Golden Visa Villas in Valencia

As you are probably by now aware, Valencia has been named as the best place in the World to live by Internations... again... Anyway, there are a multitude of reasons for this and this increased visibility internationally along with the development of the city, increasing work opportunities such as Ford's Factory in Almussafes being named as Ford's European HQ for their development of electric cars and Volkswagen planning their Southern Euope Gigafactory just outside Sagunto, the laid back and affordable lifestyle of the city and the exceptional climate, along with cultural and sporting offerings make the whole package of Valencia really attractive.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by people around the World of course and over the last few years there has been an increasing tendency for Non-EU citizens to buy property in Valencia in order to get the Golden Visa and base themselves in Europe on the Mediterranean Coast. Americans were the first real group to notice this but post Brexit the desperation to leave Plague Island has increased the numbers of Brits looking to take advantage of the Golden Visa to get back into Europe and away from the absolute clown car crash that is daily life and politics in the UK.

Previously the buyers looking for the Golden Visa were largely after city apartments that were ready to go but we are increasingly seeing clients looking to get their Golden Visa and live in Suburbia rather than the city itself. Today therefore we thought we would look at that sweet spot for Golden Visa buyers looking to buy a house as opposed to an apartment, villas over the 500k mark but not in the super luxurious "you really need to have a yacht too" category. Villas that are worth looking at if you are looking for your own Golden Visa. And of course we are going to be looking at areas near to Valencia, let's call it Valencia's very own suburbia, with easy access into the city.

One of the huge advantages of this type of post is that you get to see a lot of properties on the same page and compare them and get a good laugh at our descriptions which in this case range from James Bond through Bullseye to the little known Jack Rodwell and New Order's seminal Blue Monday! You also get a great selection if you are one of those people looking to get your very own Golden Visa in Valencia as we choose the best to showcase on our pages. Also we do give a little snapshot of some city properties if you are that way inclined. Enjoy.

Large Country House Near The Centre of L'Eliana 750K

This Villa looks like a country masía, although it is located in L'Eliana, only 1km from the metro, and the town centre is just past that. So an easy walk to public transport, shops, and a short stagger home from restaurants and bars.

This house dates from 1980, doesn't sound that old to me, but apparently that's more than 40 years ago? Top selling singles of 1980 by the way! That doesn't seem 40 odd years ago either.

So this was a time when L'Eliana was becoming popular for city residents to move to as they looked for more space and a more relaxed lifestyle. Houses from this era, while being solid and well built, can look dated. This one however has is in a bit of a timeless country house style, with lots of wood, traditional tilework and high ceilings. In fact, most of the tiles and wood are original 19th century material, sourced from antique merchants when the house was being constructed.

Being part of the earlier developments, it stands on a large plot, before developers tried to squeeze in the maximum amount of properties per m2. So the grounds are over 2300m2, which means lots of mature trees, swimming pool and lawns, terraces as well as distance and privacy from the neighbours.

Inside, the ground floor is the living area, a large open living and dining room, and the kitchen is quite big as well. Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms, bathrooms, and as you can see from the photos, this is a large house. A house that has room for a pool table is always a house that has a lot of room to spare. There's also an attic area that would make a great artist's studio, home cinema, playroom, whatever would suit you and your family the best.

If you don't like space, light and comfort, then maybe this isn't for you. If you do however, get in touch.

Licence to Chill in Ribarroja 589K

And now for a slight departure from our usual kind of listings in these parts, the majority of our clients come looking for some typical Spanish features and character when looking for a family villa, so we tend to ignore the modern builds and have probably made the usual comments about them being soulless and sterile, but I guess life is not all about arches, mosaic floors, and high ceilings, there is something for everyone and its nice to see such clean lines and minimalism for a change, I’m also running out of explaining why people seem to have so much junk in their homes, which reminds me, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and that brings me neatly back to this property. Boom.

Set in the Montealcedo area of Ribarroja (its more La Eliana really) this futuristic 3 storey villa, (built in 2014 so not that futuristic) a whopping 400m2, admittedly some of that is in the basement, (look! that’s where they hide their mess) there is also a sauna and gym room and space for 3 cars, moving on up to the main floor we have a spacious living room, W.C, Kitchen, and bedroom with en suite, all with access and views through huge windows to the terraces that surround the house and the robotic chlorine saltwater infinity pool with illumination and extra sharks/crocodiles as required…… Don’t ask me, I just write the scripts…..

