It's March, It's Valencia, So It's Fallas

It's March now and as you walk around Valencia you become a cat on a hot tin roof as you get to learn the words "bombetas", "petardos"* and "tracas" and they burn into your mind with all the "fun" of Fallas. All the roads start to get sealed off as they are blocked by huge tents, churros stalls and fenced off areas for kids to start their inevitable journey towards the three fingered handshake, and you wish that you didn't have a cat or dog in your household (Valencian cats and dogs just get used to it I suppose)

*Update - Almost had my head blown off in L'Eliana on Saturday when a nine year old (More or less) threw a petardo just past my right ear which exploded before hitting the ground in front of me. Not deliberate just totally and utterly nutty.

Yes, March means Fallas and as with every year it means daytime, and nighttime, fireworks, people walking around in elaborate traditional dress and Valencia Property taking some time off and getting away from the chaos. Because yes, we like Fallas, I wouldn't say love but you know... shades of grey and that. But... we cannot get anything done. Those who are "Falleros" are out and about being Falleros and presenting flowers to the Virgin after agonising walks through the streets of Valencia in hideously uncomfortable shoes, no wonder they finish up so emotional and crying when they finally drop off the flowers. Those who aren't falleros take advantage of everything stopping to get away from Valencia. And here at Valencia Property like true Valencians we are in the latter group and get away for a few days.

This year we are closing on the 14th and we reopen on the 20th of March.

We will be answering mails, we will be answering messages although there may be a delay in our usual answer times but we will not be taking you around to see properties, having meetings to chat about your requirements or doing any Zoom or Whatsapp video calls. Try having a meeting in a cafe with all hell breaking loose around you from four year olds with much too much confidence, a lighter and a box of fireworks. It's impossible.

Why You Should Sell Your Property With Valencia Property

We have just done it again, from listing to offer to deposit and sale in just seven days. We have also been busy with other properties and have three other sales agreed this week one of which didn't even get onto our website from when we saw it and suggested it to our client. If you have a property that you are looking to sell in or around Valencia then contact us and get the best possible service from the best English speaking estate agency in Valencia. You can read more about our service here.

As a buyer and again we find our clients their own perfect property in Valencia and there's no pressure selling either. If the right thing for you isn't available then we preach patience... but not too much patience. As Paul said in the podcast last week, things are moving quickly so get your ducks in a row and once you are ready then we can help you. Have a listen to the podcast and learn all about the rise of Airbnb and the market situation in the last ten years.

We Are Not Pigeons (Part Deux) - (Your Annual Language Class)

Some time ago we were told we are not pigeons by some French clients... You can see a screenshot of our post below but read the whole thing here.

And if you want to read our which type of client are you post then feel free to click on the image below.

Well "part deux" arrived this week on a visit One day we will release the full story about this one too. It was very funny.

Brits and Their Lack of Knowledge About What the B Word Means

We now have a standard reply to Brits who contact us with requests to view properties as they "will be here next week and are going to live in Spain!"

What do you think it is?

If you answered "Do you have an EU passport?" then you would be right of course. And if you followed up that question with "Which type of visa will you be getting in order to live here?" then you'd be doubly correct.

With North Americans it's easy. They understand they need a certain type of visa because obviously their passport is not European (Mostly but see below). They have already started the process to get their Non Lucrative Visa, their Student Visa, their Digital Nomad Visa or for the lucky ones their Golden Visa. (You can read about all of these by clicking on the image below)

With Brits wanting a holiday home it's easy too. But for permanent living!!! Well, that's just a little bit different.

Brits are a little more challenging because... well, Brexit. You know, the B word, that which shall not be mentioned in British political circles because... everyone knew exactly what they were voting for! Of course they did. As Theresa May said "Brexit means Brexit" Such titanic rhetoric with the emphasis being of course on the word "Titanic".

Of course it is Brexit. You wouldn't believe the number of Brits who still think that they have a right to live in Spain or anywhere else in Europe, on a permanent basis because they have bought a house here. "They need our money", "Spain won't do anything that harms their economy". Why not? The UK did. However, the effect on the Spanish economy of a Brit not buying a property is miniscule. It just gives an opportunity for the Spanish and other nationalities to take their place. We have written before about the situation for Brits post Brexit and you can read about it by clicking on the image below.

Since we wrote that article, the Digital Nomad Visa has appeared too. You can read about that below.

