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It's a New Year and for many of you that will mean a new start and if that new start is in Valencia then let us help you set foot with confidence into the Valencia Property market. As usual we will be here in Valencia waiting for you into our 25th year, our first sale was made in Summer 2000, making us the longest established estate agency for foreigners in Valencia. As we mentioned in the last blog post the last two years have been our most successful ever and have allowed us to make steps into new services and projects to become a full service estate agent for anyone looking to move to Valencia for the medium and long term.

Let Us Light Up Your Life in 2024

There are so many reasons to come to Valencia if you can. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change, a base for your work, a retirement, a great destination to live or to have a peaceful place for your family to live and grow Valencia offers you so much and it's still comparatively affordable as prices rise worldwide. We have written on these pages before about all of the reasons to come and live in Valencia so we won't repeat them but there's the small matter of 112 reasons here. Today we are going to look at what's coming up on these pages and our other sites in the next few months and we are taking a translation from our Dutch website, also published today about New Year Resolutions and Valencia.

What's Coming Up on Valencia Property

As always things change yet things remain the same. We will be continuing to update the main website with a selection that we curate of more great properties on an almost daily basis, as long as the market supply allows us to. Remember as a buyer's agent we don't only offer you what you can see on the homepage of the site, we trawl through the market to find the best property for you but for a litany of reasons not all of the best properties make it onto our website. It's best to send us your requirements and we can start working with you to find you the best property for you. You can do that by filling in the form in this post.

As to what is coming up eslewhere, we started the latest series on our podcast last month and will be continuing that this week with our next Valencia Story. Over the next three podcasts we will be telling you the story of the Valencia Property market since the year 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008. What happened before, the immediate reaction and the situation to bring you up to date in 2024. 25 years of understanding of the Valencia Property market.

On this blog we will be continuing to publish weekly on Monday mornings in Europe (Nighttime in the States) so make sure to bookmark and check out the site every week for new information about the market and Valencia. And if there is anything you need to know and want us to write about then let us know and we'll consider it.

On our socials we will continue to answer questions, post information and share stories and images from Valencia and beyond. So give us a follow whether that is on Youtube, any number of twitter clones, Instagram and FB. You can find the links to follow us below.

Where Can You Find Us?

We often get asked about different aspects of the business. Everything is contained to a certain extent on our Valencia Property homepage but we also have individual sites for parts of our business and sometimes it's not clear to some people where they can find these sites and social media areas. Therefore we thought it time to actually list where you can find us online for the different aspects of the business. Take a look at the following list and have a root around. Remember to bookmark the websites if you still do that and follow and favourite us on the social media platforms and you'll have direct line to us to answer all of your questions.

Valencia Property Homepage - The main place to find properties as we publish them and to search out things that may suit you.

The Valencia Property Blog - Here, for our long form writing going back over a decade and all of the information you might need to know about everything to do with Valencia and Valencia Property.

Stepping Stone Rentals - Our sister company where we offer medium term rentals for those coming into Valencia and wanting a base to explore.

The Stepping Stones Rentals Blog - For information about the medium term rental market and to know more about the properties we are putting up on the SSR home page.

The Valencia Property Podcast - If listening is your thing then we talk about everything to do with the Valencia Property market on the podcast. Lots of stories, information and discussions about how VP works and the process of buying a property in Valencia.

Valencia Remodels - Our modernisation and reforms arm of the company run by Maria my daughter. We provide project management and reliable builders for your projects and ideas whether that be a bathroom modernisation or a full update of a house or apartment.

Valencia Property in Dutch - Our sister site run by Marije where you will find out more about everything we write and publish but in Dutch.

Social Media Platforms.

Valencia Property on Facebook - Every day we list one of our properties and every other day one of our articles for you to read more. I am also there to answer any questions and you can direct message me there but because of the way FB hides messages it's better to do that through Whatsapp on 0034 657994311.

