Can we really use that title? Anyway, last week we had our first session of Frequently Asked Questions about Valencia Property and today it's time for a second helping. We also look at our latest podcast about what it's like to be an estate agent or realtor in Valencia and bring you our properties of the week and some news from Valencia along with our tip for this week.

So, based on the questions we had received over the last few months and also some others which came in as a result of last week's post here are your answers.

Your FAQs

What Makes Valencia Property Stand Out?

We believe that there is no other estate agency service that is able to take you from first contact with an agency to a successful conclusion of your purchase in Spain as smoothly and professionally as Valencia Property. However it's not just that:

  • It's this blog with all of the information available for free.
  • It's our podcast with over 30 episodes of pure useful information about Valencia and the Valencia Property market.
  • It's the support we give to clients before, during and after their Valencia Property purchase.
  • It's the relationships we maintain with people, businesses and professionals to make the process clean and quick.
  • It's the attitude, the descriptions of properties, the honesty and even the risque blog post titles.
  • It's the professionalism demonstrated by what we do not the suits we wear (Because we don't)
  • It's David, Gavin, Jess, Paul, Maria and the rest of us. It's everyone that works daily to make your visit and purchase successful.
  • It's absolutely everything and our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.
  • It's the decades of experience and learning.
  • And it's you. The people who trust us to make their purchase the right one and to make it an enjoyable one.

See what our clients think about us in this short video

How does the process work for renting out my property through Valencia Property?

We are not a fully featured rental agency. We work with professionals who do that if you are looking for a hands on service to rent your property out. However we keep tabs on our clients who have bought a Valencia Property that they may want to rent out and we find them tenants to fill their property when they require it. We don't do short term rentals, we don't do changeovers but we do recommend companies that do this, they are specialists, we don't have time.

Simply put as a Valencia Property client who has purchased a property through us you let us know when your place is available and we will try to fill it for you. Oftentimes we succeed, sometimes we don't. We have never had a problem tenant coming through our company in two decades so you have peace of mind too.

What types of services does Valencia Property provide to assist with relocation to Valencia?

We have a relocation service which you can find in the list of services on our blog post here. We also have other complementary services which can be found here. Many of our services are free as they are just recommendations to professionals who can help you with things to do with your move, education for your kids etc... or we just do them for everyone anyway and don't consider it to be a separate service. Talk with us about what you need and we can probably put together a package that suits you for your particular needs.

Our New Valencia Property Website and Services
Our New Valencia Property Website and Services

What areas in Valencia and surrounding regions does the website cover?

We concentrate on the city of Valencia itself and the surrounding towns and villages mostly within half an hour of the city. However we do reach out further at times down the coast to Cullera, Oliva, Gandia, Denia and Javea and north to Castellón and Alcossebre, Peñiscola and at times Benicassim. Inland slightly over half an hour from the city we reach Chelva, Sot de Chera, Chulilla, Chera and Requeña because they are areas of outstanding natural beauty and we love them.

What's Your Criteria To Include a Property on the Site?

We may write an update blog post on this in the near future but the basics are price, location, state of the property and client/market fit (We have written one before here). We don't list overpriced properties. We don't list everything. We don't list properties with issues unless they are easily resolved and also the price reflects the issue. We don't list properties where the owner is a d*ck (We find that out in our process of listing)

Why Don't You List Everything For Sale in Valencia
Why Don't You List Everything For Sale in Valencia

How many languages is the website available in?

It's in any language you want these days as there are so many good reliable translators available online but we write in English on the blog and in English and Spanish on the main website for Valencia Property. However, we do put a lot more effort into the descriptions of the properties in English than Spanish as the sense of humour required works better in our native tongue.

What Discounts are Available From Asking Prices?

If you are looking in the city at the moment it's difficult to say you can get any discount on the asking price. Obviously every case is different but if a property is priced right then it's unusual currently to find major discounts being accepted because there are plenty of buyers. In fact there are many more potential buyers than sellers at the moment and therefore the famous supply and demand graph kicks in with the equilibrium being the asking price. Of course there are exceptions at times and you can read more about why in our posts about the Four Horsemen.

Are there any frequently asked questions or guides available for navigating the website?

We did a post some time ago when we relased the new look website into the wild and a few things have changed since then but it's mostly still relevant. Take a look at it here. We recently celebrated three years of the new look website and in that time we have tweaked things according to what our clients asked for but left it roughly similar as it does what we want it to do and more importantly what our clients want it to do.

