The Eclectic Nature of the Valencia Property Market

One of the things we love about working in the Valencia Property market is that our job is never the same from one day to the next. We get a wide variety of clients from all over the World looking at a wide range of prices and a vast array of different styles of property. This means that every day is different as we have discussed on the podcast which you can hear here.

The thing that drew me towards writing about this was when I looked at the homepage the other day and the properties we had there and then compared that to a UK based site as I am currently helping my Dad to sell his property in the UK and to look for another one to buy. Sometimes you can get absolutely sick and tired of looking at bricks (even as an estate agent) and there is nothing else apart from bricks and mortar in the UK market. How can you write something interesting about something that has few redeeming features? I guess this is why property descriptions in the UK are so bland and vanilla.

Of course the situation here in Valencia is very different from the way that owners decide to present their properties (Or not as the case may be) to the finishes both inside and outside the property to the stylistic flourishes we find in both houses and apartments, we always have something to write about and hang our descriptions on! So today we thought we would look at a selection of our latest properties for sale just to emphasize that there is possibly something for everyone here and also to showcase some of the more interesting design features that define the Valencia Property market.

However, first we have an announcement to make. We are in the gestation period of our new project which is, as they say, COMING SOON. Let's start with that and we will write more about it over the next few weeks.

The Next Valencia Property Project

Introducing Stepping Stone Rentals. A new rental concept for digital nomads, remote workers and people moving to Valencia to allow them to land with confidence and safety here. Over the last few years we have been noticing that it is increasingly difficult for people moving to Valencia to find their initial rental,so much so that for a time we withdrew our rental service, it was difficult even for us to help out. This is exacerbated by the large number of online scams taking advantage of people's desperation to find a rental. Also, many owners will not take in foreign clients as they cannot be insured. Here's where Stepping Stone Rentals "step in".

We wanted to be able to offer a secure service for people moving to Valencia, without having to resort to an impersonal long and often very expensive extended Airbnb or Hotel stay, all with the Valencia Property guarantee and seal. As a long established, trusted brand in the Valencia region we wanted to bring that trust into initial rentals.

When people land here with just a week in an Airbnb or Hotel, the pressure to find that long term rental or purchase is high and many people make the wrong decision due to these time pressures, landing themselves in unsuitable rentals, or worse, trying to buy a property quickly without doing due diligence and more.

Stepping Stone Rentals are hand picked, fully equipped rentals initially from a selection bought by our clients to provide this service to our rental clients. Our owners have already been through the process of buying properties in and around Valencia with us so know the process and difficulties.

Your initial rental period is three months giving you time to get used to the city and surroundings and make a more educated decision about your eventual destination. You will have full information about the property beforehand and on arrival will have access to fast internet, a welcome basket, a contact person for help with your settling in and then support to find your long term home in Valencia. Internet and utility costs are included in your rental cost. You can even extend your stay to a maximum of six months if required.

You will be able to upgrade to a more all encompassing welcome package including airport or railway station pickup and taking you to your accommodation, initial welcome baskets of food, personal guide for your first days in Valencia, extend your stay if required and more. More information coming in the next few weeks before the launch of the brand new website.

If you think this might be a service you could use then fill in the form below and we can talk.

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Stepping Stone Rentals - A Secure Start in Valencia.

And now onto today's main feature.

Valencia Property Prices

The look of a property can influence the price massively. The same number of square metres will cost a lot more in a modern cubist house as they will in an older house with a flat roof. The difference in quality is often overstated but some properties can just look a bit boring or ugly from the outside and even if the inside of the property is magnificent that intial main picture on the website will put off 90% of people. The modern cubist look will attract around the same percentage as opposed to repel them. Different looks, similar sizes, huge price differences and I´ll bet most people like the look of a modern cubist house even though there may be a difference of up to 300k in price. But as we have mentioned before on these pages it's the square metres that matter here. Quality build, location and style are the three biggies.

Valencia Property Apartments

The least eclectic part of the property market are the apartments because they depend on the facade and the area of course. However we do see some pretty big differences in interior design, the use of spaces and how apartments have been set up. Let's take a look at a few we have for sale at the moment.

Everyone Wants a Terrace

Oh my God its a roof terrace! And it's in Russafa! Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Everybody lose their f***ing minds! Time to go mental!!!!!

Well, at least that's been the reaction recently to any property like this so before any one has an aneurism, I should say upfront that this is a fourth floor walk-up. I know, annoying, isn't it? Or maybe not. Because of that catch, its actually worth my while listing it because it will probably be on sale for more than 24 hours. And it might give you time to get in touch, get over here and to check it out.

Located a few metres from Russafa Market, this is a not your average penthouse. Interesting layout and it has real personality. Great terrace, three (!!) double bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and a laundry room and toilet off the terrace. There is also a smaller room not shown in the photos. Too small for a bedroom, but a good office or storeroom.

And there is room and approval to have a lift installed. The community of neighbours haven't yet gotten around to doing it, but when the time comes, this will really be the perfect apartment. Ok, you can lose your f***ing minds again now if you like.....

