The Top Reasons American Buyers are Flocking to Valencia for Real Estate

The numbers of American clients that pass through our virtual doors at Valencia Property continues to grow. Quarter by quarter and year by year we continue to see greater numbers of Americans looking to buy real estate in Valencia either to settle here or to have a holiday home leading up to retirement when they intend to settle permanently. We are often asked why this is and we constantly see posts online asking those who have already made the move whether it was worth it. The answers are almost 100% positive by those who have moved. The tendency even got into the pages of the New York Post.

So today on the blog we thought we would look again at why Americans specifically are attracted to Valencia and, by extension, Spain. Before we start though, a couple of months after publishing this article we found this video online confirming some of what we talk about below.


The number one reason that so many Americans are moving to Valencia is cited as being for safety reasons. People in the USA do not feel safe any more and more importantly they do not feel their family is safe any more. Valencia is one of the safest places in Spain and also the World to live as an American. Gun crime is almost non-existent, violent crime is negligible and robberies are also extremely low.

When Americans do their research online they find this out but more importantly when they visit they find that they don't have to worry about no-go areas, about wandering into a part of town where they may feel uncomfortable or being caught in a crossfire or drive by shooting. They don't need to worry about their neighbour being a MAGA nutjob with a gun obsession.

They also find that the suburbs are what the American suburbs aspired to be in the 50s, nice places with good facilities within easy reach of the city and all of its amenities and they don't have to spend hours in traffic to get there.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Valencia compares extremely well with not only that of the States but also the other big cities in Spain. It's considerably cheaper to buy or rent property in Valencia than Madrid, Barcelona and even San Sebastian and Bilbao. For the third biggest city in Spain to have an afforadable cost of living while lying on the shores of the Mediterranean and to be just so darn attractive is a bit of a boon. You can read more about the cost of living for Americans with details of how much it really costs in the post below. Just click on the image to be taken to the post.


One of the biggest issues worrying Americans in the States is the soaring cost of health insurance and worrying about losing a job and therefore losing access to that health care. Medical bankruptcy is a huge problem in the States and it's something that doesn't exist in Spain. You are either covered by the health service here or you have a health insurance that costs a fraction of what it costs in the States and has no co-payments on treatments and no excess payment. You need a medical treatment, you get it.

Lifestyle Issues

In the States people identify themselves through what they do and where they work. Work is the centre of life. In Spain people work to be able to live at the weekends, during the numerous fiestas or through the long summer holidays. If you work in Spain you get a minimum of 30 days holiday per year plus national holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, local holidays at times... In other words a lot more than the "Two weeks and don't stay away longer or you'll be sacked" in the States.

Lunches last longer, the Spanish invented the term "la sobremesa" for that time period where you are sitting chatting at your table after a meal. Evenings go on longer, long into the "Madrugada". Weekends are extended where possible and many companies now don't worry about people coming in on the Friday afternoon as they know their employees want to get away for the weekend. People take time off in the morning to go for a coffee and it may last quite a long time. It's something to get used to.

If you want to meet up with a friend there are no battles of the calendar in which you finally manage a mutually convenient time for a quick coffee one morning three months away which inevitably gets forgotten about. In Spain you live. As lots of Brits understand too, before they moved to Spain they were just existing, now they are living.

Lifestyle Design For Valencia City Lovers


We mentioned earlier the lack of traffic jams but didn't mention the quality of the roads and motorways. Getting around Spain is a pleasure whether you use your own car or the efficient and plentiful public transport system. Valencia is a good hub for this and therefore becomes a central point for exploring Spain. Located on the Mediterranean corridor with new trains arriving soon to make journeys north and south much quicker you can already get to Madrid in just over an hour and a half by ultra fast trains. And from there Spain is your oyster.

Now some might say why not just base yourself in Madrid then? So many reasons but climate, pollution, lack of a coastline and an awful local government are just a few. Yes it's the capital and has many things to offer but when it's just an hour and a half away by train, Madrid is so much better for visits than for living and you also don't have to put up with the much higher property prices.

Within the city of Valencia too getting around is easy, buses, metros, bikes or your own legs will get you around all areas of the city easily and quickly. If you use your car don't expect it to be easy to park though. It's almost better to use a taxi around the city.


Those who come recommend. They recommend us to their friends and family, they recommend us on Facebook and other social media and they generally recommend Valencia too and they recommend it to everyone. They don't do this as a way of showing off, they do it to share their good fortune and their decision. Why wouldn't you recommend somewhere to live that offers so much? This of course means that the numbers coming grow and we find that when one couple comes then very soon we are dealing with their friends, their family and others they know. It's a bit of a virtuous circle.

Visa Options

The visa options for coming to live in Valencia are good for Americans because the requirements for getting the Non-Lucrative Visa previously and now the Digital Nomad Visa are relatively easy. The average US income is a lot more than the requirements needed for the NLV or the DNV and for those who continue to receive the same amount, whether it being through work or investments/pensions, their money goes a long way.

