Valencia Property Services 2023-2024

This post was prompted last week when in our internal Whatsapp group Jess asked, "Where's the article about the investment property service?". We have been working in so many ways with clients over the last few years and have written previously about all of the services that we offer but we think that a lot of things are getting lost as there is just so much information on our blog and main page that we thought it was time to bring it all together in one post. A quarter of a century of experience in the Valencia Property market is difficult to distil down into a single blog post and service offers but we have tried here to make the best use of our time and also to give the best service possible to our clients.

Not only for you but also for us we thought it was time to make clear what we can do for you as a potential buyer or seller of Valencia Property. In this post we are going to go into detail about all of the services we have for buying and selling Valencia Property and we will also look at our other services including rentals, renovations and more. You can read a bit about our extensive network in this blog post.

Buyers Agency - Our Core Offer

The main purpose of Valencia Property is as a buyers agent or a personal property shopper for potential buyers of property in Valencia. We do this by getting clarity to find out exactly what you want and then going out there and finding it for you when you visit us here in Valencia or by virtual visits. Our hugely experienced team of agents have been working in and around Valencia for decades and know everything there is to know about the property market in Valencia and also the city or areas you are interested in moving to. Ask any question and the likelihood is that we know the answers for you.

The process is as follows: You contact us, we talk with you, arrange everything for you, take you to see potential properties, help you to negotiate a purchase and hold your hand through all of the stages of the purchase process until the final signing.

Post sale service is also there with ongoing help with everything you might need to know once you have purchased your Valencia Property including help with renovations, see below, setting up your ongoing payments for utilities and more. Clients come back to us years after purchases with questions and we are always more than happy to answer those questions because we know what we are doing.

This is done in what will seem to you as a seamless and structured way. We make sure you get a property that is as close as possible to your ideal property at a reasonable price and in the best condition and we try to make it look effortless avoiding you having to worry about Spanish bureaucracy, the potential for being scammed by bad actors and pressure selling techniques common in the real estate market.

Valencia Property is Your Buying Agent, Your Personal Property Shopper

We pride ourselves on knowing the market better than anyone else, knowing what is available, what's good, what's bad and everything in between.

As we have written before on this blog we have everything in place for you to organise your Valencia Property purchase and to help you beyond your purchase too with our renovation team, pre-visit services including free video consultation calls and post purchase help with settling down, key holding, renting out your property and more.

You deserve the best service so come and get it from your buyers' agent in Valencia. And if you want a consultation call read this and contact us.

Selling Your Property

For those people being lucky enough to already be living in Valencia or to have a property here but wanting to sell it to upgrade, downsize or move elsewhere then we have a property selling package where we can offer the best shop window for your property.

We put together a photo package with photos, 360º images, floor plans and of course our inimitable descriptions and social media reach. Apart from this though, we are full members of ASICVAL, the Valencian Real Estate Association and we work with all of their members to get the widest reach for properties we are given. If you have a property in or around Valencia let us know and we will come and take a look. You can read more in this post and if you want it in Spanish then here.

Investment Property Sherlock Service

This year we introduced a property finding service for properties under 200k which we initially called our Sherlock Service (And as nobody came up with a better name we are keeping it that way). We only take on a few clients per month on this service (As we have limited availability on our time) but it is being very successful for clients looking to buy investment properties or properties at the cheaper end of the market where other agents are less well disposed to collaborate as they know they will sell relatively quickly to their own clients.

On reserving your Valencia Property Sherlock Service place we will allocate one of our highly experienced team who will work with you from the beginning until you find your ideal property. Remember that if you choose this service you will also be paying the agency offering the property on purchase and our Sherlock Service fee of 2500 Euros plus VAT so bear that in mind. Also remember though we will be concentrating on you and your requirements. This is simply a service is to take advantage of Valencia Property's network of expertise, local knowledge and contacts while getting access to every property on the market that is available when you make your visit as we want to be able to help everyone who gets in touch with us and not have to turn people away. We don't like saying to people we can't get into that one because the agent won't collaborate.

You can read more about the Sherlock Service here.

The Hand Holding Service

We've recently done this for a couple of people who were going through the process of purchasing with other agents and they just got a feeling that not all was clear to them. What they asked us to do was accompany them through the process, making sure that everything they were doing they were doing in the right way and at the right time.

We checked out the contract provided, changed a few things where needed and made sure they were accomapnied to the end of their Valencia Property buying journey successfully. The truth is for one of the sales done in this way the agency representing the sellers were excellent, there was nothing to worry about. There could be many reasons for this, from being excellent all the time to knowing that the buyer was going to be working with us and that they knew that we knew exactly what we are doing.

In both of the cases where we have offered this service the client has been lucky that we had an agent available and willing to take on the job and also the responsibility and in both cases they offered us a reasonable fee for doing the job which meant it was worth our time. Nevertheless we would have preferred for them to use our services from the beginning. Unfortunately they only found us after they were already deep in the process.

