10 Reasons To Live and Work In Valencia in 2017

In the last, rather tongue in cheek, post I asked whether you would be visiting us in 2017. Today I will give you some concrete reasons for being here. Before going into that, take a look at this new video being promoted by the Generalitat in Valencia, it's all about changing your life, cheesy but excellent point.

If you are wondering about working, the lifestyle and getting around in Valencia then take a look at the following points. Later in the week we will talk more about what is going on in the city this year and feature a few businesses that can help you be a part of it. 1) Spain is considered the second best destination for expats setting up businesses this year according to the world economic forum https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/09/the-21-best-countries-for-expats/ Valencia in itself has a new school for Entrepreneurs, loads of coworking spaces and hot desks and plenty of networking opportunities 2) Valencia has the best of both worlds in the sense that it is a big city with all that this entails and yet it is not so big to be overwhelming with a population around the 1 million mark in the metropolitan area. Valencia Rooftops
Valencia Rooftops
3) We have one of the best climates in the world according to the World Health Organisation and as I write this on the day that it is likely to be the coldest day of the year in mid January and it is still 12 degrees that's not bad. 4) We have one of the best parties in the world recognized as such by Unesco now. The Fallas fiestas in March have been given Unesco Cultural World Heritage status and this year is expected to be the biggest ever. Fallas Fiestas are now a Unesco designated Cultural Heritage event
Fallas Fiestas are now a Unesco designated Cultural Heritage event
5) There is a thriving startup scene meaning there are lots of companies looking for coding geeks and people with English skills to develop websites and marketing. If this is what you are into then check out the opportunities. 6) We have very speedy internet. Even in my village our internet speed can get up to 300megs which is pretty astonishing when compared with places in other countries and even other areas of Spain. 7) Rents are reasonable and not everything is given over to airbnb type rents meaning you can find medium to long term rents at reasonable rates for both business premises and to live. I have been reading recently that rents in Madrid and Barcelona are rising out of control due to the lack of supply as everything is being given over to short term rentals, this is not yet the case here. Buying property in Valencia is also very affordable 8) There are communities in every part of the city rather than some areas just being tourist hubs. Even in the old town in the centre of Valencia there is still everyday life happening because plenty of people live there. 9) There are always opportunities to work even if that just means teaching English to make a bit of pocket change in your spare time. English teaching is big and it is always possible to find people wanting classes or academies wanting staff. It might not be the best paid work in the World but it gets you started here and allows you to live in the city. 10) The communications from Valencia are pretty excellent with road, rail and air routes easily accessible and the city itself hardly ever suffers from traffic jams. The public transport allied to the Valenbici system of pick up and drop off bike hire is excellent. If this sounds like something that will be attractive to you then contact us and ask for more information. Check out our property listings here and follow me on twitter @grahunt. You could also sign up to our mailing list below. [wysija_form id="2"] The question is, why are you not escaping to a live worth living? The Promenade at Valencia Beach
The Promenade at Valencia Beach
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