Valencia Property's YouTube channel - Worth it for the video shorts and the community notices, we also have useful videos including our 100 tips for those moving to Valencia which was filmed a long time ago but is evergreeen (And yes I do look a lot younger in them). We also post the podcast on here in audio form.

Valencia Property on Twitter (I refuse to call it X so no different to everyone else) - A bit more personal, if you want to see me argue with nutters and if you want a lot more content about Spain I share it here although am using it less and less due to the nature of it now that nutter Musk is in charge.

Bluesky - If you are on Bluesky then you can follow me here. If not then send me a whatsapp with a request as I usually have some invite codes available.

Instagram. If you love the #ValenciaBlue images we supply then Instagram is a good place to follow us. I'm not a great fount of knowledge about how it works though so not many stories, professional videos or reels but plenty of images, short vids and information about Valencia and our properties.

Mastodon - Another sort of twitter clone where we post images and more.

Threads - The FB version of Twitter is now open to Europe so you can follow us there too. Again it's a good direct way to ask questions and get information.

Whatsapp - You can ask to be included on our whatsapp list on 0034 657994311. Just tell us your name and we'll add you onto our list for all of the latest news of new listings, blogs, podcasts, opportunities and price changes.

Now we don't post everything everywhere so sometimes you will only see something on one of the above social media channels and it might be something hugely relevant to you. So follow us everywhere and feel free to contact and ask questions (You can even do it the traditional route via mail here) and let us know about your plans for coming to Valencia. We'd love to work with you.

New Year Resolutions For 2024 in Valencia

Today on the Dutch blog Marije talks about New Year Resolutions and Valencia. For those of you who don't read Dutch I thought you might want to read it here as today is New Years Day.

New Years Resolutions and Valencia

For many people, a New Year means a fresh start. Good intentions are part of that for many people. We have taken some common New Year Resolutions and linked them to the city and region of Valencia. How could living in this beautiful place help you start realizing these resolutions? Curious? Read on.

Lose Weight 

Valencia is a city where you can work on losing a few kilos in many different ways. The city and its surroundings offer plenty of opportunities to exercise, see the next resolution. But what losing weight often comes down to is adjusting your diet. The city and region offer the opportunity to eat healthy and varied food every day. Fresh fish (also available in every supermarket) and all kinds of vegetables and fruit. In Valencia's restaurant scene, there are more and more restaurants offering light and healthy dishes on the menu, and more and more vegetarian and vegan options.

More Sport and Exercise 

Valencia has twice been voted the healthiest city in the world in recent years and we are not entirely surprised. The opportunity to exercise is everywhere. In the Turia park you can cycle, walk or run, personal trainers are at work daily with strength training, boxing classes and more. Also, you see more and more yoga, meditation, pilates classes in Turia park, but also on the beach.

There is a lot of volleyball playing on the beach, surfing, paddleboard and running by the beach and from the port you can take a sailboat out to sea. And, of course, the sea always offers the possibility of swimming and for the real daredevils, this can be done all year round.

In the city itself, there are many places with sports equipment for everyone to use, so you can do some strength training without having to subscribe to the gym. Slightly outside the city, you can take beautiful cycling and hiking trips, and in winter you can ski a little over an hour and a half drive from the city.

Drinking Less Alcohol 

Spaniards drink differently from most other people. They drink more regularly, but in smaller quantities. Again, more and more alcohol-free options are entering the market and are available in most bars and restaurants. Alcohol-free beer and alcohol-free cocktails are the most common examples. Alcohol-free wine or cava still remains fairly unknown, but you can get them in the larger supermarkets.

Stress Less And Slow Down

If this is your big wish, then this is actually automatic when you come to live in this city or area. Life is literally less busy here. Everything seems to go a few cogs slower than in Northern Europe. When it's your turn at the bakery, there is plenty of time for you and to have a chat while the others wait. I had to get quite used to this at first, but once I got used to it, it is so nice.

Because you start living in a different gear, you will find that you also start worrying less about all sorts of things. 

