It’s Fallas Again And Valencia Is Having A Fiesta

Fallas Models 2013 Valencia
Fallas Models 2013 Valencia

The majority of the Fallas fiestas this year fall at the weekend and also a Spanish holiday so expect Valencia to be absolutely packed this weekend as people come in to see the wonders that are here. Some of the Fallas models are beyond belief of course.

Fallas 2013 In Valencia
Fallas 2013 In Valencia

So some advice for anyone visiting Fallas this weekend.

* Leave the car on the outskirts and walk in past all of the Fallas models drinking in the atmosphere.

* Don’t worry about noise. There will be lots and you won’t be able to sleep, get used to it.

* Make sure your camera and phone are charged up. You will be using them lots.

* Don’t eat too many churros or drink too much chocolate. It’s tempting to do so but seriously…

* Lots of roads will be closed. Don’t be surprised.

* Firework displays are at midnight or later so if you go to bed early expect to be woken. Then again why would you go to bed early.

* Laugh and expect crowds to be invading your personal space. Up to 1 million people will be in the city over the weekend.

* Send us links to your photos in the comments. There is so much to take in that we will obviously miss something.

* You will see some elaborate clothes and lots of people carrying flowers followed by marching bands. That’s normal don’t worry.

Light in Ruzafa During Fallas 2013
Light in Ruzafa During Fallas 2013

Oh, and this is a Mascleta, at night for a change

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