Free Consultation Call

Our most important offer to begin with is this. We continue to offer our hugely successful free initial consultation calls to anyone thinking of buying property in Valencia. We set aside half an hour and more to anyone to ask us anything to do with buying property in Valencia or even the process of moving to Valencia, schools, lifestyle, amenities, areas or whatever you want to chat about. We have an almost 100% record of people deciding to work with us on their property purchase or rental after chatting with us because we demonstrate our knowledge, honesty and openness to working with people we feel could take advantage of our experience and expertise.

We started this service during lockdown in 2020 and it was so useful to our future clients we then opened it out to anyone wanting to know more about Valencia Property, the Spanish Property market and to all of those wanting to get some more information from the longest established English speaking buyers agent in Valencia. Use our experience to guide you in what you are looking for.

We get clients calling from all over the World but we usually take these calls in the early evening Spanish time (Morning in the States, evening in Europe and late night in Asia) so make your appointment as follows.

What You Need To Do

Send us a mail with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • How you want the call, Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom
  • What you would like to discuss
  • Best times and days for the chat (Timezone etc...)

Once we have the information we will contact you with details of the meeting and we can chat. The other option is to send me a Whatsapp to 0034 657994311 and ask to set up a chat. We'll probably send you a form to fill in first as below and then we can arrange something.

Orientation Visits and Ducks in a Row Service

We are still offering our Orientation Visits and Organisational Days. The Orientation Visit is for those who are visiting Valencia for the first time and those who want us to show them areas that may suit them based on their requirements sent on our form, see below. We charge 295 Euros plus VAT for our Orientation Mornings and they comprise visiting areas and/or towns to show you what might be available and suitable for you. Sometimes we include some property visits in the orientation if we have keys available and the properties match your requirements (just to give you an idea of what might be available when you are ready to buy). They also include lunch and an AMA (Ask me anything) with one of our team in one of our preferred restaurants.

We also organise the Ducks in a Row Organisational Mornings which comprises the opening of your bank account, preparation to apply for the NIE number, introduction to legal services and if required currency and mortgage introductions. Like everything with Valencia Property if you then go onto purchase property with us then we discount this upfront cost of the orientation mornings from our final bill.

Our WhatsApp Alert Service

We started our  Whatsapp alerts for our clients during the Covid19 lockdown and they were highly welcomed from those wanting to know the latest situation in Valencia. We then set up a group for anyone wanting to receive immediate updates from us about price drops, videos we produce with information, blog posts and new properties on the site.

If you want to be alerted to new listings, hidden listings, price drops etc... send me a whatsapp to 0034 657994311 with the message "Add me to the whatsapp group" + Your Name and we will add you in. We have various groups now as we filled the first ones because Whatsapp has a limit of 256 in a group, but we continue to keep everyone up to date with the latest market news and listings. Also make sure to allow messages from the group as they are sometimes held back due to default settings in Whatsapp for group messages.

And just one thing... we promise no voice notes... unless you ask for them... but surely nobody would do that would they?

The Valencia Property Rental Package

What we have found, especially in the last few years where finding good quality rentals has become much more difficult due to the advent of Airbnb and other holiday rental services, is that people are being ripped off when looking for property online and on arrival in Valencia. Estate agents have very few rental properties available and online portals often have properties that are no longer available or are basically clickbait to get you to contact. Private owners ask for onerous terms including at times a full year paid up front and they are especially reticent to rent to foreign clients as they cannot find a rental insurance that will cover them in case of problems.

As an agency with 25 years experience we have decided to put our contacts and reputation to good use for you. You tell us what you are looking for, your price range, your special requests and your arrival dates and we will set up appointments with agencies and private owners who trust us to have reliable clients. We will pick you up and accompany you to those appointments with owners and agents who may have what you are looking for. We will only take you to places that will accept you as a client (Many owners require a work history, bank guarantees and ridiculous terms and conditions in order to rent to you) We guarantee we will only take you to places where you will be able to rent. This will be done until you find the ideal property. We will then help to set up and help you to understand the rental contract.

However, we will only take on clients with reasonable expectations. You will still largely need three months payments upfront to pay agency fees (Despite this being outlawed early in 2023 most agencies still charge a fee and call it something else), deposit and the first month of your rental in advance and in cases of furnished apartments you may need a second month of deposit.

This service can be pre-booked from 895 Euros PLUS VAT

On properties over 1800 Euros per month we will be charging 50% of the monthly cost. On booking it you will be contacted by one of our advisors who will help you through the process from start to finish.

We also offer you an ongoing support service after your rental if required. This is especially important when dealing with a non-English speaking owner.

If you are interested in this service just get in touch and we will sign you up. Book early to avoid disappointment as we have many clients already looking for property and to change their lives here in Valencia and our specialists have a limited number of spaces available.

Stepping Stone Rentals

As rentals are so difficult for non residents and foreign clients we started Stepping Stone Rentals for initial rentals of three months on landing here in Valencia. These rentals are all inclusive with all costs included and are designed to give you peace of mind when making your first move to Valencia without having to worry about finding somewhere more permanent in a week when staying at a short term Airbnb or hotel. Less pressure and better outcomes as a result.

