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Once again on arriving at the half way point of the year we are on target for a record number of sales this year with a large throughput of clients and also so many in the pipeline that summer is looking difficult holiday wise. However, recently we have been getting a load of calls along the lines of...

"We are buying a property through another agent but we could do with some advice"

"We have already bought a place but have just found your blog and we need some help"

and other really annoying things to which our first question should always be but often isn't,

"Why the hell didn't you buy with us?"

and our second utterance should really be

"Well, ask your agent if they are so good"

But as I said in the latest podcast, linked here, we are just too nice. Today therefore I thought it was time to tell you what we can actually do for you as a buyer of property in the Valencia area. Bear in mind though that a lot of these services are reserved for our clients because we don't want the people we work with having so much work from others that they cannot deal with our clients efficiently and correctly and we don't offer a lot of these services as separate things for non-VP clients as they take a lot of our time and there is little to gain from offering them as services as we would be diluting our basic service of finding people the best property for them. Here then is the Valencia Propery network which we put in place for our own clients.

Legal Representation

Obviously we provide recommendations for legal representation for the purchase of a property and there are various lawyers we work with that we know to provide really good representation, equally there are those that we don't work with for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to a lack of communication, the lack of a personal touch and generally more broad based incompetence. However we have also recommended lawyers for disputes, family issues, helping with all types of paperwork and more.

Builders for your Modernisation

As we have mentioned before in these pages, we have builders to do modernisations of property because often you can't find exactly what you want but you can find something that could be exactly what you want with just a little bit of a facelift. Corinne discovered this and then worked with us on her modernisation and she is so proud of it that it has its own webpage. You can also see some of our other offerings here.


Whether it's for a project you want doing to convert the spaces of your apartment into something much more homely, an extension to an existing villa or a totally new project to be built on land you have chosen we have architects ready to work with you. We can also recommend those who might just do somepaperwork for you, maybe to declare that new build that was actually built back in the seventies but never declared for example... Everything is possible.

Project Managers

The project manager is someone we put in charge of your renovation to act as the go between with the builders and yourself. Whatever your modernisation project it helps if our bilingual project managers can help you along with getting the exact message over to the builders and also to sort out issues as they come up.

Video Calls

If you are registered with us as a client and are only using our services we will let you know when the perfect property comes up for you and you get first shot at it as we will arrange one of our famous video calls. We will go out of our way to make sure that the property you want you have as good a shot as anyone of closing the deal by arranging a video call so you can see the property as soon as possible. If you cold call us asking for a video call then expect the answer to be no and if you have already had five video calls, have said you are going to buy three of them and then got cold feet three times then no, we won't be doing another one.


Sometimes you don't need a full set of builders you just need a handyman who can do a few small jobs for you. We have a few that we recommend. Why not just one? Because of availability again. Sometimes they might not be available for a time but you need somebody quickly. That's where our recommendations come in, not only good at those smaller jobs but also readily available.

Electricians and Plumbers

Again, individual electricians and plumbers who are available and not signed up to a permanent contract with a building company and who also speak English and Spanish are rare. We have them. Once more it's not always the same one. Depends on availability.

Currency Transfers

You need to get your money into Spain in order to purchase your property and this is where people often make huge mistakes by using and trusting their bank and making an international transfer. That's an expensive mistake to make. We introduce you to our currency partners here in Valencia who wil guide you through the best and most cost efficient way of getting your money from your account in your home country into your new account in Spain... and speaking of that...


Whether it's for health for your visa, house insurance, personal insurance for dangerous sports or whatever we work with a brokerage who can find you the best deal to find the insurance policy that is best for you. It's a simple introduction.

Bank Contacts

We know of lovely people who work in banks that will open your account for you without a NIE number and with just your passport and no major deposit needed. We make the appointment for you and then let you get on with it, after all opening a bank account includes some private information. We choose the best people in the most efficient branches who all speak English and know that you will be buying or renting property here so will be putting money through the account. Obviously they have to perform the Know Your Client (KYC) Checks on you but you haven't got anything to hide have you? Most of our clients, ie 100% are usually squeaky clean.

Mortgage Providers

Down the line you may need another bank account if you decide to buy with a mortgage because the bank that gives you the mortgage will insist on you opening an account with them. However having two accounts is not necessarily a bad thing but if you don't want the original one after getting your mortgage elsewhere then it's easy enough to close it down. In order to get that mortgage we work with Mortgage Direct and their advisors. They are excellent and you should be getting a pre approval. You can read more about the process of getting a mortgage in Spain here.

Interior Designers

We have quite a few interior designers that we know and trust to help people with their projects whether you want help with decoration of interior spaces or just selection of furniture that would suit or you want a theme for your property makeover, our interior designers can help you out.