The Ballroom Look

When I see this photo I ask myself – ‘how old is too old to get away with sliding on your knees across a polished floor?’ This looks like a ballroom, but it's just the living room of this apartment in the city centre. If that’s just the living room, how big is the whole apartment I hear you ask. 256m2. And just to give you an idea of how big that is, imagine the area of a square where each side is made up of 2 female giraffes lying head to toe.

Enough room for 6 bedrooms. Or maybe they just gave up counting at 6, who knows. 4 bathrooms as well, so you’ll never have too far to walk when nature calls. Which is just as well, this apartment is the size of 36 tournament sized pool tables.

It comes with the option of a parking space, a balcony with views of the city centre, central A/C-heating system, a fireplace, 3 doors to enter the apartment and a very green kitchen. And there’s probably loads more that I haven’t mentioned. This place is, after all, as big as 640 Mona Lisas arranged side by side.

Anyway, huge apartment, central location, needs modernisation sure, but you can’t argue with location and size. I think you have a clear picture now. Call us for more straight talking in terms everyone can understand (11,378 slices of bread).

(And click through to the photos to see the highly commented and questionable lime green kitchen floor).

Evergren Requirements and Interior Design Magazine Looks

When you come to fill out our “First Steps” form its more than likely that you will add Terrace to the These Are My "Must Haves”, yep the perennial old chestnut, easier said than done but every now and again you get lucky, touch wood.

So, a neat and tidy penthouse apartment in Gran Via, tons of light on the 7th floor, excellently renovated, well distributed and just a short walk to the beautiful Turia Gardens. A Poplar location.

2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice big living space with open plan kitchen and a good sized terrace facing east, which as you well know means nice morning sunshine but cooler and practical in the hotter summer evenings, couple this with a perfectly tranquil tree lined location and you’ll see why other VP clients have also put down their roots here.

Don’t beat about the bush, come and join us, you’ll never leaf (Doh!).

Fill in the form on the article below to start your property search

Valencia Property Villas

It's really villas where the different looks come in. Not just acres and acres of identikit brick semi detached houses but a true cornucopia of style sizes and finishes allowing you to view many different properties and not get bored by tyring to work out why you prefer one over another. A few examples currently on offer might give you a good idea of what we are talking about when we talk about the eclectic nature of Valencia Property.

The Bavarian Castle Look

Elegance and class surrounded by a consolidated garden with excellent pool. There's something a bit Germanic about the design of this villa in La Eliana from the outside while it maintains its traditional Spanish interior look.

This five bedroom house has three bathrooms, kitchen, living room, terrace and plenty of space in its 200m2. It lies on a good sized plot of 914m2 with a couple of garage spaces. Air conditioned, heating and with a security alarm this house is ready to move into and enjoy.

The garden has an excellent lawned area with swimming pool, barbecue area and plenty of places to lounge around and enjoy Valencia's excellent climate. Situated near to all facilities, near to the metro and with excellent communications in and out of Valencia this is a well built house that has maintained its good looks despite being from the 1980s which is more than can be said for many of us who were growing up then!

Take a look. Nice place.

The Country House For The Millionaires Amongst Us

This is a Masia, a country house outside the town of Puig. 15 minutes from Valencia city and just a kilometre from the beach. It is close to international schools, both British and American. Its a big property with a long description. I'll see if I can break it down a bit.

It dates from the end of the 18th century, in 1970 it was bought and restored by the architect Román Jiménez Iranzo. On a plot of 3500m2, the garden includes a fountain and an orchard, many terraces, an interior grassy patio and a fabulous swimming pool.

Right the description goes on for another 5 paragraphs, but just look at the photos really. If you do want a blow by blow account of the location of each toilet and bathroom (all 7 of them) please give us a call and we'll take you through it.

For now enough to say this is a luxury property only one kilometre from the beach. It is an almost unique property in this area, where development close to the beach has been prohibited for some time now. It has history, location and soul. Come and see for yourself

Oranges, Avocadoes and the Self Sufficiency Dream

(An unusually grey day for the photos of this property in Torres Torres.)

The rising price of Avocados and the dream of self sufficiency that made Richard Briers into an eco tyrant and Felicity Kendall into the muse of many wannabe urban allotment owners might inspire you to take a punt on this neat little house just outside the town of Torres Torres to the North West of Sagunto. If that doesn't then the price might do.

You have around 2000m2 of plot mostly filled with an array of fruit trees, including 4 of the aforementioned Avocados, and potential to develop more of the grow your own market means that this is not a house for the faint hearted or those, like myself, with the total opposite of green fingers. It's not a place to have as a holiday home, it needs to be lived in and the gardens tended to.

The house itself has four bedrooms, all doubles, a bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room with plenty of outside terraces and shady seating areas. There is a deep pool which needs filling to enjoy taking the edge off the heat, nice countryside and mountain views and there is good mobile coverage meaning you can tether your Netflix habit to your phone. Off road parking for a few cars if required but make sure to bring the bug spray, that's what you get with a lot of trees.