As regards FAQ of services and the website, well, you are reading the second part of the latest FAQs here and last week's first part can be found here. The main website FAQ can be seen here.

The Latest Valencia Property Podcast

In the latest Valencia Property podcast we talked about what it's like to work as a realtor or estate agent in Valencia. A couple of interviews with Paul and David and a lot about the latest blog posts and content we have been producing. It's worth your time to give it a listen and of course go through all of our previous podcasts and listen away on our Valencia Property Podcast homepage here.

Our YouTube Shorts

We have been on YouTube more or less since YouTube was a thing. We have never really done YouTube Shorts though. In the last few weeks we have started putting out some sixty second videos onto our channel. You can see our shorts page here (Like and Subscribe while you're there so you get to see them as they are made) Below is our day in the life video, take a look.

Property of the Week

Oh, I do like to be
beside the seaside
Oh, I do like to be
beside the sea

And don't we all? Many of our clients do, but living in Valencia beside the beach with sea view is next to impossible. However, just a little bit to the south is the town of Cullera, unusual in Valencian towns in that the old town is a short walk from the beach They are usually a few kms inland, with a smaller area of apartments actually on the beach. Like Valencia city itself. These beach areas can be very dead in winter, but that isn't the case with Cullera. Year round its a nice active town, and in summer it receives a lot of Spanish visitors.

Oh, I do like to stroll along
the prom, prom, prom
where the brass bands play

Fortunately no brass bands on the prom here, as this apartment is right on the beach, literally a stones throw from the balcony. A nice quiet street, very few bars or cafes, so peaceful even during the busy summer months. Only 66m2 but 2 double bedrooms, proper kitchen and a comfortable living area, its great for holiday breaks and/or holiday rental for a bit of income. Perfect condition and comes as seen, furnished.

So, just let me be
beside the seaside
I'll be beside
myself with glee

Indeed, who doesn't love a bit of glee. And Cullera is just 40 minutes drive from Valencia city and even less to the airport, and there are trains every 30 minutes between the two. Along with this apartment being 5 minutes walk from nearest large supermarket, you wouldn't even need a car to live here. For those of you who want the beach but don't fancy the Costas, Cullera is the solution, and you won't get a better bargain than this apartment.

For there's
lots of girls beside
I should like to be beside
beside the seaside
beside the sea

Ok, that last verse is just creepy.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Might well be sold by the time you read this as our first visitor, done virtually on a Facetime call absolutely loved this property and has told us they want to buy it. (We'll see)

So you'll have guessed from the title, this is a good property. Very good. But what does that mean? What is it about a place makes us get on the group chat and say to our colleagues –‘if you have a client for this get them in to see it fast, because it won’t be around for long’.

In this case, it’s a large house, ready to move into, and that means tastefully decorated too, not just you can live in it and it won’t fall down but you’ll have to put up with pink floral toilet bowls and questionable wood-panelled feature walls. Not a crack in the paint nor a plant out of place so not one more centimo needs to be spent on the place.
Ideal location, within walking distance to the metro station, and only 5 minutes from L’Eliana town. The wrap-around balconies upstairs give lovely views of the woodland, which is only 50 metres down the road.

One bedroom with ensuite downstairs with room for another, and 3 more large bedrooms upstairs. In fact the layout of the house makes it possible to breakup the house into a downstairs guest apartment with a second complete living and sleeping area upstairs, For guests, or even as a source of income if you wanted to rent out that area.

I won’t go on, time is of the essence here, I’ll get this up immediately, and you can get in touch asap and get a look at this place before it is snapped up.

News of the Week from Valencia

L'Etno, the Ethnographic museum of Valencia has won the award for the European Museum of the year. Usually when people talk about the museums in Valencia they think of the Science Museum at the City of Arts and Sciences, the Modern Art Museum or the Fine Arts Museum or even the Fallas Museum. L'Etno is lesser known but a large museum well worth your time to visit and to find out more about Valencia and the people here. Take a look at their video presentation below and then take some time out for a visit.

Tip of the Week

"Trust the process."

We know what we are doing and we know how to help clients to get their ideal property in Valencia. Work with us and trust the way we work. You won't find any better. Contact us now to sign up with our service.

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