The Valencia Property Craft Beer Bar Crawl

As it's getting towards the festive season we thought it was time to give a gift to those of you who enjoy the odd tipple. And, for the first time in over five years, we get to hear a different voice on the blog (Yes everything over the last five years has been written by Graham, yours truly, here). However if you follow me on social media you'll have seen I have a small problem with beer, wine, cider and others in that I'm ever so slightly allergic to certain elements contained within so drinking is a bit of a Russian Roulette for me, Will I enjoy it? Will I be able to breath in ten minutes? Where's the damn inhaler? Will the sweet release of death take me from you? You see my problem with doing my own research? Therefore we decided to farm out the research for this one... in May! Suffice to say it has been a long time coming so finally here is Paul from our team and his report on the Valencia Craft Beer scene. It took a lot of that so-called or well-named research. Take it away Paul.

Here it is folks, the long awaited craft-beer blog that I was absolutely roped into writing. You know in the movies when the sergeant asks for a volunteer and everybody except the clueless dolt take a step back? Well that's what happened here. Anyway, this is a short round-up of the bars we have visited over the last few years. There are a few more opened recently but we haven’t gotten round to checking them out yet as we’ve been pretty busy trying to put a roof over some of your heads. Make sure to let us know your own opinions on any places you’ve been to, and if you happen to see me or any other VP member in one of these bars, we will gladly and very graciously let you buy us a round. Cheers and check out the map here

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Portland Ale House

The O.G. of craft beer bars in Valencia, The Portland has been around for close to 15 years selling primarily its own brews, which are brewed in the port area of Valencia. Recently however it has had some guest taps in from other local breweries and gypsy brewers. American-style kitchen with a decent amount of different hamburgers. We recommend the Orange Wheat and a plate of the best nachos you’ll find in Valencia.

Portland Ale House in Valencia

Urban Bar

Blink and you’ll miss it, The Urban Bar is a hole in the wall with a couple of tables on the terrace with a sizeable collection of national and imported craft beers along with plenty of Belgian ales. Bonus point for always seeming to have an offering from Rogue breweries to hand. Bonus point for keeping the website simple. In fact it could be from 1997.

urban-bar in Valencia


A relatively recent addition to the craft beer scene, Beerland has 12 taps on constant rotation you can be guaranteed that there will be something for everybody here. Not the cheapest option you’ll find on the list, but at least it offers the option of growlers which aren’t so commonplace in Valencia yet. If they have anything by PENINSULA on tap, try it and you won't be disappointed. They are one of the more inventive breweries in Spain right now.

beerland bar in Valencia


Chivuos caters more to the food side of things with some excellent street food options (The Tuna Melt is something else), but it fully deserves a mention here thanks to its 6 taps of GARAGE BREWING beers. A great spot for a few tasty tequeños washed down a pint from one of Barcelona's better breweries.


Cervezas Del Mercado

Owned by the Belgian beer distributor BIERWINKEL, and hidden away downstairs in the COLON MARKET, Cervezas del Mercado bar is ok if you are looking for some beers to buy and take away with you. Not the nicest place to sit down and have a beer. They usually have some bottles of ANCHOR STEAM on offer so grab a few and head down to the riverbed to enjoy them.

cervezas del mercado bar in Valencia


A cozy little spot on one of the quieter streets in Russafa, Ruzanuvol specialises in imported Italian craft beers which helps it stand out in a neighbourhood that has plenty of craft-beer bars. You can enjoy some nice Italian cold-cuts to go along with your beer when it’s time to leave you still might catch neighbour La Boutique de la Cerveza open to grab a few take-aways.

