What Makes The Perfect Property For a Valencian?

If you want to go native when buying Valencia Property you need to know what makes for the perfect property for your average Valencian. This is why certain properties sell very quickly compared with others. If they correspond to what a Valencian wants then it is likely to get sold quicker because then there are more potential clients in the market.

Now of course you don't need to go native when you are looking for a place, the following might not be in your list of must haves for your perfect place (You can send us yours by filling in the form on this post). However, to get to know the local market a bit more, this is what Valencians want*

*There are a lot of broad generalisations here but this has a lot to do with the typical Valencian character. Not everyone is like this but as a composite figure it works.


Believe it or not, Valencians prefer apartments to houses. Why? Because amenities (See below). When you are coming from a country with endless suburbs such as the US or the UK then this may seem weird. However even in those countries the younger generation are getting used to this concept as housing, and especially single unit houses in themselves, has become more and more unaffordable. Communal living and apartment living have always been common in Spain. A few months back we featured an excellent article and graphics about why in this post. Being able to hear the neighbours is considered a hobby at times.

East Facing

Morning sun is the key here. Valencians are very particular on this. They want to wake up to the sun streaming into their bedrooms and living rooms. This means in the winter that the rooms warm up early and in the summer they don't get too hot by being bathed in sun all day. A south facing apartment with loads of large windows is purgatory for a Valencian. Air conditioning is a relatively recent phenomenon and Valencians resent the extra cost of cooling the property when it would be much easier to have smaller windows, blackout blinds and live in relative darkness. West facing places with the evening sun streaming in are also not too popular and north facing properties with no direct sunlight are a no-no.

Sunshine and Home Comforts In Our Valencia Properties


Valencians want their own terrace, preferably facing east to enjoy their morning coffee. And when we say their own terrace, definitely not a shared terrace, no Sir! Even when there is a shared terrace available they will not use it. Valencians do not use shared roof terrace spaces except for the little old lady on the fourth floor who hangs her washing out there every Tuesday. Of course because of the way buildings are constructed this means that often there are few terraces available and therefore you get to pay a premium for having one.

Your Penthouse Apartment in Valencia


There's a difference between an exterior and an interior apartment. Interior apartments don't look out onto the road, they usually look onto the interior patio of the block. They were not very popular to begin with and architects will do whatever possible to try and avoid making buildings that have them these days. However Covid was the killer when those in interior flats didn't see anyone for a couple of months. They didn't even see those allowed to take the dog, cat or radiator for a walk (Or even an Imaginary dog whilst dressed as a dinosaur) This lack of human contact meant that interior flats became even less popular for Valencians.


Valencians want modern, Valencians want bling. Even when they buy resale properties they want to be able to reform and make it look brand new rather than retaining original features and "character". The more utilitarian, the more Swedish the property is, the better. IKEA rules here in the interior decoration and look of the property.

Near Work

We always say this but if a Valencian could live above the place where they work then that would be ideal. The less of a commute the better. Valencians want convenience and if it's possible to roll out of bed and into the office they will, the less time wasted in traffic and finding a parking space the better.

Equally, now that working from home has become more normal Valencians are ecstatic because bed and home with all of its home comforts has become the workplace for many.


Valencians collect stuff, a lot of stuff. They are traditionally hoarders. In order to do this they want a storeroom to put this stuff in because if they don't have it then their apartment will very quickly fill up with the collected detritus of daily life. If a property advert mentions a "trastero" then it immediately catches the attention of your average Valencian and their first question will always be "How big is the storeroom?" If it means they never have to throw out anything again they will be ecstatic.


A Lift/Elevator is important even if the apartment is on a lower floor. After all you never know when you'll come home with the big shop and have to carry it up a few stairs. Valencians all imagine some future time when they have either broken an ankle doing some sport or are too old/infirm/out of shape to be bothered with stairs. Even the younger homebuyers have this as a requirement but that maybe so that they can fit their bike or electric scooter in the lift rather than having to carry it up the stairs.


As stated above, if a Valencian could live above their work they would. If allied to this the supermarket, a decent cafe and bar, their kid's school and a tobacconist were also on the block and maybe their local lottery shop for good measure it's likely that they would only leave their block on a Friday and Saturday evening to go out and see something different. There are Valencians who have never ventured out into the other barrios of Valencia for years. People enjoy their 'hood.


The bank of mum and dad like to buy property in the same building for their children to keep them near and the family together. Believe it or not the children like the bank of mum and dad to do this too as it means they can still pop round for lunch, tea and with piles of washing and thus avoid some of the responsibilities of adulthood whilst doing that very Spanish grown up thing of having more "independencia" all while still hanging onto the coattails of the parents.

Summing Up

If you want to become ever so Valencian then just follow these rules. You may find that there is competition for the type of property you want. But within a very short time you will have joined the local Fallas association, you'll eat enormous bocadillos mid-morning, you'll enjoy horchata, fartons and extremely loud fireworks and you'll be waving white hankerchiefs at the directors of your chosen football club like a true Valencian.

Property of the Week - Morning Sunshine

Whenever I hear the word "sunshine" I can only think of saying it in a Michael Caine/Bob Hoskins voice as an east London gangster threatening to dump someone in the Thames with concrete boots. However, the sunshine we are talking about here was the early morning type streaming into the kitchen and living room when we took the photos. So no death threats, no working class menace and definitely no internal monologue for the rest of the day making me think of The Long Good Friday and Alfie in the description here. "Nah sunshine, none at all".

What we do have is a three bedroom, two bathroom villa, all on one floor with a huge living room, decent sized kitchen with island or breakfast bar, and covered terraces at either end to either enjoy or escape from the cops... sorry sunshine, at different times of day.

The well landscaped plot has no bodies buried under the patio or in the garden (or at least there were no signs of a recent burial) and a good sized and private pool to the side. The plot can be accessed from both sides and at the back (As we came in the other side) there is a ramp down to an underground garage, machine room and meeting room to discuss the next heist... no, not that, a room for storing ill gotten gains... stop it... torture room for hostages... Anyway, point being it allows a quick escape if the fuzz force their way in through the front

The house currently has a septic tank still but can be connected up to the main drain if required to dispose of bodily fluids and it's just a five minute walk to the local supermarket to get supplies and the metro station El Clot, "Nice name innit sunshine!"

So if all you wanted was a good one floor house on a manageable plot within striking distance of Valencia and the airport to use those one way tickets to Brazil* that you carry if the Bizzies call round then this could be the place for you.

*NB Might not be a current destination from Valencia airport

Valencia Property News

It's actually news about Valencia Property (Us) this week. We have been told so often that people love our property descriptions so much that it's a shame when the properties are sold and the descriptions are deleted and lost forever unless they can be recovered from the ether of the Wayback Machine.

We have therefore decided that we are putting together a compilation of the best from this year which we will be releasing at the end of the year in the form of a book that we will be gifting to everyone on the mailing list. We once did a post with some highlights on and shared a few paragraphs but this will be full desceriptions with images. This will ensure that this year is a competition between myself, Paul, Gavin and David for the best descriptions. Sometimes they are inspired and at other times not so much but they will always be entertaining.

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