The Number One Realtor in Valencia For Americans

As mentioned in last week's blog the latest figures for purchases of property in Valencia show that there an increasing number of Americans buying in and around the city. In fact last year the increase in Americans buying in Valencia was over 50% compared with previous years. Here at Valencia Property we have been working with American clients for over a decade now (We didn't refuse beforehand it's just that they hadn't discovered Valencia yet!). Our working model is that of the American Realtor and there's a reason for that. We'll get into that later. Today though we are going to talk about why we are in the privileged position of being the number one realtor in Valencia for Americans, how we work, what we do and how you can work with us (whether you are American or not).

Why We Are Number One

American clients are looking for expertise in the market and the ability to answer all of the questions they may have about the market, the buying process, the costs of purchase, options for financing, the psychology of the seller in Valencia and a whole lot more. We know all about that and not only do we prove that on our initial consultation calls, which are free by the way compared with certain other agents who charge for these calls despite having little or no experience in the market (Ask me who and I'll tell you) but also they are extremely useful for getting to know us and how we work.

How do we prove that we know everything about the things mentioned above? Well, you are reading a big part of it right now. This blog has all of the answers you need and many times the questions you ask on your emails are answered by the phrase "Have a read of this blog post". We know agents who use our blog to send information to their clients (Which we approve of) and some who even plagiarise our content in English or even into other languages (Which we don't approve of and it's not difficult to find out who with a judicious use of Google).

Facebook and Facepalms

We are in many of the local expat groups where people ask questions about Valencia and Spain as a whole. Facebook groups are full of scams, misinformation and just plain wrong answers. A lot of our clients contact us after seeing our answers in Facebook groups or even moreso the recommendations we get from previous clients who have used us. Usually when somebody says they are thinking of moving to Valencia our clients recommend us and other agents recommend themselves. Scammers say DM! Some people even recommend their partners without actually mentioning that they are a couple, some don't mention that they work on the PR side of the company, some recommend their company without mentioning that it is their company and recommend themselves without showing any element of knowledge about anything. Some outright lie about their experience in the market and some, thankfully, are genuinely recommended by their ex-clients.

What makes us Facepalm in a Facebook group? When someone is obviously paid as a social media manager for a company and tries to convince everyone they are a genuine recommendation. If you want to know who just ask, we have a list ;-). Now the truth is that if you contact one of these self recommended agents and you get a good feeling about them then fine. Most know what they are doing to a certain extent and if they are genuine they will have a network of people who help their clients, you can read about the Valencia Property network here, it's quite extensive. What else makes us Facebook Facepalm? Oh yeah, "experts" answering questions with totally the wrong information. It's better to get a hobby rather than give people wrong answers and false expectations on Facebook.

My theory or method in Facebook and other social media is to answer the question put and allow people to then choose to use us if they want. No pressure. Just in the same way we show properties, no pressure selling, no stress. It generally works.

The Agents' Agent

We were told by an agent this week that they do not collaborate with any other buyer's agents in Valencia because our clients are always prepared, always informed, and are in a position to buy if they like the place. This is an agent we have only sold with a few times but they said that our level of professionalism was off the scale compared with any other buyers' agent they had ever encountered (They also read our blog ;-)) There are lots of selling agents in Valencia that tell us this and as a member of Asicval, the Valencian Estate Agents' Association, we are well known by all of the Spanish selling agencies here.

How Do We Work?

We are a full service estate agent but we are better known as being a Buyer's Agent or a Personal Property Shopper. We work on purchases in and around Valencia, long term rentals using our rental service and medium term rentals through our sister company Stepping Stone Rentals. The process is the same in all three areas, you tell us what you are looking for, you can use the form below and we will find it for you in your price range, with most of your bases covered and give you the largest selection of property possible.

The best way to work with us is by sending us these requirements well before you come over so we can start collecting together what might suit you and keep in touch with us so we have everything prepared for you on the first day of your visit. We will also organise your bank account opening, your legal services, your currency transfer company and any power of attorney you may need for your lawyer (I personally am signing for a client next week for a property north of 600k with a full POA they have given me, that's trust!)