On the top level , 2 more bedrooms, bathroom and an open plan office space that overlooks the neat and tidy low maintenance garden where you can slink around in a turtle neck sweater and tight slacks and pretend you’re James Bond's nemesis, just don’t forget the sunglasses, you’ll probably need them when you go back inside.

Bully's Special Prize 598K

Here's a cheerful and colourful Villa, filled to the rafters with the signs of the busy modern family, boogie boards, padel boards, fishing rods, mandolins, piano, harp, gymnasium and sauna, art studio, thousands of books, dartboard and even a shelf of scary dolls, it reads like the prize list from Bullseye*. You name it, these owners do it, and I’m sure many years of strenuous activity has worn them out so they need to sell, downsize their lifestyle and put their feet up.

Take away all these items and you are left with one big villa in a fantastic area of La Eliana, Montepilar, close enough to walk into the town and hop on the metro for trips to school, Valencia and even down to Cabanyal if you are in no rush.

6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, huge living areas and kitchen, laundry, basement, garage, a loft style study rumble room on the top floor, a large established garden with pool and lovely barbecue area, it comes with central heating, A/C , double glazed tilt and turn windows, (just ask), mosquito screens, ceramic and parquet floorings throughout, a cool retro fireplace and everything is excellently maintained. Phew, what a great place, I think I need a lie down aswell.

*Popular sunday teatime gameshow in the UK about a hundred years ago.

A Winner's Villa That Keeps Coming Second 650K

Beautiful villa just 2 minutes from La Eliana town, great for shops, schools and metro, but also fast access to the motorway, 15 minutes to the airport, 20 to the city and 25 to the beach.

We've already shown this house a few times, there's been a lot of interest, but it hasn't quite made it over the line yet and its hard to know why. Some houses barely make it to the market and are snapped up. We call these Jack Rodwells (109 minutes for Man City was enough to win him a Premier League winner's medal in 13/14).

A house like this one here is more of a Steven Gerrard (this is too painful for some of our loyal readers, so I won't explain it). But enough to say it looks great, turns out it is great, it seems it must be the winner but at the last moment just misses out.

Anyway, check out the photos. It has light, space, classic features, a pretty but quite manageable outdoor pool and garden area, it's in an excellent location.

So keep your eye on the ball, don't slip up and allow someone else in to take the easiest of chances and snatch this from you in the most publicly humiliating fashion imaginable.....

Sorry. What I'm trying to say is don't let this house be another Steven Gerrard, it deserves better, give us a call.

Excellent Villa For Family and Friends 669K

Well I had an amazing description lined up for this that was mainly made up of emojis*, kind of like a fun for all the family, interactive and engaging experience, then the website wouldn't let me upload it, and the property portals would have probably had a hissy fit so maybe it's just as well.

And now heres some boring blurb about a very good house in L'Eliana.

A spendidly tranquil villa in a quiet corner of Montealegre in L’Eliana, but still within a walkable distance to the town when you want to see some action, get some supplies, and sample the many restaurants and bars.

The large plot contains several constructions of garage, study and storage areas, W.C, and summer kitchen with an established garden, whilst the house is a well kept, manageable and mainly single storey that includes 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and comfortable living room that leads to the shaded covered terrace and views to the large pool.

A fantastic home with tons of space for a family to spread out, and you can invite all your friends, there's more than enough room for the summer pool parties and barbecues and they can even sleep over in one of the annexes.

You social butterfly!

*And if you're interested I can whatsapp the groundbreaking, original and visionary piece I had prepared.

Regal Villa in a Blue Monday Style 699K

Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. But here is a property that might cheer you up.

The property welcomes us with some beautiful stairs together with some Roman-style pillars that give way to the interior of the house. Inside we have a spacious and bright living room with large windows that lead to a comfortable terrace with unobstructed views, then we have a large kitchen with an island, two double bedrooms and a full bathroom.

How does it feel, When you treat me like you do, And you've laid your hands upon me, And told me who you are?

We access the first floor through some comfortable stairs and we have 1 double room with access to the terrace and dressing room, 1 bathroom, 1 double room with access to the terrace and 1 master room with dressing room, access to the terrace and bathroom.

I thought I was mistaken, And I thought I heard your words, Tell me, how do I feel?, Tell me now, how do I feel?