Cubist Heaven

There's been a huge demand for a while now and plenty of people have bought in, around, and as close as possible to, L’Eliana.

Among the many reasons to want to be there is the almost perfect location for family life and easy access to the CV-35 which will take you quickly and safely to your international school of choice, theres quite a few to choose from in the zone, and if your budget doesnt quite run to a large villa that usually comes with a large renovation, and you prefer not to worry about too much garden it might be worth taking a look at this low maintenance and modern Semi Detached Adosado just across from L’Eliana in San Antonio de Benageber.

Three double bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen, basement and loft, close to enough to wander down to Consum and Decathlon, so you can buy drinks, cakes and biscuits and some yoga pants to burn the calories off. Yum Yum and Om.

Country House Surrounded By Oranges

If your dream is to be the owner of some extensive orange fields and a bit of history in the Valencian Campo then this old Masia may tick a lot of boxes. The price is 595k but you'll need more than that to buy this as a reform/modernisation is required. However you would be buying a piece of history.

Yes, you could live here as is but no heating apart from the wood burner and these old buildings get cold in the winter, old furnishings, (IKEA just 20 minutes away and Valencia City 25) a decent paint job required, new windows, do something to the whole excellent second floor area and think of a project to do it fo. Maybe a wedding reception venue, small hotel or writers'/yoga retreat, cult headquarters in the style of Waco or something even more inventive.

You have around 700m2 of property over three floors, huge terraces overlooking copious orange fields, 50,000m2 in fact, plenty of space for parking to the front of the house and the small town of Benifaio just 3km away and Alginet around 4km.

You could live here in splendid isolation while at the same time being just a few minutes away from your favourite morning coffee haunt, a large gym (In Benifaio), and just over 20 mins to the beach, airport and fast trains. Even slow trains get into Valencia in just 22 minutes from Benifaio station.

Oh and did we mention how nice this place looks. Classical Valencia construction from the 1890's with a protected feature chimney. Take a look

We could continue with any number of looks, finishes and questionable design principles but it should be enough to say just bookmark our homepage and keep coming back. Every week we add in more interesting Valencia Properties and many of them are very very eclectic.

Property of the Week

An investment property potentially perfect for the "Stepping Stone Rental" Market with a little change of furnishing and look.

La Pobla de Vallbona, known simply as 'La Pobla', at least in these parts, as it is the base for the ever increasing empire that is Valencia Property. But the little gem I'm referring to in the title is not our Emperor who sits at the heart of his empire there. No it is this duplex penthouse apartment in the town.

Perfect investment, just the inquiries we have alone would keep this place constantly occupied with mid-term tenants, its a perfect location for our clients looking for somewhere to stay for a few months while they look for their permanent residence in nearby areas like L'Eliana and La Cañada.

Great condition, 2 bedrooms, large roof terrace, located in the town, with a trastero. First floor without a lift, but for mid-term tenants this isn't usually an issue.

So forget La Pobla de Farnals and La Pobla de Valldigna. And don't even mention La Pobla Llarga to me. There is truly, only one, LA POBLA. Call us now for the easiest, least hassle investment you could possibly make.

News From Valencia

There was a pretty horrible incident of racism at Valencia's stadium against Vinicius Junior last week and Vinicius did the right thing. He called out the perpatrators behind the goal who were abusing him. The result was that three people have been banned for life from the stadium, quite rightly, they have also been arrested and Real Madrid have reported it as a hate crime potentially meaning jail time for those involved. The end where it happened at Valencia's Mestalla stadium has been closed intially for five matches but that was reduced to three on appeal.

Vinicius did another great thing though. He didn't let it lie. He called out La Liga on social media for their lack of action when these things happen and finally it seems that La Liga are taking their responsibility seriously. They have called for greater backing from the courts and really it seems that this is where one of the problems lies, institutional racism in the judiciary as they keep throwing out cases with no punishment. They don't seem to realise that it is not just banter or "all's fair in love and war" (Or the game of football). Let's see where this goes but the actions of Vinicius have opened up a can of worms which needs facing. Got to say, well done Vini.

And to answer the question we have been asked a few times this week as a result of the incident, no, Valencia isn't a racist society. Some dickheads who support Valencia are racists just like everywhere.

Tip of the Week

One of the worries that people have when coming to Spain is what happens if they have an accident or get ill. So the first part of today's tip is an obvious one and it's make sure you have travel insurance that will cover any eventuality when you come to Spain.

The second part of the tip is for those who are going to be here for a longer term or need full medical insurance cover for the Golden Visa, the Non Lucrative Visa and the Digital Nomad Visa. You will be offered many deals on this and the truth is that the prices are extremely good especially compared with prices in the States. The best deal might be through a broker though. We work with Gidea Insurance here in Valencia to provide the best quotes for our clients and they work with all of the health insurance providers to provide you with the best deal for you. Speak with Diana or anyone at the team at Gidea and see what they can do for you.

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