The first step is always the same, fill in the form below.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
If you want us to whatsapp you to setup a chat let us know in the 'Anything to add' box below.
Let us know the price range you are comfortable at. Also tell us about your ideal budget and your maximum budget
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What We Do For You

We prepare everything for you, we do the legwork for you, we make sure your time isn't wasted, we put together your itinerary, we negotiate for you, we help you make your choice, we don't pressure you, we introduce you to people you need to know, we organise contracts, we organise the signing, we get the utilities connected or changed over and we help with any modernisations or reforms required. It's a pretty comprehensive service and that is why Americans love us.

We are the one stop shop in Valencia for everything to do with your purchase of property.

Can't say fairer than that can we! All we ask is to give us the chance to work with you and it's better if we work together exclusively because that's what most of our clients do and therefore they are the ones that get most of our attention. If you strike out on your visit and call us on the last couple of days looking for our help it's rare we can help because all of us will be busy with clients usually.

How To Work With Us

Fill in the form above and make contact with us. One of our team will get back to you and start the process of answering your questions, getting your visit prepared and getting all of the above aspects of what we do for you started.

Why Do We Use the American Realtor Model?

Firstly there isn't an MLS in Valencia or Spain. Listing agents have their own properties and show you nothing else usually. Secondly, we like working on an exclusive basis with our clients so we can concentrate on their needs and wants. Thirdly, we want to give our clients the best access on the market and make ourselves their personal MLS working for them and making sure they have the best choice available. And finally, we like having a one to one relationship with a client we love finding the property that suits each person. It is a challenge that we enjoy. Simples.

The Benefits of Working With Us At Valencia Property

There are a number of reasons we are the number one realtor in Valencia for Americans. People choose us because of our experience, our knowledge and the fact that we make the process of buying property in Valencia relaxed and even fun. Who knew that buying a property could be fun!

You are guaranteed to be working with an experienced realtor from our team who will be knowledgeable, schooled in the methods of the way we work, able to communicate clearly with you, other agents, owners, lawyers, notaries, developers and any other people you may need to speak to and ready to find you your ideal property... if it exists. And if it doesn't we will find it for you at a later date as you will have everything ready and in place to go through the process remotely if required.

If this doesn't convince you to work with us then no problem, we hope you are successful with your chosen agent or doing it yourself. It's easier with us and probably cheaper due to how the market works here but we won't judge you. (Except when we read about the unfolding disaster on Facebook ;-). There's more about Facebook below if you're interested).

More On Sky News and the Golden Visa

On Tuesday I was down in Denia at a signing for one of our clients and after as I went up to take a look at their new house, you can see their view below, I was phoned by Sky News having featured on the station last week (You can see the video below. Take advantage of the insta link to follow me there too). The researcher had been given the job of arranging a studio discussion (Argument) between a group who have been campagning for the abolition of the Golden Visa and a group in favour of it. I told her the truth. They don't exist.

There was no clamour to get rid of the Golden Visa from any groups. Equally there wasn't a big lobby looking to keep it. It was inconsequential in the property market and the abolition of it wasn't aimed at British people as has been hysterically reported in many of the right wing rags in the UK (looking at you Mail, Express and Telegraph).

I don't want to take up space on a TV news channel with a confected story that doesn't really exist but the researcher wanted to keep trying so I told her to get in touch with Iñigo Errejon the MP from the Más Madrid party in Parliament as it was in their manifesto and they might be able to explain the rationale behind their proposal. The researcher then asked for more details of the groups who supported the GV but, again, they don't exist. As I told her nobody will go in to bat for rich foreigners buying properties over half a million so it's a totally political decision with very little pushback. The head of the Spanish CBI has said it makes no sense but good luck making that debate happen and even moreso in English.

Tip Of The Week:

The Plusvalia Municipal

As mentioned above... Facebook... I saw a post this week which I had to respond to. The poster had said that because the owner hadn't paid their capital gains tax then they were left having to pay it as the town hall had asked them to pay it in full. Cue horrified reactions from people saying Spain isn't a serious country etc... But here's a thing... that's doesn't happen and didn't happen in this case. There are certain debts on a property which pass onto the new owner if they are not paid off but capital gains tax is not one of them. But there was a clue in their post, the town hall had told them to pay it!