The recently added Digital Nomad visa is being used a lot by a younger crowd who need to continue working and coming to work in a place like Spain is a very attractive option for many. As a time zone it works well too for Americans as it means they can have their work done and their working day over satisfying their companies or bosses on the other side of the pond before midday, especially those working with companies on the west coast.


We had a client recently who said that due to the recent local election results they would not now be pursuing coming to Valencia or Spain. They were worried about a move to the right. They were from Tennessee. Yes, Tennessee. This place.

The majority of people who come to Valencia and Spain from the States are more liberally or progressively minded. There is a Democrats Abroad association in Valencia but of course Republicans abroad could probably meet around a small table with space left over as not many of them have passports and Valencia won't offer them what they are looking for: Guns, MAGA lovers, Budweiser and Confederate Flags are not too common around Valencia. Pride flags, an international crowd and craft beer places are much more common. Long may it stay that way.

We did once have a MAGA supporter visiting on a reccy tour. We didn't pull out all the stops. One meeting for a coffee and we told them it probably wouldn't work for them before saying "Adios" as opposed to "Hasta Luego". We don't need all the clients, we'll let others deal with some of course.

What Do Americans Look For In Their Realtor?

One of the things we do as realtors is to make sure we live up to the expectations of our American clients. They are as follows.

  1. Local expertise: Buyers want a realtor who knows the local real estate market inside and out, including the neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and other important factors that affect property values. That's us.
  2. Communication skills: Buyers want a realtor who is a good listener and communicator, who can understand their needs and preferences and communicate clearly and effectively throughout the buying process. And we are good at listening but even better at being proactive and making suggestions as we know the market and we know our clients.
  3. Responsiveness: Buyers expect their realtor to be responsive and available when needed, whether by phone, email, or in person. They want to feel that their questions and concerns are being addressed promptly. The numbers of clients who tell us they have been in touch with others without reply is startling.
  4. Trustworthiness: Buyers want a realtor they can trust, who will act in their best interests and provide honest and transparent advice throughout the buying process. That's what we do.
  5. Professionalism: Buyers expect their realtor to be professional in their demeanor, appearance, and conduct. This includes being punctual, well-prepared, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. We don't do the appearance bit. No ties, no suits. We turn up and they take us as they see us in general. By our actions we demonstrate our professionalism not by sweating in a suit when it's over 100ºF out there.
  6. Negotiation skills: Buyers want a realtor who is skilled at negotiating and can help them get the best possible price and terms for their property purchase. Our advice here is golden to them.
  7. Attention to detail: Buyers want a realtor who pays close attention to details, including contracts, paperwork, and deadlines, to ensure a smooth and successful buying process. And we make sure everything is in place and correct before they put down any money.
  8. Marketing expertise: Buyers want a realtor who has expertise in marketing properties, including online and social media marketing, to help ensure their property gets maximum exposure and attracts the right buyers. Obviously they have found us so they see we get things more visible.

News From Valencia

There was a bit of a surprise in the elections last week, a pleasant surprise actually which is unusual in these times in politics. The elections didn't give the result that was expected and a hung parliament was the result. The biggest losers were Vox, the nationalist fascist party of idiots, climate deniers and machismo lovers who after getting a really good result in the local and regional elections scared everyone enough by what they have done in local government to make people say "Nah, don't want that in government".

The PP unfortunately became the biggest party in parliament but they cannot govern without the support of Vox and others and the "others" will not support them if they take the support of Vox as nobody wants to be associated with that rancid group of a***holes as in any future elections they will be destroyed by voters deserting them in droves for having allowed Fascists into Government. Expect another set of elections later in the year. That'll be fun. Adelante España.

Property Of The Week

Back in the day Spanish towns grew up around the church. Religion had a big hold on the population. Later on politics came to Spain and living next to the Town Hall was seen as just as important. In many Spanish towns the town hall is right next to the main church in the central square.

Here we are opposite the town hall and down the road from the church in the Main Square of Meliana, the historic bit if you like. And here we have one of the town house mansions that hide so much space and secrets behind a beautiful facade. You want space, you have it. You want a garden, you have it. You want a jumbled labyrinth of rooms then once again you have it. Everything you could want from a town house in fact, history, very high ceilings, reform opportunities and a whole lot more.

The price is 420k but you will need a good deal more to reform this place especially if you want to incorporate the upstairs part into the lower floor. Oh didn't I say, the upstairs part is currently accessed via a staircase from next door as it used to be the Casino for the town back in the day of the Spanish Republic.

Potentially here then you have two dwellings on the main square very close to Valencia and about 150m away from the railway station for easy access to the city in a pretty little town with all facilities to hand. You could even put a pool in the garden at the back.

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