Equally, once you have arrived and are safely ensconsed in your medium term Stepping Stone rental property then you can choose to work with us on your long term rental or purchase and will get the full Valencia Property package in your search. As a Stepping Stone Rentals client you get preferential treatment on our rental package and purchase options.

Pricing and Offers

Valencia Property charges 3% plus VAT for our exceptional service when you buy a property. If you have previously used our rental service then we discount that cost from the commission charged.

If you have used the Stepping Stone Rental service we discount the 300 Euro contract and welcome fee from the commission.

If you buy a second property from us then we give you a 20% discount on your second purchase meaning 2.4% plus VAT. But wait we have one more offer we are trying out... Take a look.

"If you make an accepted offer on a property on the first day of your property search then we will give you a 15% discount on our normal fee added to any other discounts."

Now we can hear you saying "But I need to see more", "But you will keep back the good stuff until after the first day". Nope, life's too short. We very often sell a property that our clients see on the first day because we get it right straight away. With the current situation it might also suit you to make that offer on the first day too because those who hesitate often miss out on the property they want. Just last week a client saw the perfect property on the first afternoon, it was the first property and the next day they told us that they wanted to arrange a second viewing because they were sure it was for them...


It had been reserved that morning because as we often say, if it's good then it goes quickly. If you like it then others will too. There are plenty of people in the market at certain price ranges and in certain popular areas. Not for us to take you to twenty unsuitable properties then to the one we want you to buy. We'd prefer to take you to the right one for you first. It saves everyone time.

Valencia Remodels for Your Renovation

Once you have found your Valencia Property it might be that you have bought a place that needs a modernisation. Over the last six or seven years this has become one of the core offers in our business because we often guide people towards good bones and great location in a property and then they work with our project managers and builders to make that blank canvas their ideal home. We have now built this out into a separate company Valencia Remodels where we offer our experience to provide you with the confidence to go ahead with a project backed up by reliable builders and contractors organised by our project managers. Read more on the website with plenty of before and after images and project descriptions.

Services Not Directly Provided by Valencia Property

We offer you mortgage help, currency transfer help, lawyers and a whole slew of other support with your purchase but it must be emphasised that we do not do this directly, we do it through trusted collaborators who we know do a great job and are experts in their fields just like we are in ours. You can read more about mortgages and the whole process of getting a mortgage here, about Currency Transfers and getting value for money on your Valencia Property purchase here and about choosing a lawyer here. Also ask us about anything else you might want to know too and we can suggest professionals for it all.

Start Your Search Here

The first step to buying your own Valencia Property is to let us know what you are looking for, your budget and when you will be here. Fill in the form below and let us know. (If you want to read more about what you should be saying in the form then go to this post and read all about it) There's no obligation and it may be that we get back to you and let you know that your requirements are impossible but we won't know that if you haven't told us what you are looking for. Once you have done this then we should chat. Arrange a consultation call with us as above.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
If you want us to whatsapp you to setup a chat let us know in the 'Anything to add' box below.
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Property of the Week

An apartment a couple of minutes walk from Cullera beach, and equally close to supermarkets, restaurants and everything else you need to relax and enjoy your time by the Mediterranean.

This property comes as seen, all white goods and furniture included, and would make a great holiday apartment, or a no-hassle investment flat. Long term rental we estimate at least 550 a month, but renting it for the summer months while keeping it for yourself for the rest of the year would generate a similar enough return.

This apartment is on the fourth floor, there are 2 bedrooms and a nice east facing balcony on a quiet pedestrian street. Cullera is a great seaside town a little over 30 minutes from Valencia city. See our blog post about what it has to offer.

Golden Visa Property of the Week

Some people say that all new build properties look the same and on visiting this you might be inclined to agree from outside as there is a row of similar houses. The owner knows this as he built them, he is the developer of the road. However, what we know is that when someone builds something for themselves then they add in a few special features and in this case we have a lot of them.

So the basics are a luxury 350m2 house on a 524m2 plot. Three bedrooms, four bathrooms, two of the bedrooms have an en-suite, large open plan living-dining-kitchen area, and an underbuild superbly presented with the extras. Off road parking, garden, pool, views, newly built and ready to move in but with a but... see below.

The special features are the cinema room, the gym, the jacuzzi bath, the planned chill out Ibiza roof terrace, the laundry room, the car charger, the huge number of solar panels, the saline pool, the clover style lawn and the quite amazing cooker, you'll see when you visit what you can't see on the pictures. Huge amounts of storage, amazing finishes, high quality throughout with extras everywhere.

One thing the owner is asking for but it's not a deal breaker is an 18 month rental while he builds his own new house nearby. He will pay 4000 per month for this rental. However, if you would prefer to just move in he can organise something so don't worry if that doesn't suit you.

There's nothing to dislike here so if this is your budget then come and take a look. Well located near the golf course in Betera, with a supermarket nearby and just 20 minutes into the city of Valencia, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, the 360º Visit, Floor Plans and More Photos. You can see those here.

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