In the semi-basement we have a pantry or storage area, a double bedroom together with a complete bathroom and a laundry room, finally we find a garage with capacity for two vehicles.

Those who came before me, Lived through their vocations, From the past until completion, They will turn away no more

The exterior carpentry is made of aluminum with climalit glass and Majorcan shutters, the interior of oak wood. It has an individual heating system by electric radiators throughout the house and air conditioning (hot / cold) through ducts. The whole house has marble floors, parquet, ceramic in bathrooms and kitchen. Smooth walls, high ceilings, bars and alarm. It offers us fitted wardrobes and television connection in the rooms. Video intercom, solar panels, motorized access door to the property and armored door to access the house.

And I still find it so hard, To say what I need to say, But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me, Just how I should feel today

On the 608 m² plot we highlight the pool with jacuzzi area. Outside we also find a paellero/barbecue area and toilet. In short, it is an ideal property to enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of its surroundings, with all the comforts at your fingertips and very well connected. Perfect for those who appreciate space, exclusivity and privacy.

I see a ship in the harbor, I can and shall obey, But if it wasn't for your misfortunes, I'd be a heavenly person today

Excellent location, 2 km from the Eliana metro station, 900 m from Carrefour, less than 2 km from health centers and 800 m from schools.

If You Are A City Slicker...

For those of you who will not change your opinion that you have to be in Valencia city and definitely not in suburbia then we also have some possibilities for you too. How about living in the city with a framed Golden Visa on your wall?

The Eyes Are The Windows to Your Soul 570K

"I am aware of the work of Pablo Neruda" - Bart Simpson

So yes, the eyes may well be the windows to your soul and as we all know we eat with our eyes too and here we have a feast for both stomach and soul. Looks great, recently modernised, has a good sized terrace and is in Valencia's cosmo hub of Ruzafa, so where's the catch?

The price of course. This isn't for someone looking to scrimp on paying out. You get 109m2 for your money here and as you may be able to work out that is over 5k per m2 which is above local market values. However, it's ready to go, will get you that Golden Visa, is a great place to live and you only need to bring your toothbrush. And even more important is scarcity.

For anyone who has ever read "Influence" by Cialdini you will know what an important role scarcity plays in deciding to buy something and here we are working with great scarcity. You can basically count on the fingers of one hand the number of properties with the holy trifecta of at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms, totally modernised in a way that doesn't offend and in a great location in Valencia. In fact if you were looking for that under 600k then currently you can almost count using just one finger. That's scarcity for you.

If you fancy living the high life in the world's number one city for expats in the most en vogue area of that city then this is unique. Come and see it.

A Diva's Xmas (New Year) Wish Reduced in Price 720k

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need
A Penthouse Attic In Ensanche, with a terrace just for me
I would like you for my home, like most people, don’t you know
Make my wish come true, all i want for Christmas is you.

I don't want a lot for Christmas, just something I really like
Good bones, prime estate location, and some storage for the bikes
I don't mind a fixer upper, my contact network gets it done
I would like a renov project, we have people who reform,
I just want to find it now, I’ll speak to people who know how
So make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is youoooooo.

That's enough of that, Miss Carey can probably buy this with today's royalties but if you’ve been looking for a while you’ll probably see this before she even decides to roll out of bed and check her bank balance, not all of us have a 5 octave vocal range but you can still play the song and sing along, and sorry, not sorry for the ear-worm, if I had to listen to it a hundred times so should you.

No Doubting That This Is In Valencia 590k

When you are looking to buy a property, it's always great when you find a place that lets you know exactly where you are. Some apartments can be really comfortable and modern, but really, you could be anywhere.

This apartment, on the other hand, couldn't be more Valencian even if it came up to you in a 'Lim Out' t-shirt, gave you a bag of oranges from its uncle's huerto, and tried to persuade you that Valencian is definitely not just a dialect of Catalan all while being double-parked on a bus lane.

The Eiffel tour, the Statue of Liberty, the Big Ben of Valencia, the City of Arts of Sciences is spread out below you in the view from this ninth floor balcony. This apartment also happens to be comfortable and modern, which helps. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, marble floors, climalit windows and central heating/aircon.

But really, it's all about the views. How many times would you have to watch the sunset over this vista before you got sick of it? Only one way to find out, get in touch.

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