Why Doesn't Valencia Property Appear on Property Portals?

There's one thing that we always make clear to everyone who contacts us and that is that you should bookmark our homepage and keep visiting as we upload properties. There is a reason for this, we don't advertise on property portals such as Idealista, Kyero, Fotocasa, ThinkSpain Pisos and more and therefore you will not see our properties on those portals meaning you might miss the new ones we list and they might well be sold before you see it.

But why don't we appear on property portals? Surely they are useful for advertising properties to everyone right? Well, yes and no. There are a myriad of methods of advertising properties be that through portals, social media, video, collaborations, podcasts and most importantly our own network of the website and blog. Every day we look at who is checking in and we see that people from all over the World are looking at our sites. The main places that supply our visits are Google through natural positioning and ads, our newsletters, our podcast, our socials and our shoutouts to our Whatsapp groups.

We also have a mailing list and with that and the whatsapp groups where our potential clients can find new listings, price drops, new blogs and interesting news from Valencia. People are only added to these groups when they ask. You can send me a whatsapp telling me to add you to the Whatsapp group (Whatsapp 0034657994311) or a mail asking to be included on our mailing list. Let's look at what happens when we advertise on property portals and you may get an idea of why we don't.

Tyre Kickers

As an agency without a high street presence we don't get walk-ins, we do get their online equivalent though and this was one of the most frustrating things when we were on the portals.

What is an online tyre kicker?

It's someone who goes onto the website in question and sends us an enquiry for 5, 6 maybe 7 or more properties. And how do we know they are a tyre kicker? The first is an apartment in a pueblo for 120k, the second enquiry is for a 400k villa, the third is for a 1.2m euro mansion, then a city apartment for 200k then a Masia or Castle or similar... they are not consistent. People who are going to buy have specific requirements and send a clustered selection of properties based on those requirements. Tyre kickers just abuse the "click here to ask for more information" button. And yes Atif, we are talking about you and your ridiculous number of enquiries and when we called you out for it you said...

"Do not contact me anymore. Any further correspondence I will report to the data protection authority and consider harassment."

Mate, it was you who kept enquiring we just kept answering you and asking why you were kicking our tyres.


Agency Enquiries

If you put a property on a portal and it's good then be ready for people like us to phone you. Every agent in Spain keeps an eye on Idealista for new listings from individuals and then immediately you'll get 15-20 calls from agents wanting to help you sell it. Good! They are doing the job they are paid to do (To a certain extent).

However I don't want to list something and then have to field 20 agency enquiries in a few hours, I'm busy. If I want other agents to help us with a sale, and at times I do, then I'll let them know we have something that may interest them. 15-20 agency calls means a lot of time spent on the phone, answering messages and more.


No Response

You again Atif, and plenty of people like you. There is one specific portal, named above, that however we answered the enquiries and however quick we were to answer their questions we never ever got an answer. We changed the reply format, we changed how long we took to reply, we changed the tone, we started saying that if we didn't receive a reply we would send people round.... nah, we didn't do that last one. Nothing worked. We told the portal we were stopping advertising and we did get a reply so we know there is someone there but see below... about what we think may be fake enquiries.


Visit Time

Many people who contacted through the portals came with a story, "I'm, just starting looking and I'll be coming to Valencia in 2031 when I retire..." Yeah. As much as you like that apartment in Ruzafa that you have just enquired about, it's not going to be available in 2024 never mind 2031, not a hope and there are quite a lot of black sheep events that could happen between now and then too. We don't mind people picking our brains for information well before coming over. We hope our help will mean you feel comfortable with us being your realtor when you do get over here but eight years out!!!


Fake Enquiries

A few years back there was a hook up site online that was busted for creating fake user profiles and responding to people's enquiries via the profiles, Ashley Madison I believe it was called. Of course they invented a load of female user profiles to attract men who paid to be on the site. Might I suggest that some property portals do the same, fake enquiries in order to get agencies to advertise. After all, what else can explain the lack of responses above when we answer in exactly the same way on other portals and to our own enquiries and almost always get an answer.

