret

Big sandwiches rule in Valencia especially at Almuerzo time and especially for cyclists heading up to the Garbí mountin pass and using El Pastoret in Naquera (Instagram link) as their stop off point. El Pastoret has become a mainstay of Bocadillo and Almuerzo culture since it was featured on national TV some years ago.


Balansiya is the old name for Valencia and this Arabic restaurant near to the Universities and Blasco Ibañez is excellent. Great comfy sofa seats, lovely plates and dishes they specialise in Tajine and Cous Cous with a wink to Hummus and Babaghanush they have tasting menus, a menu of the day and you might even bump into a few of the Valencian players in there who seem to frequent it often. Good prices and selection but no alcohol.

Our Later Suggestions AKA We Just Remembered...

La Cabaña de los Gauchos

This comes under the "OMG How did I forget this one?" banner. The Cabaña de los Gauchos is a Uruguayan steak house opposite El Osito shopping centre in La Pobla de Vallbona. If you like steak and general meat cooked over flames then this is for you. Make sure to book on weekend evenings and fiestas as this is really popular.

La Lonja del Pescado

In the Cabanyal, La Lonja del Pescado is unobtrusive but an excellent choice if you are looking for fried and grilled seafood. Not as cheap as it used to be but still high quality seafood served under what used to be a Frontón court. It can get very loud when full so get in early and eat quickly, the food comes quickly from when you order it with great efficient service. Make sure to try the Zamburriñas but maybe skip the tomato!

Also check out the signed photos of Rafa Benitez and Steven Gerrard who have both visited and enjoyed this place.

Your Suggestions?

Bit by bit we will be adding to this post with the recommendations from our clients. We'll be asking for recommendations over the next few weeks and adding them into this post so bookmark it and keep coming back. Just click on the images to be taken to the websites of the restaurants mentioned.

Link Goes to the Ca Consuelo Website Which is the original restaurant from where Tap Tap came

Property Of The Week

If you are looking for a project then this might suit you just around the corner from the Festinar in the Cabanyal. We only have one photo because seriously, there is nothing worth taking photos of in this one, it's a wreck and we even included a new feature on this one "Set To With a Hammer".

"Yep, 1 photo, that’s all you’re getting for now, there is no way we can take pictures of this apartment in its current condition so here’s the view from one of the windows, similar views are also available from the other windows or the gaps where they would be if they hadn’t been removed , along with sinks, ovens, kitchen units, door frames, doors and many more useful things you find in most homes, someone got busy with a hammer and left another fine mess, this place stinks, of bank repo, bought unseen by someone who is long gone and moving up and on.

No matter, this apartment is in an excellent location, well sized and almost perfectly square which means you don’t get a long corridor with lots of doors and wasted space and its also on a corner so has plenty of light from the holey window things and is of the “East facing morning sun but not roasting in the afternoon” variety.

So, if you have been searching in Cabanyal for an opportunity and have a keen eye to see the potential this could be very interesting, a lot of the hard yards have been done, wiring, plumbing etc, work required is more cosmetic than other properties I have seen around these parts , and if you have the energy to get stuck in to a project we have some ideas to make this place look amazing.

More photos on request if you really need them, but seriously, dream work makes the team work, or something like that."

The Next Valencia Property Podcast

Later this week we will be releasing the latest podcast in series two and we will be talking about the state of the UK government (we might call the episode Bye Bye Brits), inflation in Spain and the cost of living, the latest from our business and we have our recommendations for properties and a look at the newly renovated Plaza de la Reina. Listen out on Friday but you can subscribe here at the top of the page (And now it is linked below).

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