A Hectic Week and A Book

Another hectic week in Valencia Property Land. What happened was that lots of new houses were visited, lots of work was done and lots of preparation for a signing in a couple of days was completed. Oh and did I mention I wrote a book in three days!

So what did we learn this week and what do you need to do when you coming over to visit?

Property for rent in Valencia
Property for rent in Valencia

Firstly, you need to make your appointment so that you know I am available, juggling clients was really a challenge this week as two turned up unexpectedly so I was running around madly.

Secondly, you need to come over with a clear idea about what you want and you need to communicate that idea to me before you come over then when you change your mind while here we know it is because you have had a realisation ;-).

One of my clients this week decided that what he wanted to see was a specific type of property but when we went to see that he had a big realisation. the realisation was that he didn’t really want that style of property, he wanted a different type of property altogether and his reasons for potentially buying that type of property were all wrong.

That is a brilliant realisation to have on the first visit because then you don’t waste time on looking at properties which you have got no chance of buying. On the next visit we will find exactly what he wants, at least I hope we will.

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