This means that it is not the Capital Gains Tax, it's something known as the Plusvalía Municipal. The PV is a tax levied by the local town hall against the supposed increase in land value from purchase to sale. It's usually not much but can be depending on the town hall, I'm looking at you Serra, and the number of years the property has been held for. It's actually a debate in Spain at the moment about whether it is constitutional and legal to charge it when the property hasn't been sold at a profit but that's another story.

In this case the owner hadn't paid it so yes it passed onto the new owner. But we never have this problem. Why is that you may perfectly reasonably ask?

The owner has thirty days after sale to go to the town hall and pay it but what happens if they don't? Well, we avoid it happening by retaining the amount that is due and paying it for them. If the owner is due to get 200k and the PV is 1000 Euros then the owner/seller gets 199k and the gestoría acting for the notary and the buyer makes sure it gets paid. It's not even a debate usually.

As a buyer you don't want to get left with any costs associated with the previous owner so any costs like this are kept back and paid on their behalf. It's required because they need to sell the property free of debts. I said to the poster that they should be giving an absolute bollocking to their lawyer for not making sure this happened. However, despite them getting in touch with me in private and asking more questions I still haven't been told they used a lawyer and strongly suspect they didn't as this isn't a difficult thing to organise and the retention is pretty standard stuff. If they did use a lawyer and this wasn't sorted then I'd want to know the name of that lawyer to make sure they never got any business from us.

Property of the Week

We won't be calling these Golden Visa Property of the week anymore as the Golden Visa is ending but this one would come into that category. Totally unassuming from the outside this superb townhouse in Alboraya comes fully reformed and ready to move into. Take a look.

"We don’t get tired of listing townhouses here at VP, and today we have a great one. As soon as you walk through the front door you can sense that this has been a labour of love for the current owner. What was once two buildings have been joined together to create a truly unique and harmonious living space.

The current owner has the ground floor split between a studio at one end of the hallway that allows her to get her creative juices flowing and on the other end an open plan kitchen / dining room with access to one of the two interior patios you will find here, the other patio you will walk past as you go from the front of the house to back part. All those plants you see in the photos are water via a rainwater tank. The clever use of a walkway on the first floor as opposed to a closed ceiling really heightens the sense of space back here, only added too by the massive bookshelf that spans the two floors.

As we go up the stairs again, we have a floor separated into two sections; a living room / study area overlooking the interior garden and down the hallway we come to the master bedroom with an adjacent bathroom. To allow natural light filter in to this bathroom, the architect created another patio. Two more good sized bedrooms plus a guest bathroom round out the sleeping quarters.

If we carry on up another flight of stairs, we get to the roof terrace and a perfect spot for sitting out in the evening and taking in the fact that your new home on the Mediterranean really is an exceptional property.

As for the location, the town of Alboraya is famous for its Horchata owing to the fields of chufas or tigernuts that are grown out here. You are a 15-minute metro ride from Valencia city centre, and there is a dedicated bike/walking path that will take you both to the city and to the Patacona beach from here. You can see more from Alboraya here."

Apartment of the Week

We know what poeople want
*A Large terrace (Or two in this case)
*A Pool to cool down in the summer
*Space and lots of it
*En Suite bathroom
*Great views
*Ease of access to nature
*Local facilities
*Parking space

However if you get that in the city it might cost you over 500k. But in Naquera... You are just twenty five minutes from Valencia and the airport, 15-20 minutes from the beach, and you are in the foothills of the Sierra Calderona national park, you can see quite a lot of it from the living room and terraces of this excellent property.

Three bedrooms, all decent sizes, two bathrooms, large living room and good sized kitchen and then the extras, two car parking spaces, storeroom, communal swimming pool, padel court and children's park. Walking distance into town and all the facilities. The living room is in the middle, the large terrace above and the bedrooms below. It's a pretty impressive package all in.

Take a look at the pictures and come and reserve a visit.

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