A More Relaxed Life

This may be somewhat in line with stressing less about things. But because you have more space, life takes place in that other gear, you are also likely to become more relaxed. 

There is more space in several ways. There is literally more space around you, around Valencia there are beautiful natural areas, and many villages where time seems to have stood still (Try Sot de Chera, Chelva, Chulilla and others as examples).

In addition, the nice weather also offers almost automatically more relaxation. A cup of coffee at your kitchen table while looking out at the rain, or a cup of coffee in the sun on your own terrace or on one of the many outdoor cafés on the street is really a different feeling.

The Spanish way of life is different from what we are used to. You work to find a way to do so many fun things to do with your family and friends on the weekend. So what are we going to eat on Sunday is an important topic of conversation throughout the week as Sunday lunch is the highlight of the week. Around 2pm or so, you gather with family or friends at someone's house, or at a restaurant, and then dine all afternoon. 

If you ask someone in Northern Europe how are you doing, the answer is often: nice and busy. This often has a positive association. In Valencia, this same answer would not be seen as positive, because then you don't have enough time to enjoy life, do you?

You work to be able to live, rather than your work being your life, your personality and your reason for exisiting, this is not the United States.

Saving Money, Handling Money Better

Life in Spain and Valencia is cheaper than in Northern Europe and the States.

It does matter if you have an income from abroad or your own savings as Spanish incomes are lower than what you may be used to. But if you have an average income from Northern Europe or North America then you can live very comfortably here.

The costs to rent a house (2 bedroom flat in the city you should count on at least €850 per month) and energy costs are relatively high in this region, especially for people with a Spanish income (the average take home income in Valencia is between €1,000 and €1,400 per month). But on the other hand, living costs are considerably lower than what we are used to. This is reflected in groceries, petrol prices, road tax, the hairdresser, eating out, etc.

A few examples:

A cup of coffee will cost you between €1.30 and €1.80

A litre of petrol currently around €1.50

Hairdresser, cutting, washing and blow-drying €20

Road tax for a middle-class car €60 a year

A bottle of house wine in a good restaurant €15

A three-course lunch menu between €12.50 and €17.50

Quitting Smoking 

This is not really tied to a place, but in Valencia people still smoke a lot and quitting can be difficult in this place. But Valencia has had a smoking ban on restaurant and bar terraces since Covid, making it harder to smoke when you're having a drink. This will certainly have a positive effect on the number of cigarettes you smoke on a night out but coming to Valencia will probably not have a positive effect on you if you want to quit smoking as cigarettes and quite cheap compared to other places. The temptation is real for those struggling with giving up. However Vaping is much more common now.

Thanks for that Marije. And if you're asking me what my New Year Resolutions are then I'd have to say some of the above, I definitely need to find more activities that interest me and get more exercise as a result and I definitely need to slow down a bit. We haven't stopped since opening back up after Covid. Those three months of lockdown were actually a blessed relief in hindsight despite being immensely frustrating at the time.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

If one of them is to move to Valencia then tell us more in your form.

Valencia Property in the News

I was featured over Xmas in the i-Paper what used to be the Independent. The article came out on the 25th of December so if you missed it you can read it at this link. If you can't read it then read the pdf version here or click on the image below.

Property of the Week

Gaining in popularity and benefitting from the continued interest in Ruzafa, En Corts still provides some sensibly priced property and this good sized apartment is a perfect example, a nice wide avenue with lots of light and a short walk to the trendiest part of town, we have also sold more on this street than anywhere else in the barrio so come and see why and join Team Waksmann.

3 Bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a pleasant living room with balcony and a huge kitchen diner, one of those no work required type of places if you wish to get some immediate ROI, or maybe modernise for personal use if you prefer something a bit more sleek and modern. Plenty of options and definitely worth a closer look, theres a huge demand for 3 bed apartments and the Stepping Stones team have a waiting list of clients ready, willing and able to move in.

It's 2024 now, so it's time to get in touch and invest in your future

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