There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question


I spend a lot of my time online telling people "We have a blog post about that" And that's because we get asked the same questions over and over and we use those questions as the basis for blog posts. However, at times we get questions that floor us, not because we don't know the answer but because, well... just because.

Now you dear reader haven't got a single stupid question in your head, we know that and respect you for it. But we also know that despite the fact that you wouldn't ask a stupid question that there are others in the World who might and it seems that many of those people inhabit the nether regions of Facebook or they just send me a whatsapp out of the blue and say something like, "Does Spain have debit cards?" or "Have you ever seen this product in Spain as I am thinking of moving there and want to import them?" or "Does your website require our SEO services?" (Whoops that last one is just the constant stream of spam) The answers of course are yes, no and not from you.

There's No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

However, we do understand the questions we get regularly because everyone has similar ones of course. Questions about the process of buying, about getting a mortgage, about best areas to live about prices and how the market is doing are what we answer every day and many times we just say "We have a blog post about that". I even find myself saying it on phone calls with people. I was recently on a call with 40 North Americans looking to move to Spain and more specifically Valencia and found myself repeating "We have a blog post about that" as if it were a mantra because... well, we do and it's the best way for you to find out everything about the questions that were being asked.

In the spirit of this we therefore chatted this week about the top questions we get asked, the most common ones that come up for almost everyone and direct you to the place we answer them because believe it or not... "we have a blog post about that".

What's The Process For Buying Property in Valencia?

The basics. How can you buy a property in Valencia? The process might be very different than in your own country so we wrote the post at the link in order to explain the whole process, just click on the image. This one was 2018 but the process has remained essentially the same since then.

What is the Purchase Process of Valencia Property

How Can I Get A Mortgage in Valencia?

Firstly you have to have provable income. You don't need to be a resident or Spanish or have a history here but you do need to prove your income, where it comes from and whether you will be able to afford any mortgage offered. Of course the full process and what you can expect is detailed in the post below, again, just click on the image to learn more.

Where Are The Best Areas Outside the City?

A common question by those coming here with families and wanting a house, perhaps with a pool or garden is where are the best areas in the suburbs?. Of course the best is a bit of a subjective thing as it depends on your requirements and what you are looking for out of life, but our selection and why we choose them can be found in the link by clicking the image below.

What's Happening in the Market in Valencia?

More or less every quarter we have a market report on what's happening in Valencia in terms of sales, prices and more. Our latest market report for Autumn 2023 came out a month ago as I write this and you can see it by clicking on the link below. However if you are reading this in the future then it may be that it's better to click this link where you can find all of our articles about the Valencia Property market.

Where Are The Best Neighbourhoods in Valencia City?

Again this is a subjective one but when we are asked about the best neighbourhoods in Valencia this is what we give to people. Just click on the image to find out more. The neighbourhood suitable for you though will depend on your budget too not just on which place is one of the best. It may be that with a more restricted budget then your choice is more limited, it may be that you won't find anything because you believe that the prices are those you can see on an episode of "A Place in the Sun" you watched yesterday but was actually recorded ten years ago and is on repeat on daytime TV giving people false hope.

Can You Help Me With A Modernisation?

Yes we can probably. Lots of our clients buy a place because the location and the potential are perfect even though the kitchen and bathrooms are from the 1950s and there is a rabbit warren of bedrooms coming off a long corridor with wallpaper inspired by "The Shining". Of course, that may actually be your style, who am I to judge? (Weirdo) But if you'd prefer something different then take a look at the article below, click on the image, or contact our renovation team directly on their website.

Is Renting Easy?

No it isn't but we have made it a bit easier for your initial rental with our new Stepping Stone Rentals which give you a three month rental to land before you make your long term rental or purchase choice. The rental crisis in Valencia continues apace and we talked just last week about buying investment property to rent out. But if you want to know more about the rental crisis and know more about why renting is so difficult at the moment then just click on the image below.

Other Questions

There are so many other questions that people ask and yes, we probably have a blog post about that. But don't be afraid to ask especially if you cannot find anything about the question on these pages. One request though, don't just ask it on a Facebook group. You'll get as many answers as opinions and most all of them will be wrong through the "experts" that don't have anything better to do than skulk in the background and answer you with "DM" rather than actually demonstrating that they know anything (especially those claiming 30 years experience despite having arrived here earlier this year). I answer a lot in Facebook groups but I usually just say, "we have a blog post about that" with a link.

The Latest Valencia Property Podcast

It's a busy week but at some stage this week we will have the latest podcast. I just have to record it, edit it, upload it and get it ready for you. Once it is done you will be able to listen to it below and in there we have got a little anecdote which may blow your socks off.

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Then click on all of the images above to open up a world of other blog posts. And if you have any questions feel free to ask us. Also to take a look at the latest properties for sale in Valencia and around the city then take a look at our home page with plenty of new properties every week. You know the drill, just click on the image below to go to our homepage.

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