Ruzanuvol Bar in Valencia


One of the first 100% craft-beer dedicated bars in Valencia, located in hipsterville, Olhops have now expanded and weirdly decided to open their second bar in the same neighbourhood. Stick with what you know I guess. Lots of beards and pretentiousness galore. It’s alright, but there’s better.

olhops bar in Valencia

Bukowski Craft Beer

A favourite of the VP staff for some Friday evening winding down. Bukowski has great music, 16 taps to choose from. In fact, the taps outnumber the tables 4:1! Pretty much a 50/50 split between beers from COSA NOSTRA BREWING who happen to own this establishment and a rotating cast of national/international breweries. My recommendation is the 1000 Hops Rye IPA.

bukowski bar in Valencia

The Market

Legendary spot in the old-town. The Market is a proper pub, scratched wooden tables, minimal lighting, and an excellent selection of beers to choose from. Winter doesn’t last long here, but sipping an Oatmeal stout on a chilly evening here can’t be beat. Regularly have meet the brewer and tap take-over events too.

the market bar in Valencia


Tyris is probably the best known Valencian craft beer and it makes sense that they have their own pub from which to peddle their wares. Literally within spitting distance of The Market, you could spend an evening flitting between the two. There’s an ever-so-slight incline from The Market to Tyris on Tap, so I recommend starting at The Market and then crawl/roll your way down. Try the Marzen.

tyris bar in Valencia

Beer and Travels

Not a pure craft beer bar, Beer and Travels does offer a big selection of national and international beers both craft and non-craft. I will include it though because Ximo the owner is a craft beer fanatic and a great guy to have a chat with. Located right across from the Valencian government HQ. It’s a bit of a tourist trap but big enough that you can hide away and sip in peace.

Beers and Travels Bar in Valencia


You’ll find Barbacana on the Alameda just a few metres from the riverbed. Owned by the masterminds behind CERVEZAS ANTIGA, you can find a decent selection of their own beers and a good offering of american style food as well. Antiga's beers can be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit they are very good.

Barbacana Bar in Valencia


Of all the places listed here, Valhalla is my personal favourite. Yes it’s a 5 minute walk from my house but that’s only part of it. Raul the owner / barman does everything right here. Regular meet the brewer evenings, beers at a fair price, ten taps to choose from (check out the website, he regularly updates the taplist), and plenty of bottles and cans to sample too. In the university area, the inside is tiny so get there early to grab a table outside and while away the hours eavesdropping on students putting the world to rights. (Brave decision to go with a website using Canva too! GH)

Valhalla Bar in Valencia

Stonecastle Brewery

The newest offering from the man behind Portland Ale house and only about 20 million years in the making, finally Valencia has a functional brewery in the city where you can go and enjoy a beer while watching the brewing process, that's the Stonecastle Brewery. Their own beer sells for 5€ a pint which is the cheapest you’ll find and with every order you get a helping of free prawns, chips, creole sausage even octopus! All good portions and well salted to keep you there drinking.

Stonecastle Brewery in Valencia

Zero 11

Another new one in the Cabanyal area, slightly hidden away close to the Cabanyal station this bar was opened by the founder of Tyris beer and the owner of the well-known Beak & Trotter burger bars. As you would expect you can order some very good food to go along with your beer here. Only 6 taps which is a pity and very IPA heavy. They have weekly live music sessions and I heard rumours of a table quiz coming soon too. They have just opened another place (same name) in Russafa.

zero11 bar in Valencia

Did You Enjoy That?

Graham here again. If you liked the guide then use the map, get out there and support your local breweries. If you see me there and want to buy me a drink then make sure you have an inhaler to hand just in case. If you want to tip Paul for the article then he will be happy to accept any charitable donations of beer and snacks or even better buy an apartment near a Craft Beer place from him.

Christmas is the Time For Giving

We have had a very successful year here at Valencia Property and have been able to help a record number of clients find their perfect Valencia home. So we are giving something away as it's that time of year. Everyone who bought this year will be entered into our prize end of year draw to win a gorgeous framed print from the collection of Mike Hall, a mapmaker living and working here in Valencia.

We have chosen a map of Spain of course for the prize to brighten up anyone's wall, in this case Mike's full railway map of Spain. You can see it below. In order to win you just have to do one thing. All of our clients who have bought this year are entered into the draw and given a number taken from our database of when people bought. We will draw the winning number and then cross reference it with a positive review on Google or Facebook. If there is no review we can find then we will draw a second number and do the same again and so on. So we will be sending this message out to everyone who bought a property from us this year and we will be making the draw on the same day as the Spanish Xmas Lottery draw on the 22nd of December.

