The Best Places to Buy in Valencia For Your Budget (Part Two)

Welcome to the second part of our study of the areas in and around the city that you should be thinking of in each price range when looking to buy property Valencia. Today we are looking at prices from 300k up to and above 1 million Euros. Remember that last week we looked into the lower price ranges and you can see that post here. We also introduce our latest revamped podcast where we have a discussion about what could possibly go wrong in your Valencia Property purchase and start our new series Valencia Stories with a cautionary tale.

To start though where should you be looking in each price range? Let's take a look. Just click on the images of the properties to see more photos and then send us an enquiry if it is something where you can see yourself living.

Price Range 300-400k

As last week we will be looking at different types of properties in the price range; apartments, townhouses and villas. At this price range in the city you can find something good in the most popular areas, Ruzafa, Cabanyal and Arrancapins in the city. You might even get a decent place in Ensanche near to the riverbed.

It's at this price range though that villas start to come into their own. San Antonio de Benageber, Betera, Calicanto and even Godella start to become available at this price. For townhouses you are now talking about places on the edge of the city and the metro like Paiporta, Picanya, Silla (As below) and Rocafort.

Price Range 400-500k

Just below the Golden Visa level is a difficult one for many of our clients as if they are looking for the Golden Visa then there is no point in buying in this price range unless you have a really cheap investment option too to make up the 500k. Ensanche is an area where you can find apartments with good potential at this price but you won't find places ready to move into as apartments there tend to be large and therefore even with lower prices per square metre when you multiply this by a lot of metres you get a high price. Remember that the reform cost of a property isn't included in the Golden Visa investment.

Villas at this price ready to move in and live can be found in Naquera, Serra, Olocau and some parts of Ribarroja. At this price range for townhouses you can get one just about anywhere when they are available but supply is low.

Price Range 500-650k (Golden Visa Territory)

Ensanche in Valencia and also the areas on both sides of the City of Arts and Sciences. Really anything overlooking the riverbed with views and a bit of height and the centre of Valencia are the places at this price but don't forget the towering heights of the avenue coming into Valencia from the suburbs, the Avenida de Las Cortes Valencianas and the Ikon Tower and the possibility of buying a whole house in the Cabanyal or overlooking the beach in Alboraya.

Outside the city the answer is L'Eliana of course. You can follow this with Rocafort, Godella, Ribarroja, Serra, Picassent and Torrent on the more exclusive estates. There are plenty of examples in this price range on our homepage as we have lots of Golden Visa clients coming over looking for this type of property. Take a look or just click on the images below to see these examples.

Price Range 650k -1m Euros

Once you get to this price range then you are looking at extremely attractive penthouse apartments in the city and lovely rambling villas on large plots in the best suburbs around Valencia. Of course you can find huge mansions by the golf course at Betera or Chiva too. Examples below if you're quick.

Price Range 1m and Up

The best areas for this type of property in the city, apartments, are the places with views, penthouses overlooking the main squares, the Cathedral, the City of Arts and Sciences and the houses by the beaches. And there aren't as many as you think. By definition a penthouse is the top floor so few are available and when they come up for sale despite the higher prices there is a lot of interest, both local and international. Also by definition first line houses are also limited in number. You'll find many more villas at over 1 million than penthouses or first line beach properties but still just because something is priced at over 1 million doesn't mean it's worth it, some people are "optimistic" in their valuations at times.

Outside the city then, huge rambling villas in Rocafort, Godella, around the golf course in Betera, L'Eliana and Ribarroja are the usual places to find these but there is a row of houses in the Malvarrosa by the beach which, when they come up for sale, command these sorts of prices. Mansions, Masias, Potential Hotels and Old Valencian Money type properties are what you find for this price. You know what they say, scarcity sells.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

(And Klaus the Dead German Builder)

Our latest podcast was released on Saturday and in it we changed the format. We started with a discussion about what could possibly go wrong with your property purchase in Valencia, something we will be finishing in the next podcast, and we had the first in our new series of Valencia Stories this first one being about Klaus the Dead German Builder (Perhaps) and Zodiac Villas.

Property of the Week

If you are a fan of game shows see how many you can spot in our latest description.

Just a gentle reminder that the Golden Visa rules and requirements could well be changing next year, sooner or later there will be a Countdown so time to start looking, and if you find a property and The Price is Right its probably a good idea to decide on Deal or No Deal. Apply for the Golden Visa and add your family, its The Generation Game.

8 out of 10 cats choose Ensanche, and we love this kind of property, It's a Knockout, a real Blockbuster, where the well heeled and high society mingle, Shooting Stars in A League of Their Own. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, it doesn’t matter, everyone here already is, Would I Lie to You?

So get in touch, say what you see and Give Us a Clue as to your requirements, Opportunity Knocks and we go Through the Keyhole, for you The Chase is on and we promise it won’t be a Knightmare.

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