25 Years of Valencia Property

You might not know this but... we have been around for some time.

We often point out on these pages that Valencia Property has been around for a while. It was started by yours truly, Graham, as a response to the buying process being so difficult. Or rather by my knowing that I could probably do a better job than the huge majority of estate agents that I had dealt with while going through the process of buying my house. We have that whole story on this page in the blog.

Therefore I find it surprising that our silver anniversary as a company has sort of sneaked up on me now that we are in 2024 and others in the company have said we should do something to celebrate it. I've been convinced to do something and we will be celebrating in June to coincide with our first rentals back in 1999.

Recently on the podcast we have been talking about the run up to the World financial crisis in 2008 and the effects it had on the Valencia Property market before during and after. So a lot of the story of Valencia Property is caught up in that series. You can have a listen to the three parts on our podcast page. Today though we are going to talk about how Valencia Property has worked over those decades using the background of the market and what we did to reinvent the company over and over again.

I started the company whilst working as a sports teacher and therapist in 1999 by helping other teachers find their rental properties. This was done because hardly anybody in the real estate world at that time spoke English. The move into sales happened after my purchase in May 2000 because of a discussion with a friend who had seen our pain buying a property through the agents around at the time and asked me to help them buy a place as they had used me at the start of the year to find their rental in Rocafort. They spoke very little Spanish and needed someone to help them negotiate and navigate the choppy waters of the wild west as the real estate market was at the time.

Within a few months they had their new home on the Portacoeli estate in Serra. However working with people I knew and who came to me was never going to work long term though we did start working with a lot of teachers. Two years later it was time to put together a website as there were few around and it was a new scene. The first appearance of Valencia Property on the Wayback machine is in November of 2002.

The domain had been registered since July 2002 and was up and running before November but this is the first time it was recognised by the Wayback Machine. As you can see it was ok from the start (for a 2002 website) but there was a major problem right from the start in that it required the webmaster to update the site rather than updating automatically on adding anything and this was a major, major problem for quite a few years.

The property boom in Valencia and Spain was in full swing by this time and Valencia Property was becoming one of the best known agencies in the region regularly featuring in the international press, though mostly in the UK, and growing as an agency. By 2006 the website was developing bit by bit but still had the webmaster problem and the problem he brought with his business partner too (long story). New properties were still uploaded in batches and depended on the time available of the webmaster (he made sure never to have much or rather he had other priorities) meaning places had often sold by the time they made it onto the website.

A new webmaster was needed and by 2010 there was one and properties could be more easily uploaded. However this was now two years into the financial crisis so there wasn't much movement in sales or listings. After 2006, sales dropped precipitously as the financial crisis hit hard and early in Spain with interest rates rising massively and it wasn't only the previous webmaster that had gone, the whole team had gone (Only Diana, "Sal", was missed). Valencia Property was now just a single person, Graham, and me alone. It was time to start rebuilding.

Until 2020 there wasn't a major reconstruction of the website it went through retouches and small changes until I decided it needed to change a lot. The 2018 version had some changes incorporated but still wasn't fully what I wanted.

It wasn't until 2020 that a major change of look happened. We spent six months planning the website and building it in the background making sure to map the previous URLs to the new site and then we went live... just two days before the Covid lockdown! Sometimes in life timing is out right?

The blog which had been live under the /new name since 2016, it was previously known as /blog needed to be incorporated into the main webpage as it was now considered an authority site by Google and we needed to use that authority within the main site. This was all done finally in 2020 launch but the blog had been changed beforehand and the look of the main site was based on this extremely successful blog with the colour scheme and basic square article features being taken into the listings pages.

If you look at the blog site in 2019 you will see that the look has not changed too much since then as we were happy with it and continue to be so. However, we have moved it away from Wordpress due to slow loading speeds. (The old wordpress based site still exists if you know where to look but still loads slowly).

Over the last couple of years we have added other businesses into the VP range with Valencia Remodels and Stepping Stone Rentals now part of the main page but with their own pages too.

Valencia Property stopped being a single person business back in 2013 and since then has grown each year until now where we are at a very comfortable small business level. Dave joined us in 2013 as did Pete who does the website and Diana, social media, Jess joined fully in 2019 after working with us on rentals for the previous few years, Then Gavin joined, then Paul and Marije. Other people associated to the company but not on sales so you don't get to see them initially include Catherine at Stepping Stones, Maria on renovations along with Jesse who joined later. Other people have passed through the company in those years but moved onto other things including Toni, Kyle, Brecht and Scott. All have helped out the growth of the company after the financial crisis years.