Help With Visas

In order to get here and live here you may need a visa and if you need a visa then you may need someone to guide you threough the Spanish bureaucracy of getting that visa. (I didn't say may there I said "Will" need someone) We will put you in touch with the right person for your DNV, your NLV, Your GV or whichever other visa you may be looking for. Expect to pay but I can honestly say it's money well spent if they stop you having a rejection thrown back at you.

School Contacts

Every year around this time I get the deluge of people asking to speak with me to talk about what lies between the lines on our international schools article. And every year I tell them exactly what is going on in the international school world which generally boils down to "it's pretty obvious in the article which schools you should avoid and if there are places available at the ones where it's not obvious you should avoid them then take the spaces". However we do have contacts in most of the international schools who give us regular feedback from the coal face. That helps keep us up to date.

Movers and Removals

We have some recommendations of international movers and removals but it obviously depends where you are coming from. We ask our clients what their experience was like and if they would recommend their movers and sometimes they say yes and we add another one onto the list. Locally if you need things moving from one place to another we can find that man with a van to pick things up and transport it to your house so when you have contacted that person on Facebook who is selling a Welsh Dresser or an Aga then we can usually find someone available to pick it up. Equally when you want to get rid of everything in your property because... well just because.... then we can also find someone to take it away and sometimes it's free. The deal is that if there is good stuff that you don't want then the removal guy takes all the crap too and gets the decent stuff included.

Changeover of Utilities.

On purchase we change the utilities over to your name and bank account. We also make sure to put one utility in each of the two partners names for that time when you need to prove that you have an address and need a utility bill to prove it. The truth is that it is often our lawyer's secretary who does this job and sometimes it's the selling agent to make sure bills aren't still going through the previous owner's name and account but somehow it will be done.

Contracting Internet.

We find you the best deal. What the best deal is changes most weeks. It takes a couple or a few days to get installation done.

Home Security Systems

If you want an alarm we can get it for you. You don't generally need an alarm here but if you are going to be leaving your property empty for long periods then it might be worth it. What we won't do any more is give our phone number as the contact because... oh that's a long story told many times and involving mice.


Can we rent your property out for you? You bet we can. If you want it rented long term, medium term or even... no forget the short term stuff, we leave that to others. Our new project Stepping Stone Rentals is the one we are going to be pushing now though as the website is ready to go and the only thing stopping us from going full tilt at the moment is... summer. Yeah, lots of people away, lots of preparation going on in the background and a lot of it is getting interrupted by summer holidays.

One Last Thing on This

All of these before, during and after sale services (And quite a few more as we are asked) are ONLY available to our clients. The reason we get so many calls from people asking if we can help them is because most agencies don't even start to scratch the surface of what we offer, what we know and where we will go to sort out issues for our clients. So much so that every now and again we get a client who when you give them a hand tries to bite off the whole arm in the style of Jaws even three and a half years after their purchase. There is a stopping off point for everyone. Even we have it. We won't just go and get a bigger boat every time.

News From Valencia (Or Rather About Valencia)

More good publicity for Valencia as it has been named the Brits favourite beachside destination in the latest survey that can't resist the charms of the Valencian coastline. "Which" magazine in its annual poll placed Valencia in first place... again, above Porto and perennial candidates Barcelona, Malaga, Venice and some surprises like Syracuse (Expect this to rise because of the new Indiana Jones movie) Valencia just gets good publicity.

Property of the Week

If it's Ruzafa you want and you want to spend under 220k and not have anything to do to get it up to speed and there are at least two bedrooms there is just a single property for sale, just one and to continue our film theme, there can be only one. But this is not a property for just any old Highlander.

Located a stone’s throw from the central park and on one of the quieter Russafa streets, this recently renovated apartment is excellent investor material (In fact it would be perfect for our newly launched medium term rental project. See the link here). Don’t let the fact that it’s an interior apartment put you off, bags of light here due to the fact there isn’t any buildings in front of your windows and the only thing you might need to think about is putting in an a/c split (fear not Americans, a/c installation over here is very affordable).

A great spot to use as a get-away for a couple of months of the year while you make a very tidy return on your investment for the other 10 months, give us a shout and we will be happy to arrange a visit. If you happen to have everything in place to make a purchase but can’t get here right now, let us know and we can arrange a video-call from the property as well (If you are already registered as one of our clients).

The Latest Podcast

In the last podcast we talked about the current state of the market in summer 2023, what people from the UK think about living abroad, how not to work with Valencia Property and why there is not a ticking mortgage timebomb in Spain like there is in other countries. Have a listen on the podcast page here or below by clicking on the play button. Just 15 minutes this time so grab a coffee and take a listen.

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