How to Work With Valencia Property

We keep getting more and more requests to help people with their purchase of Valencia Property. There has been a large uptick in requests in the last two weeks since we published our articles about the rental crisis in Valencia and the new digital nomad visa in Spain. It's really gratifying to see so many people trusting us with their most important purchase in Spain. As the most experienced, twenty years plus and counting, and trusted (see our reviews) estate agency in the area we take this responsibility towards our potential clients seriously and continue to build relationships with them right from the start of their Valencia Property journey.

Nevertheless, we still get people contacting us when they only have a couple of days left of their visit and they have been disappointed by their property visits with other agencies and their experience in the Valencia Property market.

Usually at this point it is too late for us to help you because we are stacked up with our own clients who have booked their visits weeks and months before and firefighting is not our speciality.

At Valencia Property we are all about preparation, professionalism, your enjoyment of the process and guidance rather than jumping in at the last moment and trying to put together an itinerary for the next day. Generally it won't happen because we are too busy. We don't have an office you can just pop into because we don't want this type of business. We are a fully online and distributed company. It's better for everyone to have everything ready for when you get here. It's more relaxed, more organised and easier for us all.

Therefore, today it's time to look at what you need to do before coming over to get the best experience of buying your property in Valencia with us.

Preparation is Everything

Once you have decided that Valencia is for you then we can start. The first thing to do obviously is to make contact with us. You can do this through mail, whatsapp or even a phone call, however the best way we track your case is through mailing us first and we can go from there. Lots of people ask us for an initial consultation call, we continue to make them free. In this call we talk you through the process of buying Valencia Property, answer your questions and find out more about you and what you might want from your life in Valencia when you get here. This helps us to plan the strategy needed for you whether you are two weeks, two months or even further away from your initial visit to Valencia.

What We Advise You To Do

On the call we will get into the process of purchasing in Valencia, what you need to do and when you need to do it. If you need a visa we talk about your options and how to go about it. We also get you to fill in our form telling us about your requirements for buying. You can choose to fill it in below if you want. However, the further out you are from your visit the more chance we will tell you to wait before filling it in because your requirements often change as you get closer to your visit.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
If you want us to whatsapp you to setup a chat let us know in the 'Anything to add' box below.
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As a buyer's agent we work for you, the buyer. You are our client and we are there to work with you to get the best outcome for your property search. There are no pressure sales techniques, no tricks and no lies. One client told us this week they thought that David actively didn't want them to buy a place and so they knew that when he said "This is really good" that it was the right place.

As a result we prefer exclusivity. We want you to just work with us. If you say "we are available at 10am for one visit then at 12.30pm for another and maybe sometime in the afternoon because we have other appointments" then expect us to pass on making appointments for you as we will be with other clients who are exclusively working with us.

We work with all of the best agencies in and around Valencia as well as private owners, banks and off market properties. There is no MLS system in Spain like in North America so this is the closest you will get, a personalised experience, a personalised MLS in fact. Using our services doesn't increase your costs, in most cases it will actively reduce them which is another advantage of working with us. Therefore, there is no need for you to contact other agents or try to arrange visits yourself, a really difficult thing to do, as we will do all of the heavy lifting.

As long as you have told us what you are looking for, the more information the better, we should be able to find you the best options for your purchase. We don't only offer you the properties you see on the Valencia Property website, we go out looking for the properties that match your requirements through the whole Valencia property market and maybe give you surprises too.

A Few Days Out From Your Visit

A few days or a week or two before you come over we need your form, updated or new, we need to be messaging back and forward and we need to know where you will be staying and your dates for arrival and departure. We will have talked about those dates beforehand making sure they don't coincide with local, regional or national holidays, making sure you have some week days available, as weekends are difficult and nothing official can be done, and making sure we have plenty of time for you to make the best use of your time here.

We will have arranged a bank visit to open an account if required, a visit to a lawyer to meet up and discuss requirements, a visit to the notary for a Power of Attorney if required and a visit to Currencies Direct to set up money transfers, again when required. We can even set up calls for you with a mortgage broker and anything else you might need.

Your Valencia Property Visits

We'll generally start with a coffee, picking you up at your hotel or place you are staying or sometimes meet you near the first property and go from there. You should have whatsapp on your phone for locations where to meet too (Everyone in Spain uses whatsapp, it's the default messaging service) If you are looking at properties outside the city we will pick you up and take you unless there is an uptick in Covid numbers when we will expect you to have a hire car and meet up at a property and then follow us from there. It's better for you to be in the car with us as we can explain more and you can ask questions as we are driving but sometimes, especially if you have kids with you, having your own car is useful.

We will have your itinerary ready and usually it's one property after another. There might be the odd gap, coffee refills, and you might find there are late call offs, agents bringing the wrong keys, owners not turning up or any number of other reasons that certain visits don't happen, but we think on our feet and can usually make it really smooth.

Hopefully, we will find you what you are looking for on your first set of visits because of the preparation that goes into your itinerary and hopefully the process of purchase will be smooth because we have been doing this for a long time and know how to deal with whatever may happen. The people we surround ourselves with know what they are doing, whether that is the lawyer, the mortgage brokers, the other agents involved and most of all our employees. You can be sure that our experience, knowledge and desire to do the best for our clients will serve you well.

We look forward to working with you and if you want to work with us and enjoy the experience then contact us and we can start our work together to buy your ideal Valencia Property.

Be open, trust the process and let's do it!

News From Valencia

Good news for Valencia with the confirmation of Volkswagen's new Gigafactory project in Sagunto with an investment of 10 billion Euros and the creation of 15,000 jobs in and around the area. The announcement last week means that Valencia will become a hub for electric car manufacture as Ford recently announced that Valencia will be their European plant for all electric car production.

Also the rain has finally arrived, and it arrived too much and too quickly, actually flooding the bottom floor of my house for the first time in 22 years living here. Valencia got more rain in a few hours than it usually gets in the whole month of November (and I even read November and December combined!) The airport was closed and planes diverted to Alicante and Murcia. It was extremely wet! Today is a lot brighter and sunnier and the clean up operation has finished for now.

Property of the Week

"Everybody needs good neighbours. There are hundreds of advantages that can be present in a property when you buy it. Some have many and some have few. This property has many of course but the biggest is all is that if you stand on your terrace you have a beautiful view of a verdant garden and pool and maybe just maybe you can wave to me on the other side of the garden because I live here and have done for over 20 years.

These three story townhouses with shared pool (now sold) and gardens are like hen's teeth in that there are very few of them away from the coastal areas. If like me you love the idea of a garden but can't stand gardening, you want a pool but don't want to have to keep it clean, you want to be walking distance to all facilities but not in a noisy street, you want a place semi modernised so you have the opportunity to do some things yourself and not have to put up with somebody else's taste then this is the place for you.

La Pobla is the place I have called home for two decades and more and it's a great 15 minute drive into the city, surrounded by all of the facilities you can shake a stick at and well located for just about everything. You might like that idea and decide that a place with this potential and great neighbours in a community with really nice people is for you. I wouldn't change it."

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