The most successful years of Valencia Property over these 25 years in existence have been the last two years 2022-23. We are doing well. 2024 looks set to continue this successful spell. Prior to this it was the years from 2005-2006 but 2018 and 2019 were also very successful until we were hit by Covid.

How did the success come about?

Prior to 2006 it was easy. Loads of people buying property abroad, cheap flights and a growing company. After that it was hard work. The reason that Valencia Property has been successful after the 2008 financial crisis was largely down to starting anew and then harnessing new technology and social media to grow the brand and demonstrate knowledge. It took a long time though. 2008-2013 were particularly hard.

Getting featured on large websites such as Mashable (https://mashable.com/archive/video-business-success) and newspaper websites helped establish the business as a known quantity and also helped people to find Valencia. Despite being the third biggest city in Spain few people knew about the quality of life here and the almost perfect climate.

The blog and our social media outreach helped people to find out more about the city and its environs while giving people the confidence to work with us. And the consitency of posting over time helped to establish the websites and the knowledge that backed it up.

Using video along with new technologies and incorporating our socials, the Podcast, bringing in 360º views of houses using the Giraffe Camera, using drone images along with being featured consistently in the press internationally and nationally has meant we have kept ourselves not only relevant but also at the forefront of the Valencian Property Market.

We have talked about our services in a recent post but everything we do now is combined into a full service for anyone buying their property in Valencia. From initial contact to purchase, to modernisation and post purchase help we cover everything. The question that needs to be asked after 25 years in the market is why would you not speak to us if you are thinking of buying property in Valencia? Just fill in the form here and let us know what you are looking for and we can get to work.

News From Valencia (And Spain)

The Spanish economy is doing very well at the moment. It is outperforming almost all major European economies in growth, low inflation figures and jobs being created at the same time as growing wages especially at the lower end where continual increases in the minimum wage have taken thousands out of poverty. When you look at what is happening in certain other countries which need to be turned off and turned back on again (Ahem UK) this is extremely good news. You can read all about this story here.

Street Art in Spain and Elsewhere

Street Art Cities has unveiled its 2023 awards for the best Street Art and Spain has won a load of prizes. The above image won the main prize. It's on a nine floor building in Fene in La Coruña in Galicia and is pretty stunning. The frets light up at night when someone turns the stairwell lights on! There are plenty of other winners and some pretty impressive artwork to be seen. Take a look at this report and the Street Art Cities Instagram account here. Personally I love this one in Germany too.

Villa of the Week

Infinity views and Seclusion in Naquera. If you want views you have to get up higher than everything around you. That's difficult in Valencia as it's as flat as a pancake... until you get into the nearby mountains of the Sierra Calderona national park that is. These wooded mountains are a green lung to the north west of Valencia full of trekking routes, mountain biking opportunities and well... trees and lots of them.

Many of them can be viewed from the infinity pool of this millennial villa in Naquera (Milennial House meaning built around 2000 not belonging to the unluckiest generation in Western Humanity) It has everything you could want for comfortable living in the Valencian countryside, stunning views down to the bay of Valencia on a clear day, modern design and features, an easy maintenance and manageable garden, central heating and even a washroom for our North American friends. And of course it has fast internet just in case you have any Millennials who might be moving into the house with you which would make them a little less unlucky in life.

A quick drive into Naquera, twenty minutes from the coast and a little more into Valencia.

Check out the photos for more details of this rather stunning villa. And ask yourself, could this be the perfect property for you in Valencia.

Valencia City Apartment of the Week

Not everybody we deal with is looking at making the permanent move to Valencia immediately. Some of you are looking down the road as blissful retirement beckons; others might be waiting for the kids to finally become independent functioning adults who don’t need you at their beck and call. And I know there are those of you who, while you won’t admit it, are just waiting it out until you-know-who finally shuffles off this mortal coil and leaves you a wealthy merry widow(er) free to channel your inner Julia Roberts and eat-pray-love the bejaysus out of it. We don’t judge your reasons and we don’t ask questions.

What we do judge is the quality of what we list, not every place holds up to scrutiny but here’s one that does and more. It’s perfect for anybody looking at a longer timeline for moving as it is eminently rentable. We’re a classy bunch so we won’t discuss figures here, but you will be looking at a very decent return on your investment. Up until now it has been rented out on a medium-term basis and there has not been a month that it hasn’t been occupied since the renovation. The joy of medium term rent also means you can block off a few weeks here and there to take advantage of the property yourself.

Located just 150 metres from the Turia gardens, within the old town or Barrio Carmen as it’s known, this place has a lot going for it. And while I’ve been addressing those of you looking at a move further down the line, this place is turn-key, ready to roll and in prime location for those of you thinking of packing your bags now. A really good price considering, don’t overthink this one

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