Where to Start This Week...

There's so much to write about this week that it's difficult to know where to start. Should we go with the weather and the hottest ever temperature in Valencia? Should we start with the Instagram interview we did last week? The new websites and projects? The official launch of Stepping Stone Rentals and the first reserves made? The agreed sales? New listings? ... There's so much. But first it's still holiday time isn't it...?

Officially I'm Still on Holiday

Graham here with the writing as usual and officially due to a modernisation on my house, still unfinished at the time of writing, I'm still feeling in Digital Nomad mode having just arrived back home yesterday from three weeks out.

However the "break" from Valencia has given me the space I needed to get some websites done, order a few new features for the current websites, do some content creation and reset the business. We have also taken on new people and incorporated others more into the business so now I'm not sure what the numbers are when I am asked "How many people work in your company with you?"

The Valencia Hotspot

Coming back into Valencia and living in a Stepping Stone Rental property for a time was a bit weird as it coincided with the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city. And I say weird because it was such a short phenomenon, not all day but a bubble of hot air that came down from inland Valencia and raised the temperatures temporarily to over 44ºc. This lasted about an hour or so and as suddenly as it came it was gone with the onshore breeze taking over and bringing the temperature down to a much more manageable 34ºc an hour later. 44ºc is crazily hot and I really don't know how people from Córdoba, Sevilla, Murcia and Madrid stand it as it happens there regularly, especially in the Andaluz cities and Murcia.

The Instagram Interview

I'm not going to pretend that I begin to understand the intricacies of Instagram but apparently the interview I gave last week to @movetotraveling was an Instagram Live event. You can see it below. It's an interview of around 40 minutes so grab a coffee or tea and set yourself up to listen. We cover a lot of ground, the new licences for agencies here in Valencia, the process of buying, the market conditions, renting and buying in Valencia, the setting up of Stepping Stone Rentals and a whole lot more.

Valencia Property Building

We are currently working on three new websites to complement the Valencia Property main website, this blog and all of our socials. One of the main ones is a dedicated page for our building and modernisation service which you can find here https://valencia-property.com/building/ We have been asked by so many people who weren't clients of ours having bought whether we can quote for the jobs that they need doing that we thought it was time to actually have something online that they could look at and find to get more information.

It's a basic site at the moment, a work in progress, with an introductory homepage, testimonials, about and contact but over time it will grow with information about new jobs that are ongoing, before and after pictures of our projects and more information about the process of modernising property in Valencia.

Valencia Property in Dutch

We are just a few weeks away from having both our Dutch website fully up and running and in Dutch and also the new Dutch blog about property in Valencia is working already. These are exciting times in Valencia Propertyland as we expand into new markets and take on new projects. Come along for the ride. I knew there was a reason I chose orange as the main colour for the site many years ago.

Stepping Stone Rentals Full Launch

We are also just a few weeks away from the full launch of Stepping Stone Rentals and we are in the process of putting together a portfolio of properties which you can see on the main site and a blog talking about everything to do with medium term rentals, the properties we put up, and a whole lot more.

Nevertheless, we have already signed our first contracts with tenants for starting their stay here in September onwards and we look forward to welcoming them to their new medium term homes in Valencia. Remember you can follow us on our SSR Instagram account too to see what we are doing.

New Listings and Agreed Sales

The next few weeks before September will see us making a concerted effort on all of the above things to do but at the same time we will also be trying to list more properties and get things in place for the deluge of clients looking to purchase in Valencia that we have visiting in September too.

We have been scouring the various property portals, ringing up agents we work with and walking the streets talking to people to dredge up more options for property for you to buy. We are printing out a few thousand of the following postcards with a QR code to take people to our Spanish article encouraging owners to list their properties with us if they want to sell.

You will soon see the effects of this on the homepage we hope with more listings, more Valencia eye candy and a greater selection for when you come over and visit.

YOUR First Step to Buying Valencia Property

We have updated our form to fill in to let us know more about what you are looking for when you come over. Fill it in below to let us know more about what you want in your Valencia Property. We'll set up a chat and get back to you to talk about how we can help you to find your ideal property in Valencia. If you need to know what to fill in just click through to the article about how to fill in the form here and take your first step towards living in Valencia.

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Property of the Week

After a week that saw the highest temperature ever recorded in Valencia city (nearly 45C!), it might seem a bit inappropriate to be listing this very bright, south facing apartment but it won’t be long before Autumn is here and we’re all loving the Valencia sunshine again.

Don't let the photos put you off, it's a lot brighter and airier than they make it look. It's in good condition, no immediate renovation needed, although there is potential for the kitchen and living to be opened up, and while you’re at it the 2 smaller bedrooms could be turned into one large one. There is a decent sized balcony to enjoy that winter sun, all rooms except the bathroom are exterior and get direct sun most of the day, and yes, there is air-conditioning!

Location is fantastic too. This is a part of the city that is often underestimated by house hunters. Non-Valencians at least, the locals love this area. Its 10 minutes walk from the riverbed, so the city centre is only another couple of minutes on the other side of that. The tram that continues to the beach passes right by, and that connects with the airport metro after just a few stops.

This apartment is rented out at the moment but the tenants are leaving in a few weeks (September), so we’re giving you a heads up now a couple of weeks in advance so you have time to get yourself organised to get over here and see it. At this price it won’t be around for long

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