Please, please, please, do your own research but not in the dark recesses of the internet's conspiracy theories like most people who scream "do your own research" (And for more of that see the Golden Visa property of the week below). Make sure you know about what is and isn't possible. The Non Lucrative Visa is your friend, the Digital Nomad Visa is better for those needing to work. Just don't tell us you have the right to be here because you're British please.

Facebook and Facepalms

We have been collecting a few Facebook Facepalms recently. What's a Facebook Facepalm I hear you ask? Well, it's that moment where someone asks a question that defies any explanation or makes a statement intended to show their intense knowledge that is so markedly wrong that it gets our Facepalm emoji finger hot. If you would like us to share some more of them then just let us know but here's the first one, the result of some really, really extensive research.

Early stages? You don't say.

Your research indicates? Amazing deep research there.

Six days to explore? OK, great way to make a life changing decision!

What type of visa? Is there a website? Only about a thousand but they aren't on Google it seems.

Realtor recommendations? I'm not in Barcelona or Madrid, phew!

Golden Visa Property of the Week (And Description of the Week)

In which we take on conspiracy theories including the one going around that agents have a lot more properties for sale but they just don't want to show them to you.

Conspiracy Theorists have a lot to answer for, Flat Earthers, Paedo Pizza Parlours, Paul is Dead, Chemtrails, 5G, Vaccines, Birds aren't Real and “People who think theres a lot of properties for sale in Valencia but just not on the portals, the agents are probably keeping quiet about those ones and sitting on them for their friends”. Wrong , wrong, wrong, I don’t have any friends and people I know already own a home anyway, so the joke's on you.

Anyway, we do believe in some things and if we’ve seen a place that looks good and given it the VP seal of approval, you will find it here on our website, and this one is very a good example.

Solid as a rock, and on a manageable plot we find this superbly located independent Villa, close to the CV-35 for the school runs and the commutes, with a reasonable walking distance to all that L’Eliana has to offer and close to the mall so the kids can make plans, hang out and get out of your way for an afternoon.

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a good sized kitchen and living spaces with covered terraces in a well constructed and practical home, everything is in very good condition, and the huge garage and under-build affords you some extra space for work and play. Another property that is perfect for you Golden Visa types looking at moving to Valencia, especially if the Orange Leathered Lizard returns to Make America Grate Again.

The photos as usual do not do this place justice but maybe thats just a cunning ruse on my part, I’m off now to put on my tin foil hat, get in touch but keep your heads down.

Property of the Week

We've been so busy this week that we haven't had the chance to list much but this place is a bit out of the way in Albaida and is tranquility away from the bangs and booms of Valencia City during Fallas or at any time really.

This villa is ideal for those looking for a country life but with none of the typical disadvantages of choosing to buy in the country.

For example, is this your typical old house in need of renovation (and probably built illegally) – absolutely not, built in 2009, with all licenses and land registry red tape done correctly, and immaculately looked after in the meantime.

I bet there's no public transport – Wrong again. 200 metres from train station. Into Xativa town in 30 minutes, and from there about the same again to Valencia city centre. Door to door, the front door of this house to the Plaza de Ayuntamiento in Valencia, maybe 90 minutes. Go in to watch the Mascletá and you’ll be home in time for an afternoon nap.

But I can see the map, its isolated – Well traffic noise isn't an issue, I'll grant you, but even apart from the train connection to take you into larger towns and the city, you are on the edge of the village of Bufali. A small village admittedly, but with a school and a pharmacy and a bar. The larger town of El Palomar is only a couple of kilometres walk away along country paths. And the internet isn’t fibre optic, not yet, but it is very fast, and cheap.

And there's huge plot, its probably hard to maintain – Well its definitely big. Over a hectare of olive groves. Very low maintenance, and for harvesting there is the option to ask for help from the local farmers and co-op. And why wouldn’t they. Last year’s harvest was worth almost €4.000!
The land has previously been used to grow apricots, and before that it was a vineyard, if that is something you'd fancy trying, and there's room for stables if horses are your thing.

And the advantages?

All on one floor, with a separate guesthouse with ensuite bathroom. Two other double bedrooms in the house, a large open kitchen/living area that opens on to an even larger terrace and pool deck. The owners came from England, and designed the house themselves so as to maximise the light and breeze coming across the surrounding countryside.

Outside as well as the pool, the guesthouse and the olives, there is a custom-built dog run, and a chicken (and peacock!) coop. There is also a vegetable patch and fruit trees.

And the peace and quiet. If the dream is the Spanish countryside, amazing sunsets over olive groves and vineyards, and lazy afternoons by the pool I think this might be the one.

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