Valencia Property and The Professionalism of Estate Agency

We don't walk around suited and booted at Valencia Property. We don't believe that professionalism is defined by wearing a suit and tie and looking like an "estate agent" is expected to look. We believe that professionalism should be defined in a different way, it is more about the results you as a client get from us rather than walking around uncomfortably in a tie competing against thirty other agents in the same office. Currently there is a huge uptick in the number of estate agents in Spain as the market picks up, many of them work in chains and franchises that require a certain dress code in order to work. Within Valencia this means a general uniform of suit and tie to try and give credence and a professional look to the agents. There is one chain that insists on a red tie, another with blue ties, another well established one with green ties and another that allow any clothing to be worn at all as long as it is accompanied by a suit and tie. They all have one thing in common; huge commissions to pay for their central high street presence and enormous advertising budgets. It is a model ripe for disruption. I chose something else
I chose something else
Yesterday, I was talking with the owner of a property about placing their property on our site and they were surprised when I said that it cost them nothing. They have been approached by a large chain with lots of advertising to give them a property exclusive and the conditions were 7% commission and exclusive rights for six months. Ouch! I prefer not to wear suits and ties (it's too hot and uncomfortable), not to pay for a huge central Valencia office and loads of online advertising and find our clients, the buyers, the best deals without raising the price of the property by 7% (Remember they also charge 3% plus VAT to the buyers so are taking a whopping 10% commission on the sale) Because in the end this is what it means for you, the buyer, a property advertised at 321000 Euros by that agency actually has an asking price on it of 300,000 Euros. The agency has added in 21,000 euros for their fee. Not to be sniffed at. Luckily for us these agencies generally do not work on collaborations either, meaning they will not allow us to take our clients to see their exclusive properties because in order to make a profit due to their huge costs, they need to charge both buyer and seller and pay their franchise fees and office and marketing costs as well as the basic wages that they offer to their huge numbers of desperate and rather underpaid staff members. So what is professionalism as defined by Valencia Property?
  1. Listen to the client and their requirements.
  2. Exhaustively search through all listings in Valencia to find the perfect matches to those requirements.
  3. Organise an itinerary based on those requirements with a limited number of only the best properties for that client in the best timeframe possible according to the client's needs (And that will include coffee and refreshment stops).
  4. Have a lawyer, currency exchange company, surveyor, builders, architects, project managers and translators on call to contact with the client in their own language to make sure that the whole process is smooth and taken from start to finish correctly.
  5. Be open about our opinions and thoughts on every property based on the individual requirements of each client
  6. Work hand in hand with the client to find the best lifestyle or investment solution for their needs, requirements and wants
  7. Make sure that the process of buying in the notary is done correctly. 
  8. Have somebody in place to answer queries post sale and to help with the settling in period; changes of utility bills, contacts with suppliers, electricians, plumbers etc... if required
  9. Have a payment system that is easy for the client to use and transparent
  10. Be available to contact through the normal methods of phone and mail but also on social media and messaging apps.
  11. Wear whatever we feel like wearing on the day but be sure to know that from May onwards this will definitely involve sandals and shorts rather than suits but definitely not sandals and socks :-) 
By doing all of this we demonstrate professionalism, it has got nothing to do with a suit and tie, the biggest thieves and conmen of the 20th and 21st century were white collar bankers or politicians in suits and ties. Suited and booted was expected by our parents' generation, it's not so important for people in the 21st century, in fact it's a total anachronism. And just a joke that I know a client of ours will definitely make, if you see Graham in a suit and tie just call him the accused. (It's my near to Liverpool roots he is referring to) Adieu for now and we hope to see you soon in dress down Friday gear. To get our full attention mail us or fill in the form below [wysija_form id="2"] Mural on Blasco Ibañez at the University
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