Of course we don't know who the fake enquiries are and how to separate them from the real enquiries. We don't know who isn't going to respond to our replies and all of this takes time as we try to be as professional as possible in all replies despite the fact that many replies are directed specifically to the enquirer. There are often cut and paste elements that save us a bit of time but we put effort into replying and no responders or fake enquiries ate up a lot of time that we could be spending on our clients. Therefore we sacked those portals.


Time Suckers

The initial enquiry from the time suckers on portals has three or four questions. We answer them and ask when they are thinking of visiting and we don't get an answer. What we get are 6 or 7 more questions... We answer them and ask again, maybe enquiring about what they are looking for and we get 10-15 more questions... This keeps happening. Eventually ghosting happens and we don't get an answer and they can't think of any more questions. However they now know everything about buying property in Valencia... if they bother reading the answers before putting in more questions.



In your world would you pay for something that just creates admin and no reward? Portals are generally ridiculously expensive to advertise on, asking a monthly fee to be ghosted, ignored or time sucked by the people who are using them and to compete with other agencies for listing prominence - "want more people to see your listings then pay an extra for an executive package", why don't you!! Even worse are those who ask to be paid per lead, I can't imagine a better way of being encouraged to create fake enquiries really.

The monthly fee paid to portals creates work and if the people looking for property on there are in no position to buy or just don't answer your replies then what's the point? The money being used to advertise on portals can be better employed elsewhere surely. So we do.


Feeding the Competitor Beast

The big fear about the portals among agents is that point at which they become so dominant that they essentially morph into the competition and become agents. This is starting to be seen now with Idealista looking to get into estate agency. For years it had already been eating into the things that agencies do. Idealista's biggest income earner is mortgage advice which can just as easily be done by mortgage advisors who don't have to give a portion of their fee to idealista for creating the lead. Previously the agencies would also do mortgage work. Now they have largely had that job taken away by online advisors from Idealista and other portals.



The bread and butter of any estate agency is to make sales because that creates income of course. Paying a portal money when there is no return is a huge mistake for any agency so leads need to be tracked. We did this even though we had little time available and we discovered that the net return was essentially zero on most portals when tracked over time even on the portals specifically directed towards international buyers as opposed to national entities. Even more, one of them, probably the best known international portal based in Spain, gave no return at all in a period of record sales for the agency over all other incoming enquiry types. I'll just throw money away then should I?



There you have it then. Reasons, and plenty of them, as to why we don't advertise on property portals. We are in the lucky position of having a website and blog well regarded by Google because of the work done over the years and the age of our domain along with the quality of the content. As I said at the start if you are seriously interested in buying property in Valencia then you should bookmark it and keep coming back. We blog every Monday, just like this one, and that appears on our homepage instantly too.

And here's a little secret...

We have had more sales in the last two years from our niche podcast than from all of the property portals combined and we don't really pay for that, we just do it.

If you want the best quality and most knowledgeable help in the Valencia Property market then contact us with your requirements. And one last thing, back to where we started, bookmark our sites and keep coming back to them, the main page, this blog and the podcast are good places to start but also rembember we are on social media too such as Instagram, the artist previously known as Twitter (At least at the moment until it becomes even more unuseable) Bluesky (We have invites for Bluesky too if you want one), Facebook and Mastodon among others.

Speaking of the Podcast

Here's the latest podcast where David and Graham chatted about what could go wrong in the first stages of your property purchase in Valencia and we told the first of our Valencia stories about Klaus the "Dead" German builder. Have a listen and remember to subscribe in the podcast app of your choice.

Property of the Week

Riffing on a theme in this description we talked about why this property won't appear on portals.

This year we stopped advertising on the portals, time-wasting tyre kickers, window shoppers and Sunday Surfers are a thing of the past but people still find us online thanks to a healthy social media game, blog, articles, podcast and plenty of referrals from other clients, just as well really, if we advertised a property as Airbnb Potential on Idealista I think the phone would melt and we would break Gmail, so lucky you, you found us all by yourself and now you can weigh up this very interesting investment in an ideal, or some would say, Perfect location.

Ground floor, renovated and adjacent to Ruzafa, this nice looking apartment, fully equipped and key ready in En Corts is a shoe in for the VT licence, which is what you need for some short term, no strings attached type action, or chat to our team at Stepping Stones Rentals for if you prefer some mid to longer term soul mate type commitment.

Get in touch and we’ll hook you up.

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