Stepping Stone Rentals Needs More Properties

We have now fully launched Valencia Property's new project Stepping Stone Rentals where we offer three month rentals for people coming into Valencia as a first step before finding their long term rental, purchase or even as a Schengen Stopover for Digital Nomads. We have written about the new company before here and will continue to mention how it's going in this blog as we move forward. We may also incorporate the rentals into the Valencia Property homepage in the near future. However there is one thing we need to satisfy the demand we are seeing and that is more properties.

As a startup Stepping Stone Rentals got its first properties through our immediate network of Valencia Property clients all of whom had bought a property and wanted to rent it out or were already doing tourist rentals or long term rentals but were currently empty or they were just sick of Airbnb and changeovers.

Even before officially launching we had enquiries for renting properties from people all over the World who were seeing our tease posts about the process of setting up the company. We now have a decent selection of properties but we need more. And we need more of the following types among others. Have a read and see if you have one to offer us.

Family Properties

Initially we thought that the main demand would be from young people such as digital nomads wanting a smaller place to land in Valencia. While this has been the case we have been surprised by the number of enquiries we have had from families wanting three bedrooms or more. So much so we have not had any availability of this type of property as those we had have been rented immediately. So we need three (or even four) bedroom apartments in the city of Valencia itself and maybe in the areas surrounding Valencia near to the international schools.

Properties With Terraces

One of the surprisingly common requests we have had is for properties with terraces. Again, initially we didn't think this would be an important consideration for people looking to stay for just three months before moving onto their long term rental or their purchase. However the first rentals we have done have all had terraces included. Now this could be something to do with the fact that we were in high summer and people were looking at spending more time outside or it could be something that will be a long term trend too. We'll see.

Private Houses

At the moment we don't have any full private houses for rental, as you can see below we do have a shared house, but we have had requests especially from families, looking to have a house with garden and pool. Our original plan was to deal with apartments only as these require less maintenance and ongoing care and so therefore would be a cheaper alternative. We also thought as mentioned above that our clients would largely be more city focussed being younger. However as we have had requests we think this may be something that will suit a certain percentage of clients. If you want to send us your house for this type of rental you'll need to have a gardener and/or pool cleaner included so that the property and gardens are maintained during the rental but obviously this can be reflected in the price.

Two/Three Bedroom Properties With Study Areas

We have had plenty of enquiries from students looking to move into Valencia however they are often looking for shared places and longer time periods. Our focus is on three month rentals as you will have read but we have been asked for four or five month rentals by Erasmus students already. We don't really want to do six months or longer as we do not want to become a student rental service but we will consider Erasmus student rentals for shorter periods. If your property has two or three bedrooms with a study area/large living room with desks then send us it to take a look at.

No Exclusivity

We don't require you as an owner to sign an exclusive contract with us. You can keep advertising your property on other platforms such as Airbnb, Booking or elsewhere. We just need to know when your property isn't available so we can block that out on the calendar and for you to let us know when you have another booking so we change the available dates.

The ability to fill downtimes when you or your family or friends are not using your property is a huge advantage of Stepping Stone Rentals. As long as the gaps between visits are longer than three months we may be able to fit a client in for you and you do not need a tourist licence as these rentals are medum term "Alquileres de Temporada". Your property doesn't need to be always available!

International Exposure For Your Property

We were featured in the Telegraph this weekend, we are often featured in the international press giving more exposure to your property and also the knowledge that you are working with an established and trustworthy agency. If you have a subscription for the Telegraph you can read the article here. If not then here's a few screenshots.

Send us Your Valencia Stepping Stone Rental

If you have a property that you would like us to take a look at with a view to incorporating it into our selection at Stepping Stone Rentals then contact us and tell us more about it. This is especially true if your property covers any of the bases above but we will look at all possibilities. You can take a look at the property requirements here and the facilities needed here.

What Do You Want in Your Stepping Stone Rental?

If you are looking to make your first step into Valencia then contact us and find out what is currently available for you. We are always looking to add properties into our selection and there may be one we are yet to photograph which is perfect for you. Here are some currently available examples.

This modernised apartment in Museros couldn't be more convenient as a base for your initial Stepping Stone Rental Property. Right next to the metro station at Museros on line 3 and with metros into the city every 20 minutes and a journey time around the same you can get into and out of Valencia easily and cheaply while at the same time having everything to hand in this nice little town.

In your car it will take you 15-20 minutes into the city and ten minutes to the beach.

We counted six cafes open on the morning we took the pictures within 200m of the apartment. There is a convenience store below and a supermarket next door and the Mercadona is just 200m down the road with a Lidl the same distance again.