Now we can't leave you out if you haven't bought yet or who have bought in previous years. For those of you in this situation we will be having another draw. All of you who have already posted a review of us and those of you who haven't yet but mention how good our website and blog are will be entered into the second draw and we will be getting a second map and framing it ready for your purchase or to adorn your wall that you have had for a few years. Again you can post the review on Facebook or Google (preferably both ;-)), click the links above, and send us a link to your review. We will give numbers and draw one at random to the winner. This second prize will be even easier to win as I guarantee we will have fewer entries than sales we have made this year. Most people don't bother so if you do the chances of you winning are extremely high. Just to insist, a positive review on Google and/or Facebook and send us the link to our email,

Double Content Delight Today. It's Podcast Time

We released our latest podcast simultaneously to this article so not only can you read about great craft beer places but you can also listen to our overview of 2022 in Valencia Property, all about the wealth tax and look forward to moving to the best city in the World to live according to Internations members. What's not to love? Listen to the overview of 2022 below.

Golden Visa Property Of The Week

I am a Modern House, a house for the Millennium, clean lines and good times with Wifi, Mai Tais, Hi-Tec and Alt Spec, low maintenance, no worries, ecologically sound and ready for anything.

I stand alone on a road i call home, peaceful and quiet but not too far out, the neighbours are nice but not nosey, friendly and cozy, no losers and posers, no snobs, no free loaders.

I have four beds and three baths, kitchen and living and spaces to crash, so simmer down, mellow, hang loose, look at my sleek floors and sliding doors with views to the super cool pool and shady zones for chilling your bones on the real life grass that wont burn, scratch or cause a rash, its a clean green scene, where you preen under the trees and feel the breeze, rocking and rolling and snoozing and boozing, life moves fast, so slow down, keep calm, carry on, just later.

I’m a carbon footprint eco warrior so rock my underfloor heating, chill the overhead A/C, or bask in the warmth of the wireless, hands free, smokeless biofuel modern chimney.

My under-build is ready to be filled, with the cars and the bikes, the paddleboards and trikes, and theres space for the gym to keep you thin, looking trim, but don’t sweat it, those mod cons are just toys and remember, happy husband, happy wife, happy kids, happy life.

Furnished, applianced, designed, maintained, weigh up your options, take your time, but don’t snooze and lose, interface with our database, push that envelope and keep moving forward.

Property of the Week (Reduced in Price)

A Garden of Delights and 1001 Nights

One of the main teachings of the Arabian Nights is that Scheherazade always leaves the Sultan wanting more. And why not? If she doesn't she stands a good chance of being beheaded the next morning. If there was ever an incentive to make up a story with no end then the Saturday morning cinemas of our youth had nothing on Scheherazade.

Why am I telling you this though? What has that got to do with a villa on the Altury estate in Turis which definitely doesn't leave you wanting more because it has almost 500m2 spread over two floors with huge terraces, easy maintenance gardens and a nearby bar to walk to and stagger back from?

Well, you need to check out the decoration which is very Arabic looking at times and you should take special note of the master bedroom which is either the perfect place to listen to 1001 Nights being softly whispered into your ear in an ASMR monotone or you could call it a bit of a Russian Oligarch's tasteless love nest. We all have our opinions right?

So, 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens, two huge terraces, garage, storage room and a bit of a bunker feel. Secluded easy maintenance gardens and a large pool which needs filling or photoshop to make it look better than what my photo shows you.

You have fast internet and the towns of Turis or Real de Montroy are just 10 minutes away for your supermarket needs and to pick up a copy of Arabian Nights if required.

There's a kids park next door, a bar and sports centre nearby and it lies on an established estate with tarmacced roads and houses with lovely gardens overlooking a dry riverbed full of plants and flowers.

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