The apartment itself is fully equipped of course with two bedrooms, bathroom with shower, kitchen, hall and a living dining room. Obviously it has internet, TV, white goods, etc... in fact it's just ready for you to move into and start your Stepping Stone rental in Valencia.

Museros is a small town to the north of Valencia. It is right on the metro line to the north and takes about 20 minutes into the city or you can get there directly from the airport in about 45.

50 Euros a day with everything included and a guaranteed place to stay for a longer period of time... it puts certain other shorter term rental sites to shame.

Apartment in a house with Pool, Gardens and Off Road Parking

Something a little bit different here for those of you wanting a little bit more from your Stepping Stone Rental. A self contained apartment in a shared house with off road parking, shared pool, gardens and fruit trees and more. And they are all looked after for you.

The apartment in itself is the ground floor of the house and has its own private entrance. It comprises a living room, hall, large kitchen, two double bedrooms and a large bathroom with shower. Of course like all Stepping Stone Rentals it comes fully furnished and equipped and is ready to be moved into from the start of September.

Located just outside La Pobla de Vallbona and L'Eliana the house is in a cul de sac meaning it is extremely quiet. You can get to the Carrefour supermarket in just five minutes in the car and there are a few cafes and bars within walking distance. La Pobla and Eliana are just five minutes away in the car but it will take you a good half hour to walk to them. Valencia is just 18 minutes away in the car and you can be at a few beaches within half an hour easily. The airport is also 15-20 minutes away. The bus into Valencia stops 15 minutes walk away from the house too.

Contact us for more information and photos but suffice to say that this is an excellent Stepping Stone Rental and just a little bit different. Also the family living in the top half of the house are lovely and the garden flat is lived in by the handyman for the house in case anything goes wrong.

*I can vouch for this one personally having lived there during the summer for a while. Available from October.

La Seu in the heart of Valencia just a few metres away from the riverbed and a short stroll to the cathedral this two bedroom apartment with a large and rather fetching terrace is an amazing place to land with your Stepping Stone Rental. Here you will have everything at hand with all of Valencia on your doorstep and a large terrace overlooking the rooftops of central Valencia. You are just a few metres away from the "Turia" riverbed park and have very easy access to plenty of shopping adventures, history and culture.

Of course the apartment is fully furnished and equipped with a cubby hole office in the corner of the living dining room and fast internet of course. There are two double bedrooms, a large bathroom with bath and shower and a decent sized fully equipped kitchen.

Plenty of cushions for the outdoor furniture as you can see in the pictures when they were stored inside. Everything is comfortable and ready to go!

It's a fifth floor with a lift and on a quiet side street with a fantastic restaurant just across the road and also plenty of other options within 200m. There are bus routes almost on your doorstep to get out and about in Valencia, not to mention the epic network of cycle paths is also accessed from just across the road.

Crossing the nearby riverbed takes you into Viveros park too, one of the best established in Valencia with its summer concerts and events and the fine arts Museum, the Serranos Towers and the Old Town are all within a five minute stroll. If you are looking for peace and quiet right in the heart of the city as the starting point for your Valencia life then you could do a lot worse.

Of course like all Stepping Stone Rentals you can have three months initially and all costs are included in the price. Contact us for more information and to book this superb penthouse in central Valencia.

The Upcoming Podcast

In the next couple of days we will be releasing September´s Valencia Property podcast. In it we will be looking at what we have published over the last month, there will be interviews with those involved in all of the new businesses and more information about each one and we will be looking at much more to do with Valencia Property. If you are reading this a few days after this post is published then the podcast can be listened to below, if you are one of our voracious readers who gets this hot off the press you'll have to wait a few days.

Visit Our Podcast Page Here

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Half the world away? Not quite but just outside Valencia on an excellently quiet road and some might say with all facilities to hand. An Oasis theme to this one so if you have the funds and you're not gonna Live Forever buy it now.

"It's no wonder that certain areas and streets seem to be perennially popular for our type of client, recently we sold a lovely large house just across the road and now we have another excellent listing, lets call it Oasis of Calm Part II, set on the same quiet cul de sac, here once again we find a wonderful home for a large family with loads of room to spread out on its two levels, perfect, private and peaceful. Close to everything but half the world away.

This well proportioned villa on a manageable plot is key ready, mainly set on one floor there is also direct access to the large under-build which is currently used for work and play and leads us to the manicured gardens, ideal for larger gatherings and lazy days around the pool. The importance of being idle. Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a light and airy open plan living room and large kitchen with numerous nooks and terraces to play hide and seek with the sun and cast no shadow, depending on the time of year.

And if you missed out on that other property, don’t look back in anger and don’t go away, d